What is “DCB_Association” and How to Stop it on your Phone?

Many Android system users have reported getting a “DCB_Association” text message due to unknown reasons. And, they often see it with suspicion as they cannot find any explanation for it. After all, the message contains the aforementioned words and a set of numbers and letters. You might also see it as a sign of viruses and malware on your smartphone. 

However, this message does not usually indicate a threat, as we shall see. So, you might have nothing to worry about if you receive it. 

Do you want to know further about the “DCB_Association” message? Then, read on to find out all you must know about it. We can also help you stop these messages if you want to do that. 

What does “DCB_Association” Mean? Is it a Threat?

DCB stands for Direct Carrier Billing, in case you were wondering. You usually receive it while trying to connect your phone to your Google Play account. And, it helps you enable direct billings of your Google Play Store purchases. 

You can activate the Direct Control Billing payment mechanism during in-app purchases. Apart from that, you can also enable it through the Play Store app on your device. 

Once you receive it, your mobile network provider will process the “DCB_Association” message. And, that will verify whether the request to add a DCB payment method originated from your phone. Then, you would use this method for Google Play purchases. So, the numbers and letters you see on the message are no concern to you.

You usually need not be worried about this message on your phone. It is usually not a threat in most cases. So, you can read it whenever you receive it on your device. 

But, what if you did not set DCB as the payment method on Google Play Store? You must take some precautions to prevent malicious activity in such situations. 

What to do if you Receive the “DCB_Association” Message Suspiciously?

Did you receive the DCB payment verification message even when you did not activate this payment method? Then, someone else might have access to your Google Play Account. 

And, they might have opted for DCB payment to purchase an app or service. In that case, you might want to prevent them from doing so. Taking the following steps can help you do that effectively:

Change your Google Play Password 

Changing the password is the best way to prevent other people from accessing your account. So, you might want to do that if you receive the “DCB_Association” message without any reason. 

Open the Play Store app and navigate the Security section in the Settings. Then, open the Signing into Google tab there to find the Password option. 

Enter the current password or click on “Forget Password?” if you cannot remember it. You can enter a new password once you provide the current one. Create a new password and enter it again in the ‘Confirm new password’ field. Click on Change Password at the bottom once you are done. 

You can avoid account security issues further by regularly renewing the Google Play password. 

Reach Out to Your Service Provider 

Do you find any purchases you did not make on your account? Then, you must reach out to your mobile phone carrier with the issue. Report the suspicious activity to them and ask them to inspect the problem. 

The carrier might also provide you with a refund in some cases. Then, you must make sure to change the Google Play password as mentioned previously.

How to Know Whether the DCB payment Method has been Added?

Did you receive the “DSC_Associations” message after opting for enabling the DSB payment? As mentioned earlier, the payment method should be added shortly after you receive this message. 

But, you might want to make sure whether you have done that successfully. If the attempt was unsuccessful, you could simply opt for the DSB payment again. Alternatively, you can simply switch to another payment method, such as net banking. 

You can check your Google Play payment methods through the app on your phone. So, open it and go to the Payments section. You should find your mobile phone carrier given there if you have successfully added DSB payment. You must try to enable the DSB payment method again if the carrier’s name is missing. 

How to Stop Getting the “DSB_Association” Messages?

Do you want the DCB payment messages to stop? Then, you need to either disable or remove the DCB payment option. Also, you must simply use other payment methods other than DCB to avoid this message. 

Proceed with the following methods depending on whether you want to disable or remove DSB payment: 

Disabling the DCB Payment Method

If you disable the DCB payment, it will remain in your Google Play Store. So, you must take this step only if you want this payment method to stay. Open the Play Store and go to the Menu there. View the ‘Payment methods’ and click on ‘More payment settings’. This will open a new window where you can find the DCB payment if it is enabled. You can also disable it from this window, which you want to do in this case.

Removing the DCB Payment Method

You can also remove the DCB payment through Google Play Store. Launch the app and go to its Menu. Open the ‘Payment methods’ section and click on ‘More payment settings’. This should open the Google Payment Center on your screen. Click on Remove to set a different payment method other than DCB. 

Should You Keep Using the DCB Payment Method?

As we have seen, DCB is one of the payment methods available to you on the Play Store. Not only that, but it is also one of the most convenient ones for users. But, it is up to you whether you want to keep using it. The aforementioned information should help you with disabling or removing it if you prefer to do so.