‘Enhance Pointer Precision’ Settings – Every Detail You Must Know

You will find the ‘Enhance Pointer Precision’ settings available in Windows OS. It helps you by making you less precise with the mouse in most situations. However, often folks don’t know its actual purpose. 

You will see it is enabled by default in Windows and it is in mouse acceleration form. Now, the question that comes is – ‘What does the Enhance Pointer Precision do? 

You need to get this thing that the cursor you are moving on the screen depends on how far you physically move your mouse. Now, the distance between the two is controlled by the Dots Per Inch (DPI) settings. The higher the DPI, the farther the cursor moves, when you move the mouse, at the same distance. You can say it is a type of mouse acceleration. 

The enabled setting will monitor how fast you move the mouse, and then adjust your DPI progressively. As you move the mouse faster, the DPI increases and the cursor is able to move a longer distance. 

In contrast, for slower movement of the mouse, the DPI decreases as well as the cursor moves a shorter distance. In case you disable the feature, then you will be able to move the mouse an inch. Even the cursor will move at the same distance irrespective of the movement of the move. 

Reason Why ‘Enhance Pointer Precision’ is Enabled by Default

You will notice the enhanced pointer is already enabled. For instance, while you are in the office using a cheap mouse. The mouse doesn’t contain a good sensor and has low DPI settings. If you disable the Enhance Pointer Precision, then you have to move the mouse a longer distance. Thus, you can move the cursor from one side to another on the screen. 

On the other hand, by moving the mouse a little you will be able to move the cursor at a greater distance. To gain better accuracy you can even move your mouse more slowly. Particularly for laptops and other touchpads, it is quite useful, as you just need to your finger from one side of the touchpad to another.

Whether ‘Enhance Pointer Precision’ Good or Bad?

Now, we will discuss whether it is actually helpful or not, depending on the mouse hardware. One problem that you might face is that it does not have a linear increase of the acceleration produced by Enhance Pointer Precision. Thus making it hard to predict. 

By just moving the mouse a bit faster or slower, there might be an increase or decrease in the distances of the pointer. In case you disable Enhance Pointer Precision, you will see that you know exactly how far you need to move the mouse to reach a certain point on your screen. 

The distance is quite important. Whereas on being enabled, it completely depends on how fast you move your mouse and not the distance. You can hardly imagine what a small difference in speed can do. Thus, making it bad for building muscle memory. 

Whether Enhance Pointer Precision Good for Gaming or Not?

Enhance Pointer Precision is not good for gaming. The mouse movement is not linear during gaming, thus setting more harm than good. In case you have got compatible gaming mouse, then it can reach the DPI numbers. 

The windows will increase the DPI automatically even if you don’t need it. This is one of the basic disadvantages of enabling ‘Enhance Pointer Precision’ for gaming. Thus, you won’t be able to build the muscle memory of the mouse movement. Henceforth, if you want to win the game it would be better not to use the feature. 

How to Enable or Disable the Enhance Pointer Precision?

In case you see that the Enhance Pointer Precision is not enabled, then you can go for these steps. The steps are listed down below:

  • First, you need to press the shortcut key Windows+R key.
  • The Run dialog box will open on your window screen. In the given blank type ‘control’ and then press Enter button.
  • A list of items will appear and from that open the Mouse settings. 
  • You will see that a window is opening and now you need to navigate to the Pointer options tab. 
  • Lastly, you can either go for the enabling or disable option and hit the OK option.


So, this was all about Enhance Pointer Precision. All information regarding this setting is given along with the steps to enable and disable this setting without much hassle. By clicking on the Gear icon on the left Control Panel you will be able to change the setting. As mentioned, for gaming, it would be better to turn off the setting.