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Why do Freelancers Need a VPN in 2021?

Remote agreements and work-from-home arrangements are going in popularity, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. When you are a freelancer it means you are dealing with sensitive data. That’s why you need to use a Wi-Fi connection and a strong VPN. 

Always remember, without these sensitive tools, a freelancer’s business can be severely affected. There are lots of well-known VPN service providers available for you like, that you can use for your purpose. 

Now, coming back to the topic and understanding the importance of a VPN in 2021. 

7 Reasons Why Every Freelancer Must Use a VPN:

In the rest of the content, we are going to discuss why every freelancer should use a VPN connection in 2021.

1. VPN Increases Security

In today’s world, everybody has a smartphone, PC, or tablet. Moreover, everybody is using the internet and that’s why security matters a lot. Keep in mind, hackers and viruses are fear of many internet users. Now, if you are a freelancer and dealing with sensitive data, each time you visit a website, it increases the risk of losing your crucial data. Hence, it’s essential to use good security and when it comes to increasing security, a strong VPN service can be the key factor. If you use a Virtual Private Network( VPN), hackers will not be able to see your private IP addresses. 

2. Stay Protected on Public Wi-Fi

Bear in mind, public wi-fi networks are weak. So, when you work on a public network with sensitive data, there’s a huge chance that hackers might steal your crucial information. On the other hand, when you use a Virtual Private Network, you will remain almost anonymous on the public network. So, whether you are writing your client’s website copy, working on a new ebook, or developing a code, with a VPN you can keep your information private. 

3. Access to Blocked Website

Using a strong VPN gives you more advantages. For instance, you can access the blocked website. There are so many websites that are blocked because of your geographical location. Besides, some countries abroad block social media websites. Fortunately, a powerful VPN allows you to bypass any blockades. 

4. Better Network Connection

VPN will improve the quality of your internet connection. However, some research shows that, if you use a free VPN connection, it will reduce the internet speed and cause delays. On the other hand, when you use a Virtual Private Network from a well-known provider like, you will notice that your internet speed is a lot smoother. 

5. Share Files More Securely

We often have to share our work files with our colleagues or clients. Obviously, we want to do the task in a fast and secure way. By utilizing a VPN you can quickly share your work files with others. Studies show that, if you use a strong VPN connection, you can share your files more easily than on a local network. 

6. Secure Client’s Data

As said earlier, if you are a freelancer you have to deal with a lot of sensitive data of your client. For instance, if you are a Blogger, many times you have to use the client’s WordPress panels. In such cases, there’s a high risk of data loss. Also, when you open an unsecured website without using a VPN, you might lose your client’s crucial information which is not good for your business.  Fortunately, with a strong VPN connection, you can avoid these hassles. 

7. Encrypt Online Traffic

If you use a VPN to your computer, an Android device, an iOS device, or your browser, you will establish a secure tunnel on the conventional network and pass your internet traffic securely through the tunnel. A Virtual Private Network will hide your private IP addresses which means the website you visit will not know it’s you. This is probably the best way to secure your online data. 

Wrap Up

Every reputable company has its own Virtual Private Network. When they hire employees as a freelancer or give them work-from-home options, the company will provide them with their VPN package credentials. Besides, if you are an independent freelancer, we still suggest you use a strong VPN and deal with your sensitive data more securely. 


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