What Is A Good Internet Speed : Discover Everything About It

Everyone is looking for good internet speed. Whether you are in the office, home, or in a cyber cafe, people crave for good internet speed. Almost everyone is connected to the internet for a variety of jobs that are done online.

Well, if you are watching an HD movie or playing a game, you really need the fast internet speed. But do you really know what is a good internet speed? Do you really think you are getting the same internet speed promised by your Internet Service Providers (ISP)? If you want a crystal clear concept about internet speed then this guide is unskippable.

How to Understand the Speed of the Internet?

We are starting the lesson from the very beginning. If you are using the broadband connection in your home then, you have to understand the types of internet speed, at first. Well, there comes two types of internet speed associated with broadband or other connections.

  • One is the Uploading speed. This is used when you transfer data from your device to the internet.
  • The next one is Downloading speed. With this speed, you can easily receive or download data from the internet.

Generally, everyone expects a blazing-fast speed when the concern is downloading speed. Most people are interested to receive more data faster on their devices. For example, if you have to enjoy an HD movie, seamlessly, you need a faster internet speed. The same condition applies to activities like streaming the news, listening to podcasts, etc.

Have you thought of to download time calculator? You might require high internet speed when you have to upload content of a very large size. This application can help you to analyze actual time and speed. Let’s take an instance. If you are a regular blogger on YouTube then, you might have to upload large videos on YouTube, almost every day. Then, you need the uploading speed that matches with the downloading speed.

But mostly, regular people search for faster downloading speed over the internet. This is the primary reason why Internet Service Providers differ in uploading and downloading speeds. They even maintain downloading speed higher than uploading speed.

What is Good Internet Speed in 2020?

Well, the internet speed differs from one ISP to another ISP. All of them have a trademark set for internet speed. The downloading speed of the internet is set as a minimum of 25 Mbps (Megabits/second). Whereas the uploading speed is set as a default of 4 Mbps, at least. The uploading speed might be faster for different ISPs.

In our opinion, these trademarks of the internet speed are sufficient for the everyday use of the internet. For a regular internet surfer, this is enough. But if you require faster internet speed then, you can choose an ISP according to your preferences.

Factors behind Good Internet Speed:

Do you really get the internet downloading speed at 25 Mbps? Well, you should check out the main factors that affect the internet speed of yours. We have listed all the possible factors, below.

  • The number of people logged on to the same network.
  • The activity of the individual user on the internet.
  • The type of power of the devices that the users are using to surf the internet.

The third factor doesn’t have that much impact on internet speed. Now, every device is built by using the latest and efficient technology.

Now, if we put all these factors into a simple perspective, you can understand the scenario better. The total speed or bandwidth is divided among all the users on the same channel. So, if you are the only one who is currently using that channel then, you can really get good internet speed. But if there are multiple users and some of them are playing games, watching movies, then the internet speed certainly decreases on your device.

When there are multiple users on the same channel, you can access at least 15 Mbps per user. This is the scenario when you are using a connection of 25 Mbps internet speed. This range is sufficient from light to medium-heavy use of the internet. 

How you Can Check the Internet Speed?

Now, the question arrives on how you can check the internet speed on your own. You can even opt for the steps that are mentioned below to check out if you are really encountering that for which you are paying.

  1. Open any browser and use the Google search engine. Search for ‘check the internet speed’. 
  2. You will then get several options. Choose a free one.
  3. Start the application to get the internet speed on your device.

What if you are Not Getting Good Speed?

If you are getting at least 80% of the advertised speed, then it’s ok. But if you are experiencing much slower internet speed then, this becomes trouble. Before you get angry with your ISP, firstly check the below parameters to clarify that it is not your fault.

  • You should close other programs on your device. This ensures that only the main activity gets priority. Other programs can consume more data.
  • Slow or down servers on the web browser.
  • Switch to another Wi-Fi or LAN connection if this Wi-Fi connection is slow.
  • The speed may decrease when you are sharing the same channel of the network.
  • The device itself can be slower.

You might try resetting your router. So, if you have checked all these things and everything is going on perfectly, then you might complain to your ISP.


How to Choose the Appropriate ISP for Good Internet Speed? 

Before you choose the perfect internet package from an ISP, you have to determine why you use the internet, mostly. So, if you are going to use the internet like a regular user then any regular ISP is great for your requirements. 

But, if you have more requirements then, you can look for a faster ISP. It might be big on budget. But you have to sacrifice money for the sake of good internet speed.

Hopefully, we are able to clarify the concept of ‘what is a good internet speed’. Contact your nearest Internet Service Provider to grab the best and optimal internet speed for you.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa