Unable to Uninstall BetterDiscord? Follow Expert Recommended Methods

We usually look for an alternative so that it performs similar tasks as any other particular application. Similarly, BetterDiscord is also an alternative to Discord. According to a recent social media report, Discord has stated that the replica of their official application is not proper. There are some features and modifications done within the BetterDiscord, by the developers, which violate the terms and conditions. Thus, Discord is requesting its users to uninstall BetterDiscord. It seems that you have installed the BetterDiscord application before the news was released. According to some Discord users, they seem to be pleased by using the application. Let’s have a look, what the actual problem is. 

Better Discord: A Sneak Peak

Apart from having tons of features and specifications, the BetterDiscord also comes with a large collection of emoticons and smileys. On the other hand, you can also directly stream to Twitch with the help of this application. The customized platform regarding adding themes and pictures is just breathtaking. 

Some of the eye-catching features of the BetterDiscord are manual and can be customized, focusing on the minimal mode on some specific channels. In addition to that, you can also add plugins according to your preference. 

Usage of BetterDiscord: A Short Perspective

Install all the necessary plugins after getting the BetterDiscord and installing it to your system. After launching the application, you need to create a manual system server. While creating, you need to apply your current location. Now, it’s time for the invitation. Invite your friends and other acquaintances for a session of communication. The plugins and the other extensions will help you to modify the server, thereafter. 

Uninstall BetterDiscord: Getting Rid of the Replica

Unfortunately, there are no perfect ways to remove the BetterDiscord from your computer. To do so, you have to focus on the following methods that are given below. 

1. The BetterDiscord App Data Removal

Deleting the Appdata or the application cache files can help you to uninstall BetterDiscord. Let’s leave aside all the complicated processes and get into the straightforward one. As the system drive has all the installation files, navigate to the “AppData” folder and select the “Discord” folder. From the Sub-folder “App” you have to delete all the contents and close the window. If there are any shortcuts for BetterDiscord, hopefully, it will get removed. 

2. Remove Discord: The Main Application

It seems that you are having Discord, as well as BetterDiscord, both installed on your PC. So, the best way to uninstall BetterDiscord is to remove the main Discord application. This procedure has a better chance to remove the BetterDiscord application. The process is not at all difficult, and you can proceed with the help of the Control Panel or Settings. Hopefully, after this, the BetterDiscord application will not be available on your computer. 

3. Roll Back via System Restore

The concept of system restore is just like taking the system back in time. This process will only come in handy when you haven’t installed any application after installing BetterDiscord. From the Control Panel or Settings, perform the process of System Restore. After that, install the Discord application directly to your computer to fix Discord Error.

4. Format the Entire System

Formatting the system along with all the drives of your computer will completely uninstall BetterDiscord. You have to proceed with the assistance of a bootable storage device. The entire process might take some time. According to experts, you must install the official application to enjoy hassle-free communication.

BetterDiscord: Is it Safe or Not?

As per the reports and analysis done by the tech experts and users, BetterDiscord is completely safe to use on your PC. According to Discord, it might have violated certain terms and conditions regarding the features, but it doesn’t contain any malicious codes in it. Furthermore, it also doesn’t access the personal data that is present in your system. 

Now, you have already understood that BetterDiscord is safe. But, other specifications matter when you download the setup file from a particular website, which might not be safe. 


The BetterDiscord has become much popular amongst many streamers. But, few people think that as it has violated the terms and conditions of Discord, the host organization might take action against it. To date, no such news is known. However, it is always suggested that people should always use the official Discord application. If the host organization takes any legal steps, then the developers of BetterDiscord might be forced to shut down the application. So, it’s completely your decision whether you want to uninstall BetterDiscord or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is BetterDiscord safe?

BetterDiscord itself can be used quite securely. But you might want your PC infected with viruses or malware for 3rd Party themes. To avoid this, you only want to download themes from the official server of BetterDiscord.

Why can’t I uninstall discord?

Search for the application folder in the apps list by clicking the Start button (Windows logo). Expand to remove your programme. Follow your uninstaller. The folder you are installing the application can also be accessed and the uninstaller runs. Go to C:\Users\your AppData\local\Discord\uninstall username.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa