What Are the Signs of a Failing Hard Drive? You Need to Know Them

A hard drive is a storage device in the computer memory. There are different kinds of hard drives, for example, C, D, or E. Hard drives are a crucial part of your computer’s work. The main drives are C and D. If any of them fails, all your data is deleted and you cannot use the PC. So, it is important to see the signs of hard drive failure in advance. This will let you recover deleted files from a hard drive on Mac or Windows.

Each hard drive has its individual lifespan. So, the drives can fail because of being too old. Another reason is that some physical elements of their structure break. It is also important to use the drives properly. So, they will not wear out too fast. The average lifespan of a hard drive lasts for three years. After this period, the chances of failure are great. You should fix the damages in advance before this time.

So, your computer and data will be safe. If the failure happens in the first year, you may ask for a free fix. With a soft use of the drive, it may serve you from four to eight years without a break. There are many other factors that impact the lifespan of your hard drive. If it fails, you can even recover files from a hard disk that won’t boot.

The Main Signs of the Failure

Let’s look at the most important signs of a failing hard drive.

1. Blue screen error

This is the most important sign of a hard drive failure. You will see only the blue screen with white text. The PC will tell you that the application is terminated. Then you will read the steps to learn more information about the error. You will not be able to power your computer and work on it. In this case, you should reinstall the system. You can also try the Safe Mode of Windows. This may solve the problem. Yet, if you still cannot start the work, the problem is in the hard drive.

2. You see corrupted files

Another option to test if the hard drive is failing is by reading this information. Corruption files are windows that open when you cannot open a file. For example, you may have opened the folder several times with no errors. Then suddenly you cannot do this. You see a window that tells you that the file cannot be opened. It says that the document is corrupt.

Another situation is when the window says that Word cannot read the document. It states that there is an error or danger in the Word file. The program offers you to repair the document in a converter. If you see corrupt files too often, it means that one of your hard drives is broken.

3. Strange noise in the computer

How to find out that the noise is strange? Think about the usual noises you hear when working. If the problem is in a hard drive, the sounds will be different. You may see a dark blue screen. Or everything will work fine. But you will hear short screech sounds that appear regularly. Or these may be loud turning or clicking sounds. Such noises are a great danger for your computer.

If you hear them, you should immediately copy the data to an external drive. Then you should reinstall the system and fix the drives. Otherwise, you can lose all the data and need to buy a new computer. Another great concern is when the left part of your laptop gets overheated. This means that the processor and hard drives may burn.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa