Troubleshoot Netflix Error Code: ui3010 With Brilliant Hacks

Netflix users often face certain unexpected errors. Among them, error code: ui3010 is the most common one. Netflix error code: ui3010 usually shows and marks all the stored up information that require refreshing owing to a connectivity problem. Such errors may run you into complications if you are facing it regularly. However, you do not need to panic about the error as troubleshooting it is not so difficult. Besides, we are here to help you. In this article, we provide you with feasible solutions that will help you resolve the issue in no time. So without further delay, let us begin.

What is Netflix Error Code: ui3010?

Netflix is undeniably the topmost and one of the popular online entertainment portals. However, that does not all take away the problem and glitches of using Netflix. Netflix users often encounter “there was an unexpected error. please reload the page and try again. error code: ui3010” This is definitely an error that you will not wish to entertain for long. Besides, such an error certainly ruins your entertainment. Keeping all this in mind, we have come up with easy hacks to help you troubleshoot the error by outlining some workable solutions for you. We are very sure that even if you are not a tech-savvy person, following these steps will not be too difficult or you at all.

Effective Workarounds For Error Code: ui3010

In case you are facing Error Code: ui3010 frequently, the solutions that we offer will help you sort the problem with ease. You simply have to follow the instructions that we cite for you.

1. Eliminate the Browser Cache

The first thing you need to do, in case you are using Netflix on ‘Windows’ is clear the browser cache. In order to do that, you need to tap on the Menu Bar and choose History twice. After that, you need to choose ‘Clear Browsing Data’. In completion of the following steps, you will find the drop-down menu “Clear The Following Items” you have to choose the starting time. Once done, you need to uncheck all the other options except for ‘Cached Files and Images’ Following this, you need to press and select ‘Browsing Data’. In completion of the above steps, you may try to operate Netflix once again.

Note that the process mostly applies to Chrome, which happens to be the most popular web browser. However, if you are using some other versions, the process might show some minor variations as far as the process is concerned. However, whatever versions you may be using, the general one remains the same. That is to say that in any version whatsoever, you need to first clear the Browser Cache.

2. Reboot Home Network Connection

After you have successfully eliminated Browser Cache, the next thing that you must do is try rebooting your home network connection. Before doing this, remember to turn off your PC and unplug all the devices of network connection for around 30 seconds prior to plugging the devices back yet again individually. So, first of all, you need to turn off your system. Next, plug out your wireless router as well as your modem for at least 30 seconds.

After the completion of 30 seconds, plug the modem again and hold on till the indicator lights revert back in its normal state. In case you are using a separate router device, plug the router too and as usual hold on for some time. Following this, please switch on your PC and try accessing Netflix.

3. Secure The Connection Of Your PC With Your Modem

In case you are using your wireless router through your modem and it’s not working despite rebooting the connection of your network, try to bypass your router. Here are the instructions for you to do this.

4. Power off your PC

Secure the connection of your PC with your modem by means of an Ethernet cable.

Turn off the power connection of the modem for around 30 seconds in the least. After 30 seconds, plug it on again and allow it to get back to its normal state. The indicator light will blink when it gets back to normal state.

After the completion of all the steps mentioned above, try turning on your PC and try to access Netflix thereafter.

5. Retrieve The Default ISP Settings

After you have successfully changed the streaming device to custom settings, we suggest you retrieve the default settings of your Internet Service Provider.

In case you are enabling VPN, deactivate it immediately and secure the home connection.

In case you have modified the streaming device with DNS custom settings, you can attempt to reset your device in order to automatically enable DNS.

6. Try improving the WiFi Connection

Cited below are the measures to enhance the WiFi connection.

In order to improve the connection of your WiFi, try to move the router to a better location.

Keep away cordless devices like microwave, phones and the likes from the router. These devices usually intervene with WiFi connections and result in certain problems.

Do not keep your router on the floor. Instead, we recommend you to place your router on an elevated plain. For instance, you can place your router on desks or bookshelves for better connectivity.

If none of the steps mentioned above works for you, then the last alternative left for you is to consult an ISP, that is, an Internet Service Provider. An ISP can certainly help you resolve any issues pertaining to your network connection.

The steps discussed above are the general strategies, that are more or less applicable to Netflix, provided you are accessing it from Windows. These steps are functional to any version of Windows that you may access.  So no need to fear and avail these steps to fix Netflix Error Code: ui3010 in an instant.

Concluding Remark

Amidst the humdrum dreary discourse of our daily life, entertainment seems to offer us a momentary recreation. So, it is quite natural that Netflix is among your favourites. Therefore you will certainly not want to deprive yourself of your favourite movies and shows. Hence, we suggest you try out the strategies in case you are facing Netflix error code: ui3010 and you will certainly be benefitted from them.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa