Top 6 Secure Browsers 2018

You must be wondering about how is a browser different from that of a secure browser? That means the browser you are using right now is not secure enough? Well, this is true to some extent, but there is nothing to worry about as here I will provide you with everything you need to know about “secure browsers” along with a complete list of 6 best browsers of this genre.

First, let us know what is the basic concept of a secure browser?

A secure browser is just like any other web browser but with tons of additional security features. They offer the users with proper security assurance with help of advanced security features like-

  • Download protection
  • URL filtering
  • Do not track

With the addition of secure browser to your system, you are ensuring better anonymity online and thus enjoying better security features. This will help in combating the dark web criminal activities, along with disabling navigation tendency to the saved and private data on your system.

Secure Browser You Must Know About

So, coming to the discussion of best secure browsers, here is a list of those to name a few-


The best thing about this browser is that it is very well compatible with a varied number of devices like Windows, Linux or Apple OS. It is a self-contained or portable software that comes with a pre-configured browser that provides complete anonymity. It is an open source browser that diminishes browser troubles like fingerprinting.

2. Waterfox

Another in the line for providing acute privacy measures with safe search options is this open-source browser with tracking protection enabled. It also allows a user to add an extension with Firefox domain by syncing it easily. This basically helps in removing all the hardships and troubles that are possessing a security threat while accessing Firefox browser.

3. Brave

The best thing about this open-source browser is the feature of ad-blocker that is the most common source of malware entrance into a system. Along with that, it also provides tracking protection and anti-fingerprinting features to name a few. Another unique feature of this secure browser is that it is based upon chromium instead of Firefox.

4. Epic

Just like its name, this secure browser offers some epic features and is the best to maximize the privacy assurance of a system. It basically eliminates cookies and trackers after you complete a session. This browser is introduced by Google It offers a single button proxy option that helps in pacing down the browser connection.

5. Yandex

This one comes from the giant tech company of Russia that checks for malware content in a site. This also helps in boosting up the sluggish browser scans and also optimizing the webpage loading time. Along with that, it also helps to upgrade the browser performance and keeping a stable network.

6. Freenet

This is a peer-to-peer browsing platform which enables better communication for securing a web page with anonymous features. Due to its decentralized network system, it provides better security assurance for all.

So, all the above six are the best web browsers that provide complete online anonymity to protect your privacy. Choose the right one according to your need. Hope this article Helps you. Stay connect with us.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa