What’s The Best Method to Change Your Netflix Region

With a presence worldwide, Netflix offers access to unlimited collections of movies and TV shows. This means that if you have a Netflix subscription, you can stream movies and TV shows from anywhere in the World. However even if you have a Netflix account, there is content you cannot access due to regional restrictions. This is because of the contracts Netflix signs with regulatory authorities and studios for each region. These contractual agreements come with tight rules restricting availability of some content. In this case, if you need access to the blocked content, the only option is to Change Netflix Region. You can do this through different options such as using Mysterium Network VPN.

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Use of Proxy servers to Change Netflix Region

One of the methods you can use to Change Netflix Region is Proxy servers. Proxies act as a conduit between your device and the site you are accessing.  With Proxies, your internet data is first channeled through the proxy’s server to hide your IP address.  The Proxy’s IP address is then sent back to your device. Your device will in turn use the IP address to connect to the Netflix servers for content.

There is a big difference when using a proxy server and using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  With a proxy server, it will always appear to Netflix that as a user, your connection is stemming from the location of the proxy server. Netflix has very strong detection systems that often identify and block proxy servers easily. With time most proxy servers get blacklisted hence making them not the ideal method to Change Netflix Region.

How about the VPN way?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) re-directs your online activity through another server among its server systems worldwide. You have the option of choosing any server on the VPN’s network, and from any country you choose.   A VPN hides your real IP address, making it appear as if you are streaming from a different region. With the option of VPN, you can Change Netflix Region, and gain access to Netflix shows only available in other regions.

In certain countries, Netflix will have different shows licensed for streaming within that particular region. Due to geographical limitations, a show may be available in a certain country but not available in another. When you Change Netflix Region with a VPN, you can appear to be connecting from another region. With a VPN, you can Change Netflix Region and access any show of your choice from anywhere in the world. VPN’s are considered to be the best method to Change Netflix Region to watch content from another region or country. Wondering how this works?

Take the following steps to explore the VPN Method:

Step 1: Set up your Netflix account

To Change Netflix Region, the first thing is, if you do not have an account with Netflix you need to sign up.  If you already have an account, to access Netflix, you need a high performance device that will not compromise your streaming speeds.

Step 2: Choose the right VPN

Netflix and other content services have systems that detect and block some of the VPNs and proxy servers. Therefore, to avoid getting error messages, you can Change Netflix Region with a VPN that keeps changing its IP addresses. The best option to Change Netflix Region would be a reliable VPN that can unblock Netflix, and has fast streaming for HD. The other factors to consider are the coverage of servers around the world, privacy, security, customer care and support.  There are VPNs that are the best to Change Netflix Region, which have been tried and tested. All you need to do is do some research online to examine the customer feedback comments and reviews. As long as you have the right VPN, you will find it simple to Change Netflix Region.

Step 3: Download and use VPN to Change Netflix Region

Now that you have identified your quality VPN, you are set to Change Netflix Region!  Download and install the VPN on your device to start your connection. The best way to Change Netflix Region is choosing a server in the same country with the Netflix content you need to access.

With your server of choice, you are good to go! Netflix determines your real-time location from your IP address first, then grant access to content. With a successful log in, the VPN will now reroute your traffic through its own servers. The IP address will be given to you by the VPN when you use its servers. This means that you are now using an IP address generated from the VPN server you chose. Once you define your location by IP address, you can safely Change Netflix Region.

Now, you can sit back, and enjoy Netflix movies and TV shows of your choice. See? It’s not that difficult to Change Netflix Region.

Final Thoughts

A VPN hides your true location effectively by bouncing off your IP address on its different servers. Most VPNs have servers with IP addresses that keep changing and have stronger encryption. This makes it difficult for Netflix detection systems to unmask your true location and block you. VPNs will therefore effectively help you Change Netflix Region compared to proxy servers.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa