Unsend Gmail – Simple Steps To Achieve

Gmail is an email client that is developed by Google Inc. As Gmail is quite user-friendly and is easy to use, therefore it has become very popular among the users. Also, because of many good features, this service has gathered a lot of attention from the various users. Despite the varieties of features, sometimes due to the lack of knowledge, you cannot utilize the benefits of Gmail at its best. In this article, you can get the idea about the unsend Gmail feature. In the section that follows, you get to know the reason behind why do you need to unsend an email from Gmail.

How To Unsend An Email In Gmail – Possible Reasons

Sometimes due to no time in your hand to check, you send an email to someone with plenty of errors like a grammatical one, spelling mistake, formatting mistake, etc. There can some other reasons also like if you send the email to a wrong receiver, attachments that you have forgotten.

After sending that email, you wish to undo the sending process to rectify that email and resend it. Fortunately, in Gmail, you can do this. In order to know the process of how to unsend an email in Gmail, just go to the next section and look at the steps there.

Procedures To Unsend Gmail

In this section, you will get various solutions that will help you to unsend any emails from your Gmail account. Follow this section, in order to correct this.

Activate The Feature Undo Send Within Gmail Website

When you activate the ‘Undo Send’ feature in your Gmail account, it delays the delivery of the messages you send for a few seconds. This is done so that you can get them before that mail is sent.

  • Within the Gmail window, go to the ‘Gear’ icon and tap to see the list of options. From the options list, choose the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Next, in the ‘Settings’ page, locate and tap on the tab ‘General’.
  • Now, go to the section ‘Undo’. Then, tap on the option ‘select the number of seconds’. You can choose the seconds that ranges from 5 to 30 seconds. When you set this time, then Gmail will pause for that many seconds before sending the message.
  • At last, choose the button ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page.

Steps To Unsend Email With Gmail Website

When you activate the ‘Undo Send’ feature, then you can get back the email, after you send it in an instant. When you are sure that you need to correct something, within the mail that you have sent, then follow the steps below to get back that mail.

  • First, when you send an email then, you will get a message at the bottom left of the window that says ‘Your message has been sent’.
  • Right beside that message, you will see an ‘Undo’ link.
  • Now, tap on that link and then you will again see a notification that says ‘Sending has been undone’.
  • When you do this immediately after sending an email then, it is possible for you to get back the message that was sent mistakenly.
  • When you unsend an email, then that message is put into the ‘Drafts’ folder of the Gmail account, but you can edit that message instantly and resend to the receiver.
  • There is another way which you can use to unsend an email. For this, when you send a message to someone and suddenly realize that you will have to stop the delivery process immediately. Then, simply just hit the ‘Z’ key on the keyboard and you are good to go.
  • When you tap the ‘Z’ key, then instantly a message shows up on the top of the Gmail window that says ‘Sending has been undone’

Learn Simple Steps To Unsend Email With Gmail Mobile Application

When you send an email from your mobile using the Gmail application. Then, in that software also you can able to unsend an email. In the following steps, there will be a procedure on how to unsend an email from the Gmail mobile application.

  • First, launch the Gmail application present on your Android device.
  • Now, in the application create a new email and then send that email to someone.
  • When that message is sent to that specific address then you will receive a message at the bottom of the screen that says ‘Sent’. Just beside that message on the extreme right, you will see a link ‘Undo’. Press that link to unsend that message.
  • Now, when you press the ‘Undo’ link then you will immediately see another message at the bottom that says ‘Undoing’. After that, you will receive a message ‘Sending undone’.
  • You will get this unsend email on the ‘Drafts’ folder of your Gmail account. There you will be able to correct your email and resend it to the specific receiver.

Ending Note

To use the feature unsend Email in the correct way, all you have to do is to follow the points on the previous section very carefully that’s it. But, in spite of following every step very minutely, if you are not able to use this feature. Then, tell us about your query on the comment section down below. We will always be there to help you out.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa