Why Google Play Music can’t Establish a Secure Connection?

Many users have reported that they see an error message Google Play music can’t establish a secure connection on the system every time when they try to play any music via Google Play. Apart from that, they also see this error message while trying to upload the music to the music library of their Google Play Music application. This problem is not specific to certain browsers, it might even occur on the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. If the browser is outdated or you are using an older version of the browser, then you can see this error message on the system. If you are looking for solving procedures, then this article will help you. With this article, you can quickly get rid of this error on the system. Here you can see all the solving procedures for this error message on your computer.

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Possible Causes of Google Play Music Can’t Establish a Secure Connection:

Now you can see possible causes for Google Play music can’t establish a secure connection problem. There are several common scenarios that trigger this error message:

  • There are a lot of consumer speculations that show the updates that block the uploading audio CDs directly to Google Play Music. This can usually be skipped by getting a CD with Windows Media Player.
  • Another common reason for this error message is that third-party antivirus software. The users have noticed many safety holes that can conflict with the link between Google Play Music and PC.
  • There were situations where Google claimed to have caused this error message. Usually, you can try uploading from the desktop version if this error message appears on the web version.
  • An older version of Windows Operating System can also cause this error message on your PC.

If you try to resolve this error message, you will see all the resolving procedures for the can’t establish a secure connection Google Play music issue. Here are some procedures that will help you to overcome this situation.

Solve Google Play Music Can’t Establish A Secure Connection Problem:

When this issue appears on your computer, you need to simply reboot the system. After rebooting the system, you can check whether this problem is resolved or not. To improve the performance, follow the procedures below in the same order as listed there in order to solve the Google Play Music can’t establish a secure connection issue on the system. Want to get more live vies on Instagram? Buy instagram live views from gpc.fm

Procedure 1 – Disable the Third-Party Software

There are a number of third-party security packages that have been identified by various users as responsible for this error. Apparently, some external security solutions are extraordinary and can prevent the connection to Google servers. So, you should disable or remove it from your PC. To turn it off, follow the directions mentioned below:

Step 1

Firstly, you should double-click on the third-party antivirus software which is located at the screen to launch it. Alternatively, if you do not find the third-party software on the screen, then you can simply type the third-party antivirus software named in the search box that you are using at this moment on your computer. After that, you can hit the Enter button to open it.

Step 2

In that window, you need to go to the Settings section. From the Settings tab, you can go to the Firewall tab and then click on the Disable button to turn it off. After that, you can restart the system and then check if the error message still persists or not.

Procedure 2 – Remove the Third-Party Software

After disabling the third-party software, if the error is still there, then you can simply remove the third-party software from the PC. If you do not know how you can uninstall it, then you can follow the under mentioned steps:

Step 1

At first, you should press the Windows button + R key together to launch the Run dialog box. In the Run box, type Control Panel and then select the OK button or hit the Enter key. Alternatively, you have to hold down the Windows button and at the same time, you can press the X key to launch the WinX menu list. From that list, you can select the Control Panel application.

Step 2

In the Control Panel application, you can take the mouse to the Programs and Features tab, select it. In that section, you can select the Uninstall program and see the installed program list will open. From that list, you can find the third-party antivirus and then select the Uninstall button to remove it. Once it is removed, you should reboot the device and then check whether the error message persists or not.

Procedure 3 – Disable Windows Defender Feature

When you uninstall the third-party software on the system and check that the issue still shows up, then you can turn off the Windows Defender feature on your computer. The steps to go through are mentioned below:

Step 1

First of all, you need to type the Control Panel in the Search box and then hit the Enter button. Alternatively, you can get the Control Panel application from the Start Menu list by pressing the Start button.

Step 2

Now, you can navigate to the Windows Firewall section on the Control Panel window. In that window, you need to go to the left-side panel and select the Turn Windows Firewall On and Off button. On the right side window, you can click on the Turn Off Windows Firewall option both Private Network Settings and Public Network Settings. After that, you need to see an option OK, click on it to save the changes.

Procedure 4 – Update the Operating System

By updating the Operating System, you can easily get rid of the Google Play music can’t establish a secure connection problem on your PC. Sometimes, you can see this error message on the screen when the system is outdated. So you should update the system immediately. To do that, follow the steps listed below:

Step 1

You should hold down the Windows button and press the ‘I’ key to open the Settings application. Alternatively, you need to Win + X keys to open the WinX menu list and then select the Settings application.

Step 2

When the Settings application opens, you can select the Update and Security section. In that tab, you can click on the Update tab from the left-side panel. When the Update tab opens, you can select the Check for updates button to find the update. If the update is there, then you can get a button Update, select it to start the update process. Once it is done, you can try to open the Google Play Music application and check if it works properly without occuring any error message.

Procedure 5 – Check the Internet Connection

When you see the Google Play music can’t establish a secure connection problem on the screen, you need to check whether the internet connection is properly connected or not. Sometimes, there is a problem with the internet connection and it can also cause this error message. So you have to properly connect the internet connection. When you use the WiFi connection and also see this error message, then you can use the Ethernet cable. After connecting this cable, you can easily solve this issue.

Procedure 6 – Update the Browser

After trying the above-mentioned procedures, if you find the Google Play music upload can’t establish a secure connection issue, again then you need to check whether the browser is updated or not. If not, then you can update it immediately. So, you have to go to the official website of the browser and find the latest version of the browser and then download it. After that, you can follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation process. Once it completes, you can see the Google Play Music works perfectly without any error.

We hope that this article will definitely help you to eliminate the Google Play music can’t establish a secure connection problem on the device. You can perform these steps on your PC to fix this problem without any hassle. In case if you face any problem, in that case, you can seek help from the professional.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa