Top 5 Ways to Fix Asus Router Red Light

Many users notice Asus Router red light while using it for their home or workplace network. It means that the device cannot access the internet or the internet access has failed. This is one of the problems people experience sometimes. If you’re facing the same issue, this blog will guide you to resolve it.

Usually, the LED dedicated to abnormal WAN may leave you without an active internet connection. This can happen due to some technical glitch on the network, loose cable connections, or a sudden internet outage.

Thus, you must fix your Asus router and check with the ISP to troubleshoot your lost network. But, before knowing the ways to fix the issue, have a look at the reasons behind it.

What are the Reasons behind the Asus Router Red Light?

There are many reasons why you can see the red light on your Asus Router. The WAN light is red since your Asus router cannot connect to the internet.

Here are some of the most common reasons behind the Red Light issue:

  • There is a problem with the Asus Router’s hardware.
  • Your router is operating on a backdated OS or firmware.
  • The problem depends on the Internet Service Provider’s end.
  • Connected cords or cables are loose or dysfunctional.
  • The Asus Router lost its network connection.

So, now you must fix the Asus Router red light issue to continue with the internet connection. This blog will guide you to resolve the issue in 7 different ways.

Check out the ways to fix the red light on your Asus Router to proceed.

Ways to Resolve the Red Light Issue on Asus Router

There are many ways to troubleshoot the Red Light on the Asus Router. Let’s start with the factory reset method:

1. Asus Router Factory Reset

Doing a factory reset of the device can resolve the issue of the Red Light on the Asus router. Here is the stepwise process to factory reset the Asus router.

  1. On the backside of your router, you have to locate the Reset button.
  2. Now, I need a pin to press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds.
  3. Lastly, reboot the Asus router again and check the stats of the light.

Besides the Reset button, you can also use the Asus App to fix the Asus Router red light.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Asus app on your mobile.
  2. Search for System and then identify the “Reset” option inside the app.
  3. Select it and then reboot the router again.

2. Firmware Update of Asus Router

Outdated firmware can also result in poor internet or losing internet connection. As a result, you will see a red light on the device. To fix such connectivity issues, you need to update the router’s firmware manually.

Here is the stepwise process for updating the firmware of the Asus router through the app:

  1. First, you must go to the Asus Router app on your mobile.
  2. Scroll Down to the system section and select the “Update” option.
  3. You need to check if there is any update available inside the app.
  4. If yes, you must download and install it to fix the Asus router red light issue.

Now, let’s have a look at the steps to update the Asus Router using the web:

  1. First, you have to proceed to Asus Support’s official website.
  2. Next, select the “Download Center” inside the website.
  3. On the next screen, you need to type the model number of your Asus router.
  4. Check and download if any updates are available.
  5. Lastly, you must install and reboot the router to resolve the Asus Router red light problem.

3. Check with the ISP

You can also check your internet service provider if you get a constant red light on the Asus router. If the problem lies on their end, they will resolve it.

Hence, step forward and contact the internet service provider. Here are the steps to check the red light issue on the Asus router with the ISP:

  1. First, you must call the regional service provider and ask about any internet issues in your region.
  2. If so, you must wait until they resolve the problem themselves.
  3. Once they ensure the issue is fixed, reboot the Asus router first. Then, you need to check the LED light status on your router.

However, if you still see the Asus Router red light, you can use another option to fix it.

4. Eliminate Physical Blockage across the Router

You must confirm there is no interference or obstruction around your router or in its way to get a proper signal. You need to place the device in an open router and not in a closed object to avoid the red light on Asus Router.

In addition, keeping the router in the centre ensures that the wires don’t have any obstructions in their way.

Here is the step-by-step process of removing physical blockage across the Asus router:

  1. First, check your router’s location.
  2. Next, you need to move the device to an open area if it is placed in a closed area.

Besides, ensure that there is no physical blockage across the device to fix the Asus Router red light.

5. Examine and Power Cycle Networking Devices

There is a high probability that the device might store some data for just a short time while getting instructions. Their stored data can interfere with your device’s performance and raise the red light problem on the Asus router.

In this situation, a power cycle can resolve it. It is a procedure of removing all equipment and cable from their destinations and sources. Then, you must put them on a short break to fix the Asus router red light issue.

Here are the steps for powering the Cycle Asus router:

  1. First, disconnect and remove all the wires from the router and modem. In addition, unplug the drive from the power source.
  2. Now, you have to wait for a minute. After a minute, again connect all the wires and plug them back into the modem, router and power source.
  3. Next, you have to turn on the Asus router and let it reboot properly.

Now, check if you get Asus router red light. If not, the issue is fixed successfully.

Wrapping Up!

All the ways mentioned above will help you to resolve the Asus Router red light issue. Besides, a damaged WAN port can be responsible for the issue on your device. Furthermore, you can restart your Asus router to check the router’s light status.