Xbox Controller On Mac – Setup and More

When it comes to gaming, never settle for less and always demand great. Macintosh OS not only helps you to work, but also serves your several purposes of real entertainment. Connecting the Xbox controller Mac is a spectacular idea of playing games. Thus, improving the entire gaming concept, as well as setup will get a boost. 

Moreover, the new version of the macOS, for Macbook, is compatible with the Xbox controller. When it comes to Mac TV, it already supports the latter. The configuration process will be an important task. Therefore, you need to learn to initiate the playing process. Read to learn the procedure. 

Methods for Creating the Connection

Well, there are a few different methods that you can try out regarding Xbox controller Mac. It is not mandatory to try all the procedures, but getting a brief idea will help you to succeed. 

Connect via Micro-USB

Many experts suggest that Bluetooth will be a convenient option. But, some gamers state that the direct-wired connection will take a short amount of time to set it up. So, download the package 360 controller bundle from the official site of Microsoft. The file format must be in .dmg. Extract the bundle and install the execution file. 

After the installation is complete, read the information displayed on the screen and proceed accordingly. If the system requires your permission to restart, grant it and make sure that all the files are correctly saved in the computer. Now, access the System Preferences to find out the installed program. Connect the Xbox controller with a good USB cable. The game is ON !!

Create Connection via Bluetooth 

Wireless connectivity will eliminate every hectic situation. But, creating the perfect wireless connection is important. The primary task is to turn on the Bluetooth of the computer. The option is easily available in the System Preferences. Activate the Bluetooth of the controller. Initialize the pairing mode and do what is necessary to pair up the Xbox controller Mac. After the pairing is complete, launch the desired game. Make sure that everything is just up to the mark before you start playing. 

Know the Hardware Details 

Using a good USB receiver can help you a lot. If you are playing a solo game, then one controller is enough. In the case of multiplayer, more Xbox controller Mac installation is necessary. 

A USB receiver can take care of more than 2 controllers. Any version of Xbox controller will be compatible. An additional USB hub will be very good for connecting the USB receiver. The charger is a mandatory item for the long gaming session. 

The Importance of Software

Drivers will play a major role in supporting the system, as well as the games. Whatever driver bundle you will download, make sure that they are compatible with your system software. If necessary, go through the information details to know about the driver compatibility. 

Xbox Controller Versions 

It is not that easy that you just buy an Xbox controller, pair it up and start playing. Before that, getting a brief idea of the controller versions will help you in understanding what device you are using. In addition to that, the matter of system compatibility also lies within. The Xbox controller version 1.0.0 alpha 6 needs the minimum compatibility of macOS 10.11 or above. The alpha 5 version’s compatibility is also the same. 

The alpha 4th and 3rd version are the same as 5. Whereas, the alpha 2nd version is a bit different. Its macOS compatibility is 10.14. Now, the first initial version is the same as version 3, 4, 5, and 6. For getting all the detailed information about the compatibility, access the Security Policy that is located in the System Preferences. 

Having older Macintosh Versions?

Well, you might not have the latest version of Mac. In such cases, it doesn’t mean that you will never be able to play games on the Xbox controller. Several third-party applications will help you in connecting Xbox controller Mac. Make sure you choose a good application to pair up the controller to the system. 

What if you face some Issues?

These are all electronic items and problems are inevitable. No matter how advanced the technology is, you cannot avoid any issues. Some of the common problems that can take place are to connect an Xbox controller Mac is – the freezing of the device, controller not turning on, Bluetooth not working properly, sudden disconnection of the controller and many more. 

The successful and effective solution to all the issues is by disconnecting the device. Unpair it and then start from scratch. Access your system and find out the unpairing feature. After you have done it successfully, restart the controller, as well as the computer and pair the Xbox controller Mac. 

On the other hand, if you keep on facing the issue, then there might be the bugs present in the system OS. In this type of case, hold your patience and wait for the next update to fix it. Furthermore, you can also report it by accessing the Apple support page. Before the update arrives, make sure that it will resolve the Xbox controller Mac connection issue. 

The Final Verdict…

There are a few free drivers that can help you in setting up Xbox controller Mac. But, according to experts, it is not ethical. Free drivers or setup files can contain malicious items that can affect the system and the controller. When the controller receives updates, make sure you complete them before starting any game. If the update runs in the background, then the process might stop unexpectedly. So, it is better to avoid this problematic situation.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa