Training Apps and Tools Serious Gamers Need in Their Arsenal

Online gaming is a seriously competitive arena these days, whether you are engaging in non-stop battle royale melees, playing cards, or even duking it out at the online chess tables.

Taking a constant beating can sometimes get a gamer down, but just as is the case in life, people have to dust themselves down and reassess, coming back stronger, having turned their weaknesses into strengths.

With this in mind, one of the best ways to improve your game is to combine constant practice with study, so that the next time you find yourself in a tight spot or a dogfight, you will be confident of emerging as the victor.

Here are some of the best online training tools that all gamers should consider investing time in.

Only Training Hard Will Protect Your King and Make You A Master

The ancient game of chess is making a serious comeback online these days, with chess grand masters getting younger and younger, and therefore driving the game’s popularity online, from viral YouTube videos to streaming on platforms such as Twitch and Mixer.

Any self-respecting chess player already knows that a certain amount of study is required in order to compete at an enjoyable level, with the more you learn making the game that much more rewarding.

Luckily, there are a whole host of training apps and websites out there for players who wish to up their game, with many of them also being completely free of charge.

The two big mcdaddies of the chess playing and training sphere are Chess24 and, both of which have excellent training materials for all levels of player.

However, perhaps the most intuitive and user friendly training interface is to be found on the lesser-known, whose interactive training modules are second to none.


Some games have always required intense levels of study

Raise the Stakes and Become Feared on the Digital Green Felt

Much like chess, poker is a game that lends itself to players needing to constantly reinvent themselves and learn new strategies and tactics, with those who fail to do this quickly falling behind the pack.

With the stakes being higher than in other online games, the incentive to train hard is even greater, but thankfully there are a whole host of free and paid resources that will ensure you become the best player you can be.

Most of the best training programs out there have been developed by top pros, and are replete with video tutorials, range charts, ICM masterclasses and so much more. Soak up this info from the best training resources and watch as your game goes to levels you never imagined possible.

computer gaming

If your game has plateaued in recent months, then the only way to start trending upwards again is to study hard and come back stronger

Getting a Coach Can Be More Fun Than Learning Solo

In recent years, a trend has begun to develop in the online community, with more and more high-level video gamers offering coaching services via platforms like and

Nothing improves your game quite like a one-to-one session with a professional gamer who knows a particular game like the back of his or her hand. Many of the previously mentioned coaching marketplaces provide ratings for the coaches whose services they promote, meaning the chance of you having a bad experience is slim.

Many players even strike up relationships with their coach, with a friendship sometimes being beneficial for both parties in the long term.

With the emergence of VR technology, you may soon find yourself holding a meeting with your video game coach in virtual reality!

eBooks Help You Deep Dive into Your Game

While you may not find too many gaming guides in your local library, there are a growing amount of high-quality eBooks available on the topic.

Of course, when you are done with all the studying, there are also plenty of books which are the perfect accompaniment to the hours you spend online.