Trends in Gambling Industry GamStop Players Can Find

The gambling industry has witnessed tremendous evolution over the past couple of decades. Land-based casinos have been on a decline thanks to the fast growth of online gambling websites and applications. Punters can bet anywhere, anytime, directly on their phone browser, and even wearable gadgets, such as smartphones. 

Live casinos and VR technology have also picked up and are poised to dominate the future gambling scene. Changes are happening in all gambling areas, including game development, banking, bonuses, regulations, and so forth. Below, we break down some of the top trends in the gambling industry GamStop players can benefit from.

  • More Crypto Casinos to Emerge

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become increasingly popular in online casinos. Most newly released websites accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, among other common crypto coins, and some developers are already focusing on crypto games. As more players edge towards better privacy and anonymity, cryptocurrencies have emerged as the ideal banking option because of their decentralized nature. Punters can complete deposits and withdrawals without providing sensitive information about their address, phone numbers, emails, and bank details. Nowadays, more and more UK players choose those sites over non-GamStop casinos with PayPal deposits based in the United Kingdom. Besides being untraceable, cryptos are secure and offer swift transactions processed within a few minutes.

  • Mobile-Optimized Casino Products

When online casinos first emerged, they were exclusively for players using desktop and laptop computers. However, times have changed, and nearly all modern gambling websites are fully optimized to work across desktop and mobile devices. Over the last few years, software developers have focused on delivering mobile-friendly games and products that can run on smartphones, iPads, and tablets without experiencing glitches. Players can explore all kinds of games, including live dealer rooms, directly on their phone browser. Some sites even provide a dedicated app that punters can install on their phones. What’s for sure is that GamStop players can enjoy real-money products on the go.

  • Cutting Edge Live Dealer Rooms

Live dealer casinos were once the highlight of new casinos in the last couple of years. However, it has quickly become part and parcel of the online offering. Nearly all new sites feature a live dealer section with friendly croupiers, multi-camera settings, and feature-rich dashboards for players looking to experience something more immersive than virtual games. As the name suggests, live dealer casinos feature live rooms with human dealers. The event is broadcasted from a studio, which can be an actual casino or independent live dealer room, and players join via webcams. Live games are prevalent because they are played in real-time and eliminate the need for random number generators (RNGs).

  • Increased Access to Restricted Websites

With options such as cryptocurrencies, players can make untraceable casino transactions and enjoy games anonymously. Privacy is critical for many punters, especially those who have voluntarily registered on GamStop. Although various measures restrict access to online casinos, players have many ways around all schemes. For instance, GamStop players can sign up on offshore websites to continue playing. Virtual private networks (VPNs) also provide a huge opportunity to play on casinos everywhere without worrying about local restrictions and self-exclusion requirements. More players are exploring restricted websites than ever before.

  • More VR Based Casino Games

Virtual reality isn’t a novel technology, but its use in the gambling sector has not been fully explored. VR-based games are already present in select casinos, so players can experience a uniquely immersive experience. The push for VR casinos is also underway, and it is only a matter of time before gambling operators start partnering with hardware companies to provide virtual reality to real money punters. The traditional 2D interfaces are no longer exciting enough for many players and lack various aspects that encapsulate the gambling experience. VR immediately results in a 3D experience reminiscent of online gambling halls.

  • New Games and Products

Casino games keep evolving as providers leverage big data to gain insights into what players want. The classic slots, table games, and bingo still attract many gamblers. However, people are constantly looking for new experiences and game mechanisms.  The past few years have seen three-reel slots evolve into captivating cinematic quests and treasure hunts. New mechanisms, such as megaways, have become part of the offering, and developers keep introducing extra features. GamStop players can enjoy new table games, poker variations, live dealer slot games, virtual sports and races, video bingo, and more.

  • Smartwatch iGaming Experience

Gambling started on computers before quickly moving to smartphones. Today, punters have access to a wide range of options, including smartwatches. The industry is set to reach $33 billion by the end of 2021, which is enough reason for casino providers to start thinking about the smartwatch gambling experience. Players can install different apps on their watches, including casino clients that offer real money games. As wearable technology grows, the iGaming industry will have to accommodate all new forms of access, and smartwatches are at the forefront. 


There are various other gambling industry trends worth noting if you are a GamStop player. The artificial reality, gesture and voice recognition, and interactive gaming are all on the rise, while land-based casinos are declining. The laws are also evolving to cover the new demands. 

Some trends are already flourishing, while others have promising prospects thanks to advancements in gaming technology. GamStop players have access to the same technologies and options accessible by other punters and are free to play wherever they want, including on non-UK websites. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa