Tower of Fantasy Release Date, System Requirements & More – Explained

Tower of Fantasy is an action role-playing game available on PCs and smartphones. Like Genshin Impact, it also uses a gacha-based system to unlock the character’s combat power. Players must solve puzzles, and search for chests to successfully enter the next level. 

The anime-based game features an expansive open world for the players. To survive in the game, you must look for the weapons that provide the best damage output. Moreover, there are 18 different characters introduced in this online video game. Each character has two traits that the players can unlock by earning the required points.

Do you want to stream this game on Twitch or Steam? Follow this guide to know the Tower of Fantasy release date and other details.

When was the Tower of Fantasy Release Date?

The developers released this multiplayer game on August 10, 2022, for worldwide players. Tower of Fantasy is now accessible and can be installed on the latest Windows gaming PCs. 

Android and iOS users can also play this online role-playing game on their devices. However, you must check the system requirements for playing Tower of Fantasy. Otherwise, you might experience compatibility or system crashing issues on gaming devices.

Tower of Fantasy: Basic System Requirements for this Online Video Game

After checking the Tower of Fantasy release date, you must be wondering whether you can run the game on the device. Well, the developers specified a minimum storage capacity to install this game. 

The PC or phone users must consider the game’s storage space. Otherwise, the Tower of Fantasy won’t be installed on the device.

Check these system requirements before installing Tower of Fantasy:

Tower of Fantasy Android Device Requirements 

Tower Of Fantasy isn’t intended for out-of-date devices. You can only play this RPG game on Android 7.0 or later versions. Moreover, the device must have at least 4GB of free space to download the game. If you have insufficient storage, remove the unwanted applications to free up space.

Moreover, you must check whether the phone has the Kirin 710/Snapdragon 660 processor. Don’t know which processor the smartphone has? Unlock the device and double-tap on the “Settings” app. Scroll down to the Settings window and select “About phone”. 

Check the model number, if it ends with “F/DS”, it is an Exynos model. However, Snapdragon-powered Android phones have “U” and “W” at the end of their model number. You can also check the device’s processor from the product manual page.

Tower of Fantasy Requirements for iPhone Users

Do you use iPhone 5 or any old iOS model? You can’t install and play the Tower of Fantasy game on the device, because this free-to-play game only runs on iPhone 7 or later versions. 

Besides, there must be at least 12 GB of space on the iOS device. It’s recommended to have more space on the iPhone to run the game smoothly.

Tower of Fantasy Requirements for iPad and iPod Touch Users

Well, you can also install this open-world action role-playing game on iPad and iPod Touch. Tower of Fantasy will run on iPadOS12.0 or later versions. 

Do you want to explore the different maps of this game from the iPod Touch? Ensure it runs on IOS 12.0 or later versions. 

If you don’t know the software version of the iPad, go to “Settings”. Tap on “About” to check the device’s iPadOS version. Besides, the iPod Touch users must press the “Menu” button multiple times to access the main menu. Scroll down to “Settings” and choose “About” afterward. The software version will be displayed on the About screen.

Tower of Fantasy Windows PC Requirements

Tower of Fantasy will run on Windows 7, 8, and 10 devices. Besides, you can play this multiplayer game on advanced Windows 11 PCs. However, 32-bit operating systems don’t support role-playing games, like Tower of Fantasy. Thus, gamers must switch to 654-bit OS from 32-bit OS to access the online video game. 

Besides, the Windows computer must have at least 8GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5 processor. Graphics cards also play a pivotal role in running online FPS games. 

Thus, you must check whether the NVIDIA GeForce GT or GTX card is installed on the device. If the computer has an outdated graphics card driver, the game might crash repeatedly.

How to Install the Tower of Fantasy Game on the Windows PCs?

Connect the PC to a stable internet connection. It will help you to avoid network interruption while installing the game. Open a web browser and write “Tower of Fantasy” in the search box and press the Enter key. Tap on “Download” when the online game website opens. 

Open the installer and choose a location where you want to store the file. It might take at least 8-10 minutes to complete the game’s PC launcher to download. Select the language and double-tap on the PC launcher. 

Choose “Install Game” and select “accept” when the confirmation message pops up. Click on the Tower of Fantasy icon when the installation is complete and check if it’s running.

How to Install Tower of Fantasy on Android Phones?

Restart the Android device and turn on the Wi-Fi connection. Open the Google Play Store and read “Tower of Fantasy” in the search field. Choose the correct game name from the searched results. 

Tap on “Install” to get the free-to-play open-world game on the device. Try to run the online game on the phone when the installation is complete. 

How to Install Tower of Fantasy on iOS and iPadOS Devices?

Tower of Fantasy is available on the App Store. Thus, open the App Store from the Apple device and write the online game’s name in the search box. Choose “Tower of Fantasy ” from the searched results and click “Get”. 

It may take at least 4-5 minutes to install this anime-based game. After that, open the game, select a weapon and defeat the opponents. 

Is the Tower of Fantasy Not Opening? Here’s How to Fix it

When the developers announced the Tower of Fantasy release date, they also revealed the platforms where it will be available. Though this game runs on Windows PCs, many experienced glitches in the middle of a match. Usually, it occurs due to a poor Wi-Fi connection. Restart the game and check if that resolves the issue.

Disable the antivirus program when playing the online video game to fix the problem. Additionally, you must update the graphics driver and check the server status. Try to connect the PC to a stable internet connection to open the game without glitches.

If the error persists, consider reinstalling Tower of Fantasy on the gaming device.