Why is My Phone Stuck in Safe Mode – Android Error [Solved]

Safe mode is basically used as a diagnostic tool and it helps in disabling all third-party applications. When you enable the safe mode, you can access only the default applications, and other features will be disabled. But, often, the users face some issues with safe mode (why is my phone stuck in safe mode).

The phone might get stuck in safe mode all of a sudden. There can be several causes behind this issue. It might be possible that your phone software has got affected by malware or bugs. Someone might have mistakenly pocket dialed and entered in safe mode. 

There can be a possibility that someone has pressed the wrong keys etc. This can be quite a frustrating task to exit safe mode on the phone. So, if you are wondering, “why is my phone stuck in Safe mode?’ – Here is the solution.

Answers to – Why is my Phone Stuck in Safe Mode?

Over here, we will be discussing the methods – why is my phone stuck in Safe mode. These fixes particularly depend on the phone model and the running android version. The methods are listed below: 

1. Restart the Device

It has been seen that big problems have been solved with the help of a simple method. Thus, running an easy and simple method can fix the issue. This method can help by exiting the safe mode state to go back to its normal functioning. The steps are quite simple, and they are listed below:

  • First, press the Power button. The Power button will be situated on the left or right side of the phone. 
  • A number of options will pop up, and finally, choose the Restart button. 
  • Until you see the Restart option, press the Power button for 30 seconds. You will notice that your phone will turn off and will automatically switch on. 
  • As soon as the Restart possess is complete, you will notice that your phone is no longer stuck with Safe Mode.

2. Stuck Button

As mentioned, one of the causes for “why is my phone stuck in Safe mode” is the stuck button. Thus, it will be helpful to check for the stuck button first. In case your phone has a protective case go through it properly, and check if it is obstructing any button or not. 

The buttons that you need to consider are the Menu button, Volume Up and Down button. You can press the button to see if it is already pressed down or not. Also, check for physical damage, then it would be better if you visit the service centre. 

3. Disable the Safe Mode

If you see that the Safe Mode option is visible in the notification panel, you can make it disabled. Particularly on Samsung devices, you can use this method. The steps are given below:

First, you have to pull down the Notification Panel, and you need to tap the Safe Mode Enabled notification. You will see that when you do this, your phone will automatically restart. 

4. Hardware button 

To use the Hardware button, you have to follow the given steps:

  • First, you have to turn off your device. Then, hold the Power button, several options will appear on your screen. You will then press the Power Off button. 
  • After your device has been switched off, now you need to press the Power button until you see the logo appearing. 
  • Release the power button after the logo appears on the screen. After that, press the Volume down button. 

Many users with the query – “why is my phone stuck in Safe mode” have fixed the Safe Mode issue with this method. 

5. Clean your Device 

It can be possible that due to malfunctioning apps, unwanted data and caches are the reason behind this issue. All the options are explained separately. First, you need to figure out which app is malfunctioning. Go to the app settings and clear the app cache.

Clearing the App Cache

  • Go to the Settings option. You can either use the App Menu or the Notification Panel for this. 
  • Search the Apps and Notifications option in the Settings menu and select it. You can also search this on the search bar. 
  • Now, hit the app’s Name, click on the Storage option, and press the Clear Cache option. See if the phone has exited the Safe Mode or not.

Clean the App Storage

  • Hit the Settings option first and tap on the Apps And Notification option, followed by See All Apps option. 
  • Then, select the name of the malfunctioning app and hit the Storage option. After that, press the Clear Storage/Data option. 
  • Now, check if it is still stuck in safe mode or not. 

Uninstalling the Application

  • In the Settings option, search the Apps and Notification option, followed by See All Apps option. 
  • Tap the name of the app followed by selecting the Uninstall option and OK option for confirmation.

6. Factory Reset 

This method will be your last solution to resolve the issue. You must keep back up as Factory Reset will erase all the data. The steps are given below:

  • Hit the Settings option and from the menu, tap the System followed by the Advanced option. 
  • Then, go to the Reset option and select the Erase All Data (Factory Reset) option. 
  • A PIN, password or any pattern will pop up. You just have to enter the details. Finally, hit the Erase Everything option. 


These are the 6 solutions that will help you to solve the Safe Mode issue. If it is that severe, contact the service centre. Professional help will be best to solve the “why is my phone stuck in Safe mode”.