YouTube 101: Top Things To Consider When Making Content

If you are a YouTube content creator, chances are you are looking for the most efficient ways to capitalize on your content creation process. After all, you would want the best means to grab the attention of viewers and increase your like and subscriber count. Thing is, with many aspiring YouTubers out there, it might get tricky to create content that can secure you a following – especially with today’s crowd with less attention span. Thinking about these things can easily get overwhelming, and this may even lead you to feel a bit dissatisfied with your current progress.

However, would this mean you need to throw in the towel to your YouTube career? Not necessarily! In fact, all you might need are some handy tips and tricks to ensure that your YouTube content creation process is not hindered and that you are maximizing everything you need to ensure your content creation goes as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips:

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  • Focus on your main niche and what you specialize in. It is important as a content creator that you accommodate a certain niche and specialization, especially if you are doing content creation for your service or company. For instance, if you want to expand on moving companies like, ideal topics should revolve around house moves and proper moving processes. While you may want to broaden your audience and include various video content, it has become tough to get the estimated  success with your YouTube channel where you can monetize your videos. But there is nothing to worry about because there are lots of places from where you can buy a monetized YouTube channel. Nevertheless consider the major reason why your subscribers continue to come on your channel. That way, you have a specialization in mind that you know can grab interested viewers.
    • Create interrelated content to ensure that your content always comes from somewhere and leads into something. This is a good way to always give your viewers something to look forward to when staying tuned for your content.
    • Accommodate various audience types to ensure that your content fits various types of viewers – from beginners to experts. That way, you always have a steady stream of content available for viewers across various ages and demographics.
  • Consider various content types to ensure variety. Aside from focusing on a niche, you can consider doing various types of videos to further expand your appeal to a wider audience group. For instance, you can do these types of content depending on your niche and branding:
    • How-To and tutorials can help viewers do the same thing you do in your niche – which works well in DIY niches or those that anyone can do with your instruction as an expert. Remember, your goal is to create content for the desired audience you plan to grow.
    • Reviews and analyses can help viewers understand the implications of products, services, and other things they want to try but are hesitant to do so without prior advice from an expert. This works well if your niche deals with a lot of products and services that others can’t already access. For instance, product comparison and unboxing a product is something viewers look forward to before purchasing the product. This is also an effective strategy for paid video sponsorship. In some cases, if a sponsor appeals to your audience and niche, an offer of free product packages in exchange for product reviews is another option.
    • Educational content can help viewers learn about the various things going on around your niche, especially if they do not have “insiders” or those in the know-how who can explain these things to them.
  • Create an outline to accommodate long output. Given that YouTube now prioritizes content of more than 10 minutes, it is a common sickness for new content creators to just babble about one thing over and over again. To avoid this, content creators should always create outlines to ensure that their content stays on track. A great way to do this is to remember that inasmuch as “introduction, body, and conclusion” are basic tenets of storytelling, content creators should expand on these items in a way that transforms their subject matter into a cohesive output. Here are some recommended tips:
    • Introductions should always explain the context of the video and some background of the concept, keyplayers, and situation being mentioned.
    • Body should form the crux of the conversation – this should fulfill the title of the post and what it is about. It should expand on the elements introduced in the introduction.
    • Conclusion should be able to weave everything mentioned together and end with a note that helps readers understand the main takeaway from the subject matter.
  • Always optimize your meta information with tags, titles, and descriptions. Once you have done planning for your content, always remember to optimize its meta information in order to maximize its spread across search engines. Always research your keywords and optimize trending search terms.
    • Tools such as Google Keyword Planner, TubeBuddy, or even interpreting YouTube’s search function can determine what things people look for and the way they are titled and arranged.
    • Take note of the beginning of your titles, descriptions, and tags, and ensure that you have the keywords you want YouTube to watch out for – so once searchers look up that content, they would get sent right to your content. Make sure to only put tags that are of value and don’t go overboard. Keyword stuffing is one mistake a lot of Youtubers make and can harm the quality of your content.


Content Creation 101: Best Tips For YouTube Content

With the above tips in mind, it is important to remember that content creation in YouTube follows a specific set of rules in order to ensure that our content fits within the context of the site’s algorithm. And while the above might seem overwhelming at first, transforming this into a checklist can definitely help you create more in-depth content curated and tailored specifically for your chosen audience. In addition, such tips could help you create content that fits the standards of YouTube without compromising your content creation goals. Thankfully, with the above tips in mind, you will be able to create rockstar content perfect for your needs and to increase your following.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa