Troubleshoot 0x80070490: Technical Hacks To Fix This Windows Update Error

Windows Update is one of the most important features, which is responsible for both troubleshooting and sadly, causing error codes in the OS. Now, when you experience the error code 0x80070490, it indicates corrupted files in your Windows system. This can also occur when the processes regarding CBS (Component-Based Servicing) and/or System Component Store is not running properly. Sometimes, you can also experience this error code especially on PC’s that are using Windows 10. Hence, according to some experts, they assume it has to do with a few buggy updates, which are causing error 0x80070490 after updating the Windows 10 OS. So, if you really want to know the possible causes of this Windows Update error, check out this article. Here, we have also presented some fixes to resolve this error quickly and effectively. So, go through them and fix the issue at the earliest.

Reasons why Windows Update can Trigger Error Code 0x80070490

You can encounter the error code 0x80070490 while downloading or applying a Windows Update. There are some who come across this error while purchasing a product from Microsoft Store. However, a majority of users has started getting this error right after migrating or upgrading their OS to Windows 10. But, you need to know the underlying issues, which can trigger this error code on Windows-based systems. Otherwise, it will be a hectic job to figure out and apply the correct solution to fix this Windows Update error. So, let’s discuss a few reasons that are responsible for causing a 0x80070490 error message.

Top Causes of Getting Error 0x80070490 in Windows

First of all, if you are using a corrupted or outdated Windows version on your PC, it can develop the tendency to generate 0x80070490.

Any installation of third-party security software that can conflict with your OS can stop Windows from updating. Hence, it can result in this Windows Update problem.

If somehow, the services or processes required to run the Windows Update are disabled or missing, it can generate error 0x80070490.

Some registry entries can become corrupted due to buggy Windows Update. Hence, an accumulation of these files can also cause this error code in Windows.

Lack of stable WiFi or Ethernet network can be a major cause while updating and synchronizing Windows Update. So, any issues with your Internet connection can trigger this error in your Windows-based PC.

Methods to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070490

In order to resolve this annoying situation on your computer due to error 0x80070490, you can try a few technical solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the best methods to troubleshoot this error code in Windows devices.

Method 1: Open New Local Account as an Administrator on Windows

For those who are getting Windows Update error 0x80070490 on Windows 10, they can try this solution. Here, you need to create your new local profile with administrative privileges. Hence, you can follow separate instructions from the internet or consult a professional to develop this account on Windows.

Next, copy and paste all your personal documents and valuable data to this new account. For safety purpose, you can connect an external hard drive or USB device to create a backup before moving these files.

Now, remove the old user account from your Windows PC and switch to this newly created one. Then access your Microsoft account and link or add it to your new local account. In case, you can’t fix error code 0x80070490 by applying this method, move to the next fixes.

Method 2: Run SFC Scan and DISM to Identify and Fix Corrupted Files

If your system is affected by this error, chances are high that it is because of corrupted or infected files. Hence, you can utilize the built-in scanning tool in Windows to fix such kind of system errors.

For SFC Tool

First, click on the Windows Start button and type ‘command prompt’ in the search box. You can also open the ‘Command Prompt’ window by typing ‘cmd’ in the Run dialog box (Windows+R).

As the window opens, spot the blinking cursor on the black screen and write ‘sfc /scannow’. Then hit the ‘Enter’ button and wait until Windows execute the System File Checker and finish the scanning process.

For DISM Tool

Now, in order to troubleshoot the corrupted files on your system, you can make use of DISM (Deployment Image & Servicing Management) tool. You can also select any other alternate tool or third-party app for fixing the missing or corrupted files causing error code 0x80070490.

So, first, open the Command Prompt window but make sure to launch it as Administrator. Then write ‘DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth’ in the command line. In case, there is no stable Internet connectivity on your Windows device, download the DISM tool from a DVD or USB drive.

After inserting the external device containing DISM tool, write ‘DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth /Source:X:RepairSourceWindows /LimitAccess’. You can replace ‘X’ with the drive symbol/alphabet that you are using to run DISM on Windows.

Hopefully, after running this tool, you will be able to operate Windows Update and other applications without getting a 0x80070490 error message.

Method 3: Reset Component of Windows Update Manually

If the Windows Update error 0x80070490 doesn’t get resolved with the previous methods, it can indicate problems with its internal components. Hence, you can check out the following steps in order to reset Windows Update components manually.

Step 1

Hit the Windows Start button and type ‘cmd’ in the search box. As the option of ‘Command Prompt’ appears, click on ‘Run as administrator’. Then type the commands

‘net stop wuauserv’, press ‘Enter’, followed by ‘net stop cryptSvc.

Also, add ‘net stop bits’, hit ‘Enter’ and type ‘net stop msiserver’ in the next two lines. This will disable the services of MSI Installer, BITS, Windows Update, and Cryptographic on your Windows temporarily.

Step 2

Now, in the meantime, rename the folder of ‘SoftwareDistribution’ by typing the command line ‘ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old’ and pressing the ‘Enter’ key.

In the next line, write ‘ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 Catroot2.old’ in order to rename the folder of Catroot2 on Windows. Again, hit the ‘Enter’ button and wait for Windows to rename these folders one by one.

Step 3

Now, type the commands for starting the services, which you have stopped temporarily. So, write ‘net start wuauserv’, hit ‘Enter’ key and type ‘net start cryptSvc’. In the next line, enter the commands ‘net start bits’ and ‘net start msiserver’ and hit ‘Enter’ after each command.

Finally, restart your Windows-based computer and launch Windows Update. Hopefully, now, you will not be encountering the error code 0x80070490.

In case, the error notification 0x80070490 doesn’t get fixed by applying any of the methods discussed here, you can ask for professional help. So, consult a Windows technician and ask him/her solutions to resolve this Windows Update issue.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa