Smart Strategies to Resolve When Unfortunately Google Play Store Has Stopped

When Google Play Service receives an error, the Playstore suddenly closes the app and an error message will pop-up on the system screen which says “Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped”. Due to this, you cannot download any application from the Google Play Store. Sometimes, the servers and devices are out of sync and as a result, the error message will appear on your Android device. This is a very frustrating situation for all Android device users. Apart from this, you might encounter this issue if the Play service is not updated.

In this article, you will be able to know the possible hacks in order to resolve the issue. Therefore, go through this entire content and apply them accordingly.

Easy Steps to Perform to Get Rid if Unfortunately Google Playstore has Stopped

We have arranged a few effective methods to resolve if you confront Google play store has stopped issue. Simply go through the article and apply the steps in order to fix the issue without any difficulties. Try out the solutions until you have the problem sorted out:

Fix 1: Clear the Cache

The first process that you need to try in order to get rid of this situation is to clear the application cache. You need to remove the cache for the Google Play Store and Google Play Service as well. therefore, to perform the action follow the steps that are mentioned in the section below:

  1. At first, open the Settings option and navigate to the Apps section. After that, scroll down and find the Google Play Service section and expand it.

  1. Now, go to the Storage section and click on the Clear Cache option. Now tap on the Manage Space section and hit the Clear all Data section.

To delete the cache from the Google Play Application, you need to follow the same steps which are described in the above section.

After clearing the cache of both Google Play service and Google Play store, try to download an application and check whether it is delivered any error message or not.

Fix 2: Update the Google Play Service

If the above solution is not able to solve the issue, then you can update the Google Play Service. To do so, first, go to the Home screen of your Android device and click on the Google Play Store.

After that, you have to press the three-line menu which is located on the top left corner or the system screen. Now, here in this section, you will see all the installed application. Then, press the Update all section. You need to wait for a while during the updating process.

Once done, restart the system and check whether the problem gets resolved.

Fix 3: Factory Reset

Another effective solution is to reset your device with the help of the factory settings. But, before proceeding further, you need to back-up all your data and files from your Android device.

After that, head over the Settings option and select Backup and Reset option. Now, you need to tap on the Factory Data reset option.

You need to wait until the factory gets finished. When the procedure gets completed, restart the system and check whether the problem still there or not.

Fix 4: Check the Time and Date

If you see that the Time and Date of your device is wrongly set, then you can find your Google Playstore has stopped. This is one of the best reasons behind this error message. Hence, we recommend you to set the Time and Date properly. Now, you have to choose the Automatic date and time option. You can also set the Time and Date manually.  After successfully setting the Time and Date, try to install an application from the Google Play Store and check it is working without any error message.


In the above solutions, we have provided some of the easiest hacks to resolve “Unfortunately Google Playstore has stopped issue. Hope, this article is helpful for you. Read the article carefully and perform the steps one-by-one to which one is best suited for you. Also, you can share your queries and valuable feedback with us in the comment section below.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa