Troubleshoot Lenovo Laptop No Sound Problem : Affordable Solutions

The issue of no sound on your laptop can be quite frustrating, especially if it is occurring on your brand new Lenovo device. However, there is no need to panic, since the Lenovo laptop no sound error is quite common among users. It can be the reason that somehow you have muted the sound option and hence, this error is occurring. Otherwise, the audio settings may be incorrect on your Lenovo laptop, which can lead to no sound at all. Sometimes, the device is unable to produce any sound, if there is a critical problem in the speaker as well as in drivers. Under such a situation, it will affect the built-in audio device on your laptop. Also, if there is an external speaker or earphone connected to your device, you will not be able to listen to anything. So, if you are quite annoyed with this problem and want troubleshooting solutions to resolve sound issues on Lenovo laptop, follow this article.

How To Troubleshoot Lenovo Laptop No Sound Error?

If the Lenovo laptop sound not working anymore, you have to figure out the accurate cause before resolving the error. In order to understand the underlying causes that can lead to audio issues in Lenovo laptop, follow the information detailed below.

Common Causes Of Sound Problems In Lenovo Laptop

If your device has a corrupted driver, it means you have installed a wrong driver in it. Hence, if your laptop is not having genuine Lenovo drivers, it can lead to unnecessary audio issues.

Sometimes, critical hardware damage can also be the reason behind no sound in your laptop. So, it can happen if there is any busted chip or damaged motherboard in your laptop.

Often, you can experience audio error right after upgrading your Windows or applying the latest Windows Update.

Many Lenovo laptop users have come across this sound issue due to corrupted registry files in their system. Also, it can occur if you have accidentally deleted the audio drivers and related files from your device.

In case you are using any third-party audio software on your laptop that can conflict with the built-in speakers, it can cause this error.

Solutions To Resolve Lenovo Laptop No Sound Issue

If you have understood the major causes that can prevent your Lenovo laptop to generate any sound, it’s time to check the fixes. Before applying the technical methods, reboot your laptop and try to play any audio/video files. If the issue persists, connect an earphone or install an external speaker to your device and play the files again. In case, it doesn’t work, check the following solutions to troubleshoot the no audio issue in Lenovo devices.

Solution 1- Verify Audio Settings On Your Laptop

This simple fix can ensure that you have not disabled the audio device on your Lenovo laptop. So, open the Windows Start screen and locate the sound icon at the bottom-right portion on the taskbar. After this, hit the option of ‘Playback Devices’ and choose ‘Mixer’. Examine the slider switches for headphone, speakers, and System sounds properly. Make sure that the audio for none of these features is disabled on your Lenovo laptop. Finally, restart your device and check the sound icon to see if it is working properly.

Solution 2- Uninstall Corrupted Audio Driver

When the laptop doesn’t produce any sound due to a damaged sound driver, it is best to uninstall it. So, if you want to apply this solution, click on the Windows Start menu and write ‘Run’ in the Search box. You can also open Run dialog box by pressing ‘Windows’ logo and R key altogether. After this, type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the box and hit the ‘OK’ button.

It will open the Device Manager window, where you have to locate the ‘Sound, video and game controllers’. Below this device category, find the sound card installed on your Lenovo laptop and right-click on it. Then choose the option of ‘Uninstall’ on the drop-down menu.

As the ‘Confirm Device Uninstall’ dialog box appears for confirming this uninstallation, click on ‘OK’. Also, make sure to tick the checkbox beside ‘Delete the driver software for this device’.

Finally, reboot your laptop for these changes to save and take effect. Once, your device restarts, click on the Windows Update button to allow your system to attempt reinstallation of the audio driver. In case, the issue of Lenovo laptop no sound still bothers you, try to update the sound driver by following the next solution.

Solution 3- Apply Latest Sound Driver For Lenovo Laptops

If removing the corrupted driver doesn’t resolve sound issues, you can update the audio driver instead. So, to apply this fix, open the Device Manager window by following the steps discussed above. Once again select the option of ‘Sound, video and game controllers’ and right-click on it. Then choose ‘Update Driver Software’ and allow Windows to search for the suitable sound drivers for your Lenovo laptop.

If you have a stable wireless or Ethernet connection, select the first option ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’. Wait until the Windows returns with the necessary audio driver and install it on your laptop. So, reboot your device to see if the changes have taken any effect and the sound issue is resolved.

Solution 4- Modify Laptop’s Default Audio Format

In case none of the above solutions work to resolve the sound issue, apply this fix to recover the audio settings. So, locate the icon of sound in the Windows taskbar and choose ‘Playback Devices’. Then under the tab of ‘Playback’, select the speaker installed on your Lenovo device that is already set as the default audio.

Next, click on the ‘Properties’ button and hit the ‘Advanced’ tab. Below the section of ‘Default Format’, users have the privilege to choose the bit depth and sample rate that can be used while running the audio in shared mode. So, select the recommended setting of ‘2 channel, 24-bit, 44100 Hz (Studio Quality)’ for your audio output properties. Otherwise, you can also choose the option of ‘2 channel, 24-bit,192000 Hz (Studio Quality)’ as the default format settings for the built-in sound device.

Steps To Follow If Laptop Has Third-Party Sound Driver

In case your Lenovo laptop is having any third-party audio driver, find the sound icon and choose ‘Playback Devices’ after right-clicking on it. Then hit the ‘Properties’ option and click on ‘Playback’ tab. Select the third-party speaker driver and hit the button of ‘Properties’.

Next, click on the ‘Enhancement’ tab on the ‘Speakers Properties’ window. Then locate the checkbox for ‘Disable all enhancements’ and tick it. You have to save these changes in the audio driver properties by clicking on ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ button. So, try to play any audio or video files on your Lenovo device to check if the audio issue is fixed.


Solution 5- Restart Windows Audio Service

Another possible way to resolve sound errors on Lenovo laptop is by restarting the audio services on Windows. So, you can click on the ‘Start’ menu and open the Windows Services window. Otherwise, simply write ‘services.msc’ in the Run dialog box and locate the Windows Audio service on the list.

You have to open ‘the Windows Audio Properties’ window by double-clicking on this service. In case the Windows Audio service is not running due to any reason, it can prevent the speakers to work properly. Hence, you will have to click on the ‘Start’ button to make the Windows Audio running. Also, change the Startup type of this service to ‘Automatic’ from any other mode. Finally, click on the ‘Apply’ as well as the ‘OK’ button for these modifications to take effect.

You can also start the Windows Audio service by double-clicking on it on the Services window. However, you have to still select the ‘Start’ button and reboot your laptop to save these audio settings.

In case you are facing this no sound error on Lenovo laptop that has Windows 10, you can try an additional solution. Simply go to the Windows Settings and click on ‘Update & Security’. Then select the Troubleshoot option and hit the button for ‘Run the troubleshooter’. Hopefully, now you can play the audio files easily without getting this sound error.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa