Yahoo Mail Unveils The Latest App For Android Supported ‘Go’ Phones

Yahoo mail has undergone drastic change and has made its debut in entry-level smartphones named Go. The android Go version is one out of the two versions that Yahoo is launching for its users. The first one is basically meant as a smartphone web browser application. Another one is designed exclusively to run on Android Go smartphone launched by Google as a lighter version that’s specially customized for smartphones with low-end.

The latest app has brought a number of unique features!

  • No Empty Trash cans
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Low-light Work Mode
  • Remodeled Sidebar menu

All these features are added to the app to make it more user-friendly and to make it compatible to run on the mobile app. Recently, we got to know that Yahoo bid goodbye to its messenger service. However, its remodeled mail app for Go phones is here to stay for long.

Record says, approximately there are more than 227 million Yahoo Go app users who are actively exchanging nearly 26 million email on the portal in a month.

What are the significances of the newly added features?

The added features are mostly revamped to make them easier and quicker to launch for the users. With the help of its sidebar menu, a user can get quick access to any folder of their choice in a second. This easy-access toolbar is also very helpful in replying, forwarding, or even deleting the undesired emails.

It also offers an auto-suggesting feature that helps a user with drafting the emails at a faster rate. All these involve the action of Artificial Intelligence along with its utilization in the navigation app.

Due to the involvement of similar javascript framework, the mobile web interface is also quite compatible to run with the desktop version of the Yahoo Mail. Along with that, the latest update also rolls out the code option that directly launches the inbox of a mail account.

The Future of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has declared its vision of making the app expand by over 50% in the global market by the end of the year 2025.  It has also promised to upgrade the features of Go device including services like storage capacity, device location, network strength and so on. By the year 2025, Yahoo promises to divulge first class offers in the form of some more developed features for facilitating its users.

Yahoo has also made its move towards the betterment of downloading option for any application and thus, has revised the storage space portion taking up in a phone. Although the Go version of Yahoo mail is designed with updated features, its overall architecture is similar to the primeval version of Yahoo Mail app.

The entry-level Go smartphone app has the swift benefits of keeping the installation size of the app below 10 MB. It also promises to keep the RAM use in a device lesser than 50 MB in total size.

The newest launch has A LOT of things to offer, so give it a go and see how it works…

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa