Know What To Do If You Face The Error Message “You are not Currently Using a Display Attached to an Nvidia GPU”

At present, the latest models of laptops are equipped with the GPU that is Graphics Processing Units along with integrated GPU. And since, graphics are widely availed by millions for animation and gaming purposes, Nvidia Graphics is much in demand these days. However, using this is not as easy as it sounds. Manu users have raised serious concerns in this regard. Essentially speaking, while accessing the Control Panel of Nvidia GPU, users often confront an error message stating ‘You are not currently using a display connected to an NVidia GPU’.

On confronting such an error message, the users fail to modify their Nvidia GPU in order to either enhance the performance or to optimize the speed. This is one of the recurrent issues occurring both in Laptops GPU or Desktops.

Now quite evidently, such a technical hitch is immensely frustrating. However, the good part is that it is no altogether irrevocable. In this article, we shall, therefore, offer you premium solutions to counter the glitch. Thus shed away your doubts and worries and keep reading our article thoroughly.

Know The Major Reasons Why You Fail To Access The Nvidia GPU

The error message stating, “ you are not currently using a display attached to an Nvidia GPU”  is very common with users trying to access the Nvidia GPU. However, such an error message triggers due to many reasons. And in this section, we are shed light upon the most potential causes responsible behind the occurrence of such an error.  

As it can be easily discerned from the message itself, it occurs when your device fails to detect your GPU  with the one being displayed on your screen. This clearly happens in case your monitor or desktop computer is plugged into a defective port. It is essentially under such circumstances that your Nvidia GPU  is displayed as inactive. Or, it can also show that you are currently offline.

Besides, in case your’s is a low-power Laptops, you might as well have problems in accessing the Nvidia GPU owing to the use of incorrect drivers. Yes, you heard that right. If by chance you are using wrong drivers, you are likely to confront the error message even if the drivers are of the latest versions. Therefore, updating your drivers simply won’t serve you any good under such circumstances.

Nonetheless, there are some easy fixes to the problem that you can surely apply in order to redress the glitch.

Premium Solutions to Avail if you Receive the Error Message “You are not Currently Using a Display Attached to an Nvidia GPU”

Under this section, we are going to provide you with the most widely applicable workarounds which you can try out in order to combat the glitch. The solution we are going to suggest will help you resolve th\e technical hitch under discussion in no time. So, without any further ado, let us cut the shot. Take a look.

Fix 1: Ensure Your Monitor Is Plugged into the NVidia GPU Accurately

Since one of the major causes behind receiving the error message, “ You Are Not Currently Using A Display Attached To An Nvidia GPU” is the placement of the NVidia GPU  into a defective or wrong port, an obvious fix to the problem is to plug into the NVidia GPU. Oftentimes, the error occurs if you are mistakenly connected to the integrated port of your Motherboard.

So that the NVidia GPU port is not screened from your eyes, you should try to remove the dust covers. Following this try and replug the DVI or HDMI cable that is functional and connects effectively to your Monitor. Once you do this, your NVidia Control Panel should function properly. So just check, whether you are facing the error message any more.

Fix 2: Try Installing the OEM Drivers, Uninstalling your Drivers

Generally, laptops and notebooks make use of NVidia Optimus and are known to frequently switch between NVidia GPUs and Intel as per the demands of the Graphics. And it knows best when to switch over to Intel or NVidia GPU. Nonetheless, in order to avert the problem, you can try uninstalling your own drivers and reinstalling the OEM drivers. You need to follow the successive steps one after the other in order to execute the procedure.

Ist Step: Uninstall the Graphics Driver  

The first step for you to perform is the uninstallation of the Graphics Driver. Hereunder are the instructions to follow:

  • Initialize the Run Command by means of pressing the Windows Key as well as the R Key together  
  • Thereafter, feed in the command “devmgmt.msc” and press the Enter Key in order to launch the Device Manager.
  • Following this, you need to expand the section named “Display adapters’
  • Once you do this, you must right-click on the Nvidia Graphics Drivers and then choose the option entitled Uninstall Device.  
  • The moment you do this, you will find a confirmation message popping up on the screen.
  • Then, you need to click on the “Uninstall” or “Yes button in order to uninstall the drivers.
  • Soon after, you need to right-click on the Intel Graphics Drivers and choose the option named “ Uninstall Device” thereafter.
  • On receiving the confirmation notification, you should press the “Yes” or “Uninstall” Button for the purpose of uninstalling the drivers. Once you have executed this, you will find your screen having extremely low. There is nothing for you to worry much about this.
    Finally, you will have to restart your System.

2nd Step Downloading and Installation of the correct Drivers

First off,  you need to reach out to the official website of your laptop

Thereafter, you will be prompted for the serial number or the service tag. You are most likely to find the necessary details right at the bottom of your laptop. However, in case you fail to locate your Service Tag number towards the bottom of your laptop, there is an alternative methodology to locate it out. You can then try to detect the same using the commands. Hence, follow the steps given below.

  • First off, you must press on the Start button and write PowerShell within the dialog box. After you have launched PowerShell, you should feed in the command “ Type “Get-WmiObject win32_bios” and press the Enter Key thereafter.  Now, you shall be able to detect the Serial number, which is also known as the Service Tag number.
  • The moment you detect the Service Tag number, you need to feed it in when prompted. As soon as you do this your manufacturer will not only detect the model of your laptop but also offer you the list of drivers as well as Updates.
  • Following this, you need to look for suitable graphics drivers for your Operating System. You must download both the Nvidia as well as the Intel Drivers.
  • Following this, you must first install the Intel Drivers and then, the NVidia drivers by means of opening the file that is downloaded.
  • You must ensure that you execute a clean installation. You can do so easily by means of pressing on the “ Perform clean install’ icon, which you should find on the NVidia Installation Window.
  • Once done, Restart your System

Step 3: Prevention of Automatic Update

On completion of the second step, hopefully, your Windows 10 will not be updating your Drivers further to incorrect drivers. However, in case you detect this problem, there are ways in which you can prevent automatic Updating of the drivers.  

  • First and foremost, you need to launch the Run Command by means of pressing Windows Key as well as “R” simultaneously.
  • Thereafter, within the Search Dialog box, you should type in Control Panel and click on the Enter button. On doing this, the Control Panel will open up.
  • Following this, press on the option named “System and Security” and hit on System thereafter.
  • On completion of the above steps, you must press on the Hardware Tab and press the “ Device Installation” icon thereafter.
  • As soon as you do this, a dialog box is going to pop up. As it pops up, you will have to choose the option No and then press the “Save Changes” icon in order to confirm the modifications you made.  
  • Finally, you will have to Reboot your device.
  • On successful execution of the entire process, you should not receive the error message stating “You Are Not Currently Using A Display Attached To An Nvidia GPU”. However, in case the error still persists, then move over to our next alternative solution.

Fix 3: Try Updating the NVidia Drivers

One of the foremost causes behind receiving the error message “ “You Are Not Currently Using A Display Attached To An Nvidia GPU”  is the defective drivers. Therefore in order to fix the error, try updating your NVidia Drivers. Herein are the steps to follow in order to perform the same.

Steps To Follow

Before we proceed with the steps, you must know that the NVidia Drivers do not need the Intel GPUS and are absolutely independent of it. Therefore, in case you detect your driver with any fault or defect, you can simply update your Drivers from “GeForce” In order to do this, you must execute the following steps.

Visit the Official Website of GeForce.and download the latest and most updated version of the NVidia Drivers

Locating the drivers should not be a toil to you in the least. You can look for the most suitable driver manually as well. However, if this seems too difficult, you can take recourse to other alternatives. As a matter of fact, you can consider availing the “ Auto-detect your GPU feature’  or else the official GeForce Software for the purpose of locating and updating your GPU drivers.

In case you opt for manual update, you must ensure that you have selected your Operating System properly. In fact, the GPU Driver must be tailored to the requirements of your OS version. Additionally, you should also filter your search such as to include only the Certified or Recommended Drivers.

Therefore, make sure that you download the latest and most updated of all the Drivers.  In this light we recommend you to opt for the those at the top of the list.

Launch the Driver after its installation and make sure to execute a clean installation of your Drivers. The easiest way to do this is to check the option entitled “ ‘Perform clean install’ in the NVidia installation window.”

Fix 4: Uninstallation and Reinstallation of Your Drivers

You are most likely to encounter the error message stating “ “You are not Currently Using a Display Attached to an Nvidia GPU”  in case your Drivers are corrupt. Under such cases, you need to first uninstall your drivers and then reinstall it afresh all over again. In order to do this, you may avail the “ Display Driver Uninstaller” or DDU. Undermentioned are the instructions you must follow in order to perform the same.

  • Click on Windows Key as well as R simultaneously form your keyboard in order to launch the Run Command
  • Thereafter, feed in the command “  devmgmt.msc” and click on the Enter button in order to launch the Device Manager.
  • Thereafter, you will have to enlarge the Display Adapters section.  
  • Following this, you will have to right-click on your NVidia Graphics Driver and choose the option “ ‘Uninstall Driver’”  thereafter.
  • As soon as you do this, you will find a confirmation notification message getting displayed on the screen. You need to press on the Uninstall/ Yes button in order to uninstall the Drivers.
  • After the initial uninstallation of the Drivers, you should again reinstall Drivers back all over again.
  • Once done, you will just have to reboot your System. And see where the technical glitch is sorted or not.

Wrapping Up

With this, it’s time for us to wrap things up. As we part with you, here’s a word of advice for all our readers out there. That is, the error message “You are not Currently Using a Display Attached to an Nvidia GPU” is undeniably quite frustrating, nonetheless, it is quite easily fixable. Thus, if you are encountering the error message in question, we strongly recommend you to apply the fixes we offered. These workarounds are indeed most applicable and easy-going. Thus, you won’t have any problem executing them. So, try the premium solutions right away and curb the glitch from the root.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa