Warframe Crossplay – Everything You Need to Know

Warframe is a popular free-to-play game that is available on different platforms. Online gamers can access this shooter game from their PCs and consoles. Recently, the developers announced that Warframe is going to have cross-play features in the next update. 

Warframe crossplay will let you play the game with anyone, no matter which console or PC they’re using. For instance, Xbox players can join the raids with PS4 players. 

However, you must have a stable internet connection to use Warframe’s exclusive cross-play feature. Otherwise, connecting with other online players might be challenging.

Now, let’s get to know the release date of Warframe crossplay and how you can access it.

When will the Developers Introduce a Cross-play Feature in Warframe?

During the TennoCon 2022 conference, Digital Extremes, Warframe’s developer, announced crossplay. They unveiled that the internal tests for the cross-play feature were conducted over the past few years. 

However, the developers found minor glitches and bugs during the testing. Thus, they decided to add the Warframe cross-play feature after fixing the internal error.

Finally, the cross-play feature became available for Warframe players in September 2022. Developers released this in-game feature for public testing on Xbox and PCs. However, Digital Extremes close the first round of the public test without any prior notice. The second round of testing is currently underway for the Warframe players. 

How to Enable Warframe Crossplay in Gaming PCs?

The cross-play feature is currently active for Windows 10/11 or Linux PC players. However, you must first log in to the Warframe account using the correct credentials. After that, install the “Echoes or Veilbreaker” update on the gaming device. Close the Warframe game window and open it after 2-3 seconds.

When you open this action-role-playing game, you will notice an in-game crossplay message. If you click “OK”, this new Warframe feature will be activated automatically. 

Are you unable to play this shooter game with a PlayStation player? The “Crossplay” feature might be disabled, and you have to enable it by following these steps:

  • Double-tap on the Warframe icon from the desktop.
  • Access the in-game settings when the Warframe window opens.
  • Tap on “Options” and when the next window pops up, select “System”.
  • Move the “Cross Platform Play” toggle from left to right to enable.

Create a game server and invite the other players to join it. Once they accept the invite request, you can play the Arena or Assault matches with them. 

How to Enable Warframe Crossplay on PlayStation?

PlayStation users can play Warframe with Xbox and PC players. However, you can’t play this free-to-play game with Nintendo Switch users. First, turn on the PlayStation 4 by pressing the “Power” button. Sign in to the PlayStation account and open the in-game library.

Go to “Purchased” and double-tap on Warframe. Install the Echoes of Veilbreaker update on the PlayStation 4. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes and restart the Warframe game. Navigate to “Settings” and search for the in-game options. Head towards “System” and enable “Cross Platform Play”.

You can now engage in sabotage-style raids on rival bases with PC players. Besides, this feature will allow you to play the Warframe matches with Xbox players. 

How to Enable Warframe Crossplay on Nintendo Switch?

Warframe is not a cross-play game for gaming PC and Nintendo Switch users. If you use Nintendo Switch and want to play this game with a PC user, create a different account. Moreover, you can join the Warframe’s raid battles with PS4 players. 

Don’t you have the Warframe game installed on the Nintendo Switch? Turn on the gaming console and access the Nintendo eShop. Choose the account from where you want to download the game. 

Go to the search bar and write “Warframe”. Purchase the game and open its “Settings” afterward. Move towards the “System” tab and scroll down to the page to find the options list. 

Select “Cross Platform Play” and tick the checkbox. Open the Warframe menu by pressing the “Start” on the controller. Tap on the “+” button and enter the name of the player in the “Player Name” box. Click “Invite” to play the Warframe game with the other console players.

How to Disable the Warframe Crossplay Feature?

Players often wish to disable crossplay to remove the chances of skill discrepancies in Warframe matches. Moreover, this feature won’t work without an internet connection. If you experience game lags, consider disabling the cross-play feature. 

Besides, hackers can access the PC or console when this Warframe feature is on. Thus, it will be better to disable Warframe crossplay to avoid cyber crimes. Open this action role-playing game from the gaming devices and go to the “Settings” tab. 

Select “Options” when the in-game dashboard opens. Head towards “System” and scroll to the bottom of the options list. Locate “Cross Platform Play” and toggle this option off. Click “Confirm” and close the Warframe game window afterward. 

Can the Xbox One Players Play the Warframe Game with PC Players via Crossplay?

Unfortunately, Warframe is not a crossplay platform game for Xbox One and PC players. This implies that Xbox players can play Warframe with other Xbox players. However, they can’t play this online shooter game with other PC users. 

Can the PS4/PS5 Players Play the Warframe Game with PC Players via Crossplay?

Warframe is not a crossplay game between PS4 and PS5. Thus, even though you use a PlayStation, you can’t play the game with other PlayStation players. 

However, PC players can play Warframe with PlayStation players. Sign in to the PlayStation Network when playing this online game with other players. 

Warframe Crossplay — What are the Drawbacks of this in-game Feature?

Few things you must consider before turning on the crossplay feature on Warframe. Well, this feature doesn’t support the “Voice Chat” option. Besides, you can’t access or join any Clan Dojo after enabling Warframe cross-play. 

You can’t also trade or gift any in-game items to players on different platforms. For instance, if you are playing Warframe from a PC, you can’t share any rewards with a PS4 player. Thus, if you want to use these Warframe features, keep the crossplay option off.