Why did My Phone Randomly Restart? How to Deal with it?

Restarting your iOS and Android devices is legit. It solves many ongoing issues with the device. But, a continuous restart is really irritating. According to the experts, the risk of losing data is there. Mostly, risks are involved in terms of iOS. This is just because Apple iPhones don’t have the facility of expandable storage. 

When the issue takes place, you might easily think of “why did my phone randomly restart?”. Furthermore, you may also ask – “what can be the reasons behind it?” “How can I fix the issue?”. All the questions are valid and logical as well. 

Vulnerable applications installed in your phone, disabling of system apps, overheating devices, loose connections, faulty batteries are some vital reasons. So, you need to take control of the situation to stop the continuous restart of your phone. 

“Why did my Phone Randomly Restart?” — Here’s the reason

Here are some methods that will help you to put the phone back to normal again. If you perform these methods correctly, then the phone will not restart randomly. 

1. Remove the Corrupted Applications 

You cannot detect any malicious applications visually. So, if you have installed any of those applications, then it is the reason “why did my phone randomly restart?”. First, you need to visit the PlayStore or App Store. Now, navigate to the section of installed applications. Apart from the apps like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and others, you must check the reviews and the developer details for the other applications. Now, if not required, uninstall them one by one. 

2. Restart the System Applications

Freeing up memory for internal storage will boost the mobile device’s performance. In such cases, you may have to disable certain system apps that are consuming more memory. Relax, your phone will not shut down permanently. But, you may ask, “why did my phone randomly restart?”. So, the solution is simple. Navigate to the “Settings” and then on to the “Apps”. Search for the “Disabled apps”. Enable if any system apps got disabled. 

3. Resolve the Overheating Issue

The overheating issue can only take place due to several issues within the battery. If your phone has a non-removable battery, then you can take help from certain apps. And, those apps must be related to taking care of the battery. On the other hand, if your phone has a removable battery, then get a new battery. 

4. Taking Care of Loose Connections in the Battery Slot

Once you detect the loose connections in the battery slot, leave the phone as it is. Never ever try to mend the delicate metal clips of the battery slot by yourself. You might end up corrupting the hardware of the device as well. Rush to the nearby authorized service centre for help. 

5. Outdated or Corrupted Android/iOS

Before asking, “why did my phone randomly restart?” make sure you ask one more question – “Have I updated the system OS?”. The master server or Google or Apple will send the update notifications on time. Now, it’s up to you when you are going to download and install the system update. 

A delay in installing the system update will raise many complications in your phone. One of them is the device’s random restart. So, whenever the update notification arrives, make sure that you tap on the notification, agree to the terms and conditions, download and install the system update. 

6. Dealing with the Hardware Defects

You cannot do anything regarding the hardware defects. You need to grab the device and its documents and accessories and visit the authorized service centre. If the device is within warranty, then the cost of servicing will be free. Otherwise, you need to pay to get the phone repaired. 

How about Installing Antivirus Program?

Most Android devices come with OTG support. It means that you can attach another storage device to your phone and enjoy seamless entertainment. Now, you can’t detect any virus in the storage device. So, install antivirus software on your phone; it will protect your device. 

Is your iPhone Jailbroken?

Apple’s iPhone is such a device that has most apps in dedicated format. You cannot uninstall any apps manually. With the help of sophisticated procedures, your iOS device can be jailbroken so that you can uninstall the dedicated application. Those people who do this have only one intention, to free up internal storage space. In doing so, several complications arise, and so the question arises, “why did my phone randomly restart?”. Reset your iPhone to delete all the existing system data. After that, check for updates and upgrade the system software. 

Utilising the Built-in System Maintenance Function 

The latest built version of Android 10 and 11 has a dedicated maintenance function. This function cleans the unnecessary application cache files, shuts down the not-used applications, and takes care of the battery. So, it’s better to navigate to the settings and turn on this function. Make sure that you set it to the automatic mode within a convenient schedule.