Wifi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration Windows 10- Get Instant Solution

Wi-Fi problems are one of the most annoying issues and users cannot quickly resolve the issue. The issues related to Wi-Fi are quite confusing, and it is not possible for everyday users to fix the issue on their own. That’s why when users witnessing configuration error in their system they don’t know how to fix the error. The Wifi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration Windows 10 is the most occurring issue according to the users. Users keep encountering this issue after updating their system OS to Windows 10. So if you are in the same situation then follow this article to get an effective solution. But, you let us know more about the Wi-Fi configuration problem in detail.

The invalid Wi-fi configuration commonly occurs due to fault in the systems IP stack. Therefore due to the problem in the TCP/IP stack, you cannot access the web on your system.

Easy Solutions For WiFi Invalid Configuration

If you are getting the Wifi configuration issue on your system, first, run the Windows troubleshooter. In most cases, this will do the trick as Windows troubleshooter is quite excellent in handling internet related problems. You can easily access this tool by clicking the troubleshooting problems on the bottom of the screen. However, sometimes this hack method may not work, and you need to implement other techniques as well.

If you are an ordinary user, then take help from the list of troubleshooting techniques as given below.

Resolve Issue By Renewing IP Address

The solution will only work if there is a network issue and you cannot access the internet. Using this technique, many users can resolve WiFi configuration issues. If you want to use this hack then first open the Command Prompt with Administrator permissions. Then, type in ‘ipconfig/release’ and tap Enter. After that enter ’ipconfig/renew’ and tap Enter. Then, type in Exit and tap Enter to close the Command prompt.

Fix Wifi Configuration Problem by Resetting TCP

It is one of the simplest methods to resolve the WiFi problem. By using this technique, users can easily overcome WiFi configuration error quickly. To apply this hack again, go to the Command Prompt. Once you are inside the prompt write the following command.

‘netsh winsock reset’ and ‘netsh int IP reset’ execute these two codes and terminate the prompt. After closing the prompt restart the PC. If the problem still exists then examine the WLAN and Autoconfig service and their startup type.

Thus tap Windows+R keys from the keyboard to call up Run. Next, type in ‘services.msc’ and hit the OK button. After that, double-click on wired Autoconfig to invoke the Properties window. And make sure the Startup type is set as Automatic and change the service status to running. Once the process is over tap Apply button to save the necessary changes.

After that select the WLAN AutoConfig and open the properties tab and change the settings as mentioned above. And verify whether you are still getting the issue or not.     

Change Password And Wireless SSID

If you cannot fix the Wi-Fi doesn’t have the valid IP configuration, then reset your password and SSID. For that users need to access the modem to change the SSID and the password. To make it work, you need to connect the modem with your PC via an ethernet cable. Then read the modem’s manual and know how to change the password and the wireless SSID.

Modify The Number Of DHCP Users

There is another way to resolve the WiFi Configuration error by increasing the number of DHCP users. Some routers normally permit up to 50 DHCP users, and this can lead to the problem in the Wi-Fi.  

To fix the issue users need to increase the amount of DHCP users manually. According to the survey when users attempted this technique, they instantly get rid of this issue. To increase the number of DHCP users read the routers manual thoroughly and apply the process correctly. You can also increase the amount of wireless as well with the help of the router. After increasing the wireless users, the issue will get disappear, and you can surf the internet freely.

Set IP Address Manually

If you are using a home network for several systems, IP address will get assigned to each machine automatically. To resolve this glitch users need to reset IP on the PC that has the network issue. Thus to begin the process, first, click on Control Panel head to small icons and select Network and Sharing Center.

After that tap Change Adapter Settings present on the left side of the tab. Next, select the Wifi connection and tap Properties. Now inside this window find and select Use following IP address. After that users need to set the IP address according to your choice. If you are not sure, then use ‘’ and set the subnet mask to ‘’. Then, set the preferred DNS server that is ‘’. Also, don’t forget to give the alternate DNS to ‘’. When the task is over click OK to apply the changes.        

Perform A Clean Boot

If you are still cannot solve the IP configuration, then it is better to perform a clean boot. With the help of the clean boot, users can eradicate all the third-party applications that might be preventing the wireless connection of your system to function correctly. Thus to perform a clean boot go to system configuration by navigating the Start menu. You can also open the Windows configuration with by typing msc.config in the run box. After opening the resultant tab choose the Selective startup and unmark the Load startup. Next head to the service tab and tick the Hide all Microsoft service box, and tap disables tab.

Then users need to go to the Startup tab and open the Task Manager. As soon you open the Task Manager you will notice different types of startup applications. Select all the items and click Disable. After deactivating all the startup item terminate the Task Manager and tap OK to save the changes. After restarting the PC if the problem is gone then you can track the faulty application. Once you can find the defective tool users can either delete it or upgrade it.

Uninstall Wireless Adapter

To use this method hold Windows key+X to enter the Device Manager. Next, search the wireless device options and then select Uninstall. If possible tick the Delete driver software for this device and hit OK. Once the driver is removed, you need to restart the PC. And then download the latest version driver.

Examine Security Matches

Sometimes problems like this can also appear due to some issue in the security type. Thus users to need to ensure that the security type on the PC matches the security type of your router.

To verify, go to the router settings page navigate to the wireless section and check the security type. After that, ensure that your wireless adapter has the exact security type.


Issues related to WiFi configuration can prevent users from surfing internet. And it becomes quite a dilemma for the users because they don’t know how to resolve the issue. But with the help of this article about wifi doesn’t have the valid IP configuration fix Windows 10 fix now you can quickly troubleshoot the issue.               

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa