Top 4 Social Learning Tools in 2021

Social learning tools enable unimpeded communication regardless of where students are located. Such options are necessary during the pandemic as they allow people to continue their education without interruptions. Moreover, they facilitate a dynamic style of learning that can easily exist in both formal and informal settings.

It is especially important to underline cost benefits for students and employees that may not be able to afford paid services. More often than not, any institution you are a part of, especially universities, will have integrated social learning tools.

The Versatility of the Internet

It is common for universities and schools to store essential resources for students and educators on their websites. Many contemporary colleges either have their own integrated online learning tool or outsource their e-learning needs to corresponding companies to make it easy for students to communicate with their teachers.

These kinds of businesses strive for easy-to-use yet complex tools. They are almost always connected with social media platforms like Whatsapp or Facebook so that participants of the learning process could stay in touch with each other. To decrease the workload, students usually refer to essayservice and get professional assistance with their tasks. Other helpful tools like Grammarly or Hemingway App aim to integrate AI with your work.

There is a great choice of free and paid services that enhance your ability to complete assignments.

The Top 4 Social Learning Tools

Here, we will familiarize you with the most useful learning services. Make the following platforms a part of your education to ensure excellent blended learning. However, always stick with your institution’s guidelines as they may have pre-approved tools awaiting use.

Google Collaboration Tools

Google for Education can be used as a foundation for digital learning. It includes a paid plan that opens up further storage space and access to customer service. The most essential parts are free.

Teachers and students can employ such intuitive and time-saving tools like Google Docs, Google Drive, and Chromebooks. Google’s commitment to accessible education has been adopted by many United States schools. They provide Chromebooks to the learners, and the school’s budget covers the necessary costs.


WhatsApp makes it easy to share audio lessons, PPP materials, and PDF books between people. The WhatsApp Business feature is a versatile tool that educators can take advantage of. So long as users have an Internet connection, videos and calls are free. Its push notifications and reminder feature keep everyone up to date.

The app is small and functional; it is perfect for use on any device. A mobile presence by any given institution strengthens the bond between students and improves their educational experience.


LearnUpon is a paid tool used for mass corporate training, and it is scalable depending on business needs. It is an excellent learning management system that attempts to unify and coordinate a network of employees. The tool has a unique design and functions as a social media platform.

LearnUpon has the feature that allows maintaining all the back-end technology, which lets entrepreneurs focus on business growth. Thus, managers can concentrate on what their employees are learning rather than how they are doing it.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft aims to be an all-in-one solution for a team’s collaborative purposes. It simplifies the educational process and enhances communication. The tool allows for note-keeping, organizing documentation, and using shared calendars. Besides, stickers and emojis, similar to WhatsApp, make the social aspect immersive.

It boasts group call capacities of up to ten thousand people at a time. This makes the learning experience highly interactive. The cloud storage services make the issue of different time zones nonsignificant. All these advantages can help learners boost the effectiveness of group work and achieve their objectives faster and in a more convenient way.

E-Learning Has Never Been Easier

All tools from the list are worth your attention, but there are certainly some standouts. For example, Google has offered the most integrated and user-friendly experience. It has the widest array of free services that work well, if not better, compared to the paid tools of this kind. Its ability to ensure seamless collaboration, boost productivity, and make communication flexible is unparalleled.

On the other hand, paid services will always provide a customized experience. For instance, LearnUpon can not only fulfill your academic needs but also serve for developing your business and improving the skills of employees. In this case, your money is put to good use as you will grow your business with the help of a well-trained and efficient team.

All of the aforementioned tools contribute to your organization and time management. You should opt for paid or free services depending on the goals you are pursuing at the moment. Rely on your discretion to determine what is best for you. Check them out, and remember to consider your institutions’ preferred social learning tools as well.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa