Twitch Bans Casino Ads

Introduced in June 2011, Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform dedicated to gamers. This American video live streaming service is mainly recognized for providing video game live streaming including broadcasts of esports competitions. Additionally, Twitch is also appreciated for other services like creating content, and music broadcasts in real-life streams.

This most popular live streaming site has announced that it will prohibit streamers the sharing links and referral codes to the platforms that offer slots, roulette, and dice games. This new rule is introduced with the goal to prevent harm and scams due to the questionable gambling services sponsoring content on Twitch.

Details of the Ban

The story began in the summer when Twitch received criticism about its failure regarding the policy it promotes gambling-related content through live streams. One of the notorious buzzes was the well-known video game streamer Tyler Niknam “Trainwreckstv”. This streamer promoted certain casino sites where you don’t verify ID with a Curaçao license via his 1.5 million-subscriber channel. He was criticised and responded that Twitch was responsible as it allowed this type of content.

For that reason, this Amazon-owned site has changed its approach. In this new rule, gambling content is not entirely prohibited because the streamers’ ability to share referral links with viewers is specifically limited. It is worth mentioning that the new rule is an interim measure because as stated by Twitch, the company would continue to supervise gambling-related content and update its policy if necessary.

Pros of Twitch Gambling Ban

As stated by a Twitch advisory, the regulation is introduced to avoid harm and scams due to the doubtful gambling services that sponsor the content on the platform. The advisory added that the company would prohibit sharing links or referral codes to the online casinos that provide slots, roulette, or dice games. With the gambling streams proliferation, casino-game streaming could encourage underage gambling.

The reaction of some streamers with regards to this new rule was rather positive because they mentioned that the new guideline could be going to the right decision. According to them, Twitch needs to ban gambling streams because the scams and pitfalls would create over the next six months.

Cons of Twitch Gambling Ban

In front of this situation, the Twitch streamers have voiced their concern that this interdiction means the end of the successful casino streamers. In fact, with the casino advertising ban on Twitch, the collapse permanently of many casino streamers is possible. One of the top streamers Zack “Asmongold” was not satisfied with the company’s management of the streaming service and publicly announced that he was worry about the platform’s slump over time.

Although the casino streams are still permitted on the site they are no longer profitable. Actually, the major source of income for the streamers is through commission for the new players’ recruitment via promotions and relinks. As these advertising links are now prohibited, making money with the casino streams is no longer feasible.


As Twitch is the giant video streaming platform, millions of active users watch video streaming each day. Apart from its immense popularity, this site is also recognised for hosting several gambling-related live streams. The new measure of banning casino game links is the first step to improve gambling content regulation.

Nonetheless, with the new casino advertising prohibition, the casino streamers’ future is uncertain. Anyway, who doesn’t know that the popular streamers who ventured into Twitch make fortune by streaming casino games on their sponsors’ websites? One thing is for sure, the ban is just the beginning as any further action will be taken to control gambling-related content as well as update the company’s approach.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa