Use Trending Hashtags: Fast IG Promotion with Hashtag Maker Tools

Have you started an IG account and are thinking about popularity? Do you want to get thousands of likes and followers? It’s simple. You just need to use the right Instagram hashtags. By the way, Instagram is one of the social networks where hashtags work perfectly.

The number of people who follow tags is increasing every day. So, those who follow thematically selected hashtags in the feed will immediately see your publications. For this, it is enough to choose and use a tag list related to your content.

But for fast IG popularity, it is better to use an Instagram tag generator that will provide only working and reliable hashtags for publication.

The article will tell you what hashtags are, why they are essential, and why you should use the paid or free hashtag generator.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are text tags used in social networks to promote content and create a series of posts related thematically. A hashtag is a word or phrase to which a grid symbol — “#” is added at the beginning. 

With the help of hashtags, users can make their posts more popular, since these tags serve as links. By clicking on a tag in one publication, you get a list of all publications containing it.

The tag advantages:

  • Work as a filter and a quick search tool.
  • Increase the coverage.
  • Combine publications into thematic series.

At the same time, there are several rules for compiling tags:

  1. Spaces are not allowed in them. The presence of space means the end of the tag and the beginning of a new word.
  2. To build tags from phrases, the latter are written together or underscore: #instaview, #instaview_blog.
  3. The new hashtag should start with a grid sign: #Sales #Instagram #Repost.
  4. Special characters are not allowed: “$,” “%,” “^,” “&,” and others.
  5. Try to make the tags readable and concise. For example, a hashtag that is too long is useless.

How to choose hashtags?

The choice of hashtags pursues the main goal — to increase the popularity of the record. To do this, you must follow certain rules.

So, it is important to understand high-frequency and low-frequency tags by analogy with keywords in contextual advertising. Just as in the context with hashtags in social networks, you have to keep a balance. Only the high-frequency ones will quickly drop the entry in the output, as new ones will replace it with the same labels. Low-frequency ones will give a small coverage.

Therefore, it would be correct to set the general direction with a pair of high-frequency tags (<100K) and add more rare (50K – 100K), and niche tags (>50K.) So that users are interested in the designated topic can find you.


For hashtags to really benefit, you need to be able to choose and add them correctly. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to do this manually, so it is best to use automatic services for selecting hashtags.

Why should you use hashtag maker to choose IG tags?

The Insta hashtag generator is needed in many cases. It saves a lot of time and effort on searching and selecting high-quality and trending tags. Therefore, with its help, profile owners can increase the audience rate, improve interaction with followers, and also find new followers among their target audience many times faster. 

Generators are useful for all Instagram users:

  • companies promoting their services on social networks
  • profiles that regularly conduct master classes
  • pages that are promoted due to likes and followers
  • profile owners who publish high-quality content
  • organizers of flash mobs
  • lazy IG users

3 types of hashtag generators differ in the principle of operation:

  • contain a database of hashtags divided into categories
  • select relevant tags by analyzing content and target audience
  • work with added keywords
  • connect the previous items into one useful and secure service

It is the 4th category of services that is most suitable because of its multi-functionality. By choosing such services, you prefer comfort and safety. In addition, they work without downloading, registration and payment. 

Here are the most working services:


Don’t be afraid to use hashtags under your posts. They are a great tool for promoting and structuring content. 

However, be careful about their search and selection. Therefore, it is better to trust a professional hashtag generator.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa