Twitter is a Powerful Tool for Interacting with and Engaging Potential Customers in Business

The popularity of certain social media channels rises and falls. Think about ones like MySpace, which quickly rose to prominence but eventually became obsolete. Then, there are ones like Meta, which was Facebook until very recently. It is now struggling. Negative press is hurting it, as well as the notion among Generation Z that it’s a social media network “for old people.”

Twitter is a social media platform that’s well worth looking at since it remains relatively popular across a wide range of demographics. You can find individuals using it that represent the Baby Boomer generation, and also Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. Some of them are not trying to use it to make money. Other accounts represent businesses that post strategically to try and generate sales or notify the public about new products.

We’ll discuss how you can use Twitter as a business to interact with and engage potential customers in the following article.

Twitter Likes


One concept remains the same in social media, regardless of what platform your company decides to use. You need to demonstrate the appearance of popularity if you want to attract more engagement.

Another way to say this is that you need as many subscribers, comments, and likes as possible. This is a real concern among users to increase their engagement and many users keep inquiring about how to buy real Twitter followers to get rapid success. Regarding Twitter specifically, you also need as many retweets as you can get. A “retweet,” in this platform’s parlance, refers to when you post a message, and then other platform users share it on their stream. It’s a way to attract attention to a message, so it gets amplified.

Individuals liking your company’s messages is one of the easiest ways to convince users that you have a popular brand and that people like what your account tells and shows them. What you might not necessarily know is that you can buy instant popularity on this platform through real Twitter likes.

This is often worth doing if:

  • Your company has just started using the platform for promotion
  • Your business is relatively new
  • You have enough money in your operating budget to use this marketing tactic

If you use this method, there is some good news for you: buying a bunch of likes as a way of jumpstarting your profile will not cost you very much. If you have some money to spend on social media, buying Twitter likes is an easy way to start getting your tweets noticed. That’s often the first step toward going viral.

How Potential Customers Interact with Twitter

Because of the wide range of individuals who use Twitter, it is pretty much a necessity for any business to create a profile using this social media platform if they want to seem modern and engaged with their fans. Your company can set up your profile while also choosing any other social media platforms you want to use and activating those accounts as well. Which other ones you decide to use will likely depend on your market research and what demographic buys your products.

The company that decides to buy real Twitter likes might also use Instagram because of its standing within the artistic community. You might utilize Pinterest or TickTock as well. Few platforms allow your fans to communicate with you with as much immediacy as is the case with Twitter, though.

The Complaining Customer

As someone running your company’s Twitter account, you might cringe a little bit to hear this. However, the direct tweets you’re most likely to get are probably going to be from customers who have an issue with one of your products that they bought. There is no better way to get a company’s attention than to tweet at them directly. Such a customer might tell you that:

  • Their order got lost in the mail
  • One of your products is defective
  • They cannot purchase one of your products in their particular geographic region

You might dread the complaining platform user, but the reality is that every company has to focus on customer satisfaction if they want to remain solvent. Hearing from someone who is dissatisfied might not be a pleasant experience if you’re running your business’s Twitter account, but you can look at these as opportunities more so than problems.

Any time that a customer complains about something, that is a chance for you to respond quickly on Twitter to try and fix whatever has gone wrong. If you respond expediently and assure this consumer that you can take care of the problem for them, you will earn the reputation of a company that cares. That is one of the most valuable ways to use Twitter to your advantage.

You Can Use It to Better Establish Your Brand’s Identity

It’s also helpful to understand that when you use Twitter, you have a chance to establish your brand’s voice with it. Your brand’s voice is the style in which you write. It should be immediately evident when someone visits your website or app. They should also see that consistent style whenever you interact with them directly via social media.

Twitter lets you fire off rapid messages that will instantly reach anyone following you. That could be thousands of people or more.

This is why you should have someone running your Twitter account, not to mention the rest of your social media streams, who has the company and brand’s voice clearly in mind. They should not deviate from it, and they should also make sure not to say anything controversial that can get your company in trouble.

Celebrity Partnerships

Earlier, we talked about how you can purchase positive Twitter engagement if you have the budget. You might also choose to hire celebrities to mention your products and how much they like them.

Think about someone on this platform who is an influencer and has millions of followers. Such a person can pluck a company from relative obscurity by simply mentioning they use one of their skincare products or like their microwavable meals.

The perfect example would be someone like a Kardashian or an up-and-coming rapper. Any time you have someone whose brand is synonymous with fame and fortune, getting them to say something positive about one of your services or products can immediately boost your profile.

You can attract the attention of such a person by paying them, or maybe you can tempt them with free merchandise instead. Either way, it’s a straightforward interaction via the Twitter platform that can help your company tremendously.

Now is the Time to Discover What Twitter Can Do for Your Company

The more you study how to use Twitter and experiment with it, the more you should be able to figure out the best way for your company to harness its power. Billions of people either use the platform or hear about what’s happening on there. This means there are nearly limitless potential customers lurking that are directly or indirectly connected to this platform.

A single mention or tweet can change your company’s fortunes. Just make sure to proceed cautiously and use the proper etiquette. This tool can turn against you if you misuse it or send out a tweet before you understand the full ramifications of what you’re saying.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa