Top sites where you can get free CSGO cases 

Cases in CS:GO have almost always been an integral part of the game. Players love them, players hate them, but absolutely everyone who ever tried to play the legendary game cannot remain indifferent to them. Every player must have thought of trying his/her luck at least once. Even the most ardent haters of in-game donations admit that from time to time they are visited by the thought of buying and opening several coveted cases.

Players love opening cases in CS:GO because of the excitement. Every gamer waits with trepidation to see what skin the coveted arrow will show. And no wonder, because you can easily spend a relatively small amount of money to get a skin worth several hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars.

Cases, or rather skins in them, are one of the most important aspects of the popularity of CS:GO. Now it’s no longer just a coloring of your weapon, but a whole currency. Therefore, we will tell you how to get free cases, which later you can open, sell or exchange everything that falls out of them. Most sites don’t require a deposit or anything like that. Below is a list of resources where you can get a skin for free.

Since their introduction in 2013, CS:GO cases have continued to cause controversy in the CS:GO gaming community. For some, they are simply cosmetic items that have little or no effect on gameplay. For others, they are a welcome change that helps get rid of the monotony caused by playing on the same maps and sets, as well as great camouflage. And yes, some people consider cases for CS:GO as an investment.

Many of you have always wanted to know where you can get free cases for CS:GO. Here are our top 4 sites where you can get cases for free. Remember, some resources require just registration and some may require more from you.


Bloodycase is definitely what you need if you want to get cases for CS:GO for free. The site has a whole department where you can get and open as many as 5 cases just for registering on the resource. You can get green, purple, yellow, red, and blue types of cases. Each has its own loot and its own features. But you won’t suffer from the choice. You’ll get absolutely all 5 Cases CS GO free just for registering. In addition, on the resource you can participate in the drawing of skins. They are held daily, weekly and monthly. You can get gray, blue, and purple skins respectively.


Csgocases is a site with an uncomplicated name. You can guess by the name that it specializes in cases, and nothing more. On the site, you can buy cases and exchange them with other users. You can also get free cases with the Daily Free Cases promotion. Every day you can open a free case with incredible loot like AVP Asimov, some knives, and more.


DatDrop works on a deposit system. You deposit a certain amount of money and can open free CS:GO cases every day. Only 5 levels, the more you have invested, the more chances and opportunities you get to open cases that have more expensive loot. But you still can get some interesting stuff from the first level. You just need to be as lucky as possible.


Cscase is a fairly typical marketplace. Here you can open cases at the nicest possible prices. In addition, for registering, you get the opportunity to open a free case. Also, the administration constantly conducts drawings where you also can claim any case absolutely free of charge.

You can try a huge number of different websites where you can find free CS:GO cases. The most important thing to remember is the need to do your due diligence to make sure that you are getting the most out of them. You can also consult the huge online CS:GO community to determine the authenticity of a particular site before you take part in any of its offerings.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa