Writing is the Way to Express Yourself Better

Accomplished writers express themselves in a way that touches the hearts of the readers.

In the mind of a reader, there is a lot going around and it is quite difficult to find the suitable words to express the feelings and emotions. The expression and phrases should be intriguing and meaningful to the readers.

There are a few steps given in this article to help you become a writer who can express the ideas and feelings in a way that seems logical to the readers and get to the core of the writer’s intent.

1.  Plan or create an outline

A planned outline is useful for the writers to organize their thought process. Before you write a paragraph or the essay, you need to construct its structure. For example, the key statement or topic sentence should lead the readers to the upcoming details in the essay. The supporting details or the arguments should be relevant to the topic and must not sound redundant otherwise the writer may lose the readers.

2.   Think of writing as if you are talking

One technique many writers practice is the oral representation of their ideas before getting it on paper.

Try to record it so that they can hear what they are saying and then start with the writing. The draft then needs to be proofread and edited; this will help you find a tone that links them with the readers.

3.  Mind the tone

The words you choose to express yourself are crucial because it reflects your personality and your attitude. Your writing leaves an impression on the readers; hence, it must be perfect in spelling, grammar, structure and importantly the tone.

Using the right tone is the key to writing effectively. Make sure the tone you use must not be flat and unimpressive for the readers. Your tone plays a very important role in conveying your message across your readers.

4.  Use Imagery

Be descriptive in your writing. Your approach must be physical, that is, you describe a person in detail, use chronological order if describing an event and for an object use a tactile way.

You are successful in your description if your imagery brings the same picture in the minds of the readers.

5.  Write with simplicity

Use simple and clear language when writing a dialogue, your sentences should be written succinctly but padded with the emotions you had in you.

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6.  Practice makes perfect

In schools, the students remember that they were given a task to summarise short stories in their English subject class. Writing the summary or central idea is an activity which makes students rewrite the main gist of the story succinctly in a paragraph or in a few lines.

Writing concisely and to convey the message with brevity is a skill that needs to be perfected with considerable amount of practice.