Why Overwatch your Rendering Device has been Lost?

While playing in Overwatch, the gamers can come across a few technical errors like the frequent crashing of games. It can also be accompanied with an error message that states Overwatch your rendering device has been lost. This can be an annoying issue for most of the players especially when it further triggers the blue screen of death error. So, if you are experiencing this gaming error on Overwatch, stop getting frustrated and keep reading this article. Here, we will discuss a few important aspects of getting this error while playing Overwatch games. Also, you can go through the solutions in this article and try to troubleshoot this crash problem in Overwatch.

Why are you Getting Overwatch your Rendering Device has been Lost Message During Playing Games?

While launching gaming applications, this error can occur and notify that Overwatch your rendering device has been lost. If your device is showing this notification, it indicates there is some kind of problem in your rendering device. However, many experts have also suggested that this specific issue can appear due to system problems as well. So, before learning the quick fix solutions to resolve this Overwatch error, let’s take a look at some of the possible causes.

Reasons Why your Rendering Device Has Been Lost in Overwatch?

The following points will help to understand the common causes that can lead to problems in your Overwatch rendering device.

  • If your system is running too many unnecessary programs or gaming apps other than Overwatch, then it can generate this error.
  • Games in Overwatch can also crash when there are technical errors in your CPU or GPU settings and components. This can include the Overwatch issue, which can be a major cause of getting Overwatch crashes.
  • Overwatch can display this error if there are expired or corrupted chipset and drivers in your device. Also, don’t ignore any severe hardware or PSU related defect is your system, which can cause this issue.
  • If the display settings are not properly configured before playing games, it can lead to Overwatch crashes.
  • Look for the Superfetch service in your PC and make sure that it is not disabled under any circumstances. Since turning off this feature can prevent you from playing games on Overwatch.

How to Remove Error Notification that your Rendering Device has been Lost Overwatch?

If you are curious to know about your rendering device has been lost Overwatch fix or troubleshooting tips, then go through the following information. Here, you will get step-wise instructions and some technical methods to resolve this Overwatch error.

Fix 1: View Applications Running in your System

As already discussed above, running a corrupted application can trigger Overwatch your rendering device has been lost message. Hence, you need to check which background applications are running in your PC and sharing CPU resources. Also, you have to ensure that Overwatch is functioning properly in the foreground without any software conflict.

Now, to apply this method, click on the Windows Start menu and type ‘task manager’ in the search box. Otherwise, open the Run dialog box by hitting the Windows logo button and ‘R’ key at the same time. Then, write ‘taskmgr’ and hit the ‘OK’ button.

As you see the new ‘Task Manager’ window on your device’s screen, click on the ‘Processes’ tab. It will show you all the active processes running in the Windows background and its resource consumption.

Now, select those processes that can conflict with your Overwatch games and consume more memory. After that, click on the ‘End Process’ button and save these settings on your Windows. You can now check whether Overwatch is running successfully by running a game.  

Fix 2: Ensure PSU is Working and Turn Off Overwatch

Enabling overwatching allows the device’s processor to have short powerful bursts. This only serves when there is any necessity to obtain more processing power for running specific applications or devices. However, many users have experienced your rendering device has been lost Overwatch message due to overclocking their GPU or CPU. So, in order to fix this gaming issue in Overwatch, you can disable Overwatch.

Steps to Disable Overwatch:

To do this, completely shut your computer but remember to hold the ‘Shift’ button while hitting the ‘Shutdown’ tab. Then choose the ‘Restart’ button, go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Change PC Settings’.

Next, hit the ‘General’ tab and click on ‘Restart Now’ under the ‘Advanced Startup’ section. Now, click on the ‘Troubleshoot’ option followed by the ‘Advanced Options’ tab. Then hit the ‘UEFI Firmware Settings’ button and click on the ‘Restart’ button.

As your device restarts, it will open along with the BIOS menu on its own. So, you need to click the ‘Advanced’ tab and select ‘Performance’. Then, locate the ‘Overclocking’ option and turn off this feature.

Make sure to save these changes and come out of the BIOS menu by pressing the ‘F10’ button. Also, select the ‘Yes’ tab, if Windows asks whether to exit the screen by saving the changes you just made.

Check the Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Now, any hardware or technical error in the power supply unit can also cause this Overwatch error. Hence, you need to examine your device’s internet components or take advice from a technician. In case, your PSU is not supplying sufficient power for your GPU, it can lead to failure in the rendering device. Hence, you need to ensure that there is enough power supply for powering up all the hardware components. Also, look for tears or damages in the cords and power cables, as this can prevent powering up of GPU. So, in this case, you can utilize new cables and/or supply unit to fix game crashes on Overwatch.

Fix 3: Enable SuperFetch Service Before Playing Games

For applying this fix, access the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows logo and R keys simultaneously. Then, write ‘services.msc’ and click on the ‘OK’ tab. This will display the list of services available on your Windows.

So, scroll down the list and locate the ‘SuperFetch’ options. Then, choose the ‘Properties’ option after right-clicking on it. Now, you can see the ‘SuperFetch Properties’ window on your screen along with the service settings.

Check the ‘Startup type’ section and select the ‘Automatic’ option from the list of options. Then, go to the ‘Start’ button below the ‘Service status’ heading and click on it.

Finally, save these changes by hitting the ‘OK’ button. Once, the SuperFetch service gets enabled on your Windows, it will not generate the notification about Overwatch your rendering device has been lost.

In case you can’t resolve Overwatch your rendering device has been lost with the help of above fixes, you can get help from experts. Hence, you can get technical fixes to troubleshoot such gaming issues by consulting an experienced technician.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa