Top 2 Methods to Turn off Smart WiFi Optimum 2023

Many users want to know how to turn off Smart WiFi Optimum. If you are one of them, this blog will help you out. Optimum is an Internet Service provider that makes disabling WiFi on their smart router pretty complex.

Internet access and wireless connectivity have become an essential part of your everyday lives. And, you require them to complete most jobs. In addition, the internet is a large source of data.

But, you also need to switch to Smart WiFi Optimum. But, before you get to know the ways of disabling Smart WiFi Optimum, have a look at why you need to do this.

Why do You Need to Turn Off Smart WiFi Optimum?

Having a WiFi connection at your workplace or home supports you in browsing the internet from any corner. WiFi network works through waves, and it is the major issue associated with a WiFi connection.

Most users don’t want these waves to threaten their kid’s health conditions. This is because these invisible WiFi waves are pretty harmful.

Hence, most people choose cable connection for their home or workplace. Besides, users are looking for ways to turn off Smart WiFi Optimum for their home or workplace connection.

Reasons Behind turning off Smart WiFi Optimum

According to recent research, WiFi can face a lot of negative impacts. Although it has no short-term effect, the damage can extend in the long run.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why you need to disable Smart WiFi timely.

Reason 1: Sleep Disruption

You can get less anxiety and better sleep if you turn off Smart WiFi Optimum occasionally. Since deprivation of sleep is a terrible thing, exposure to WiFi often leaves you without proper rest.

Reason 2: Cardiac Changes

If you don’t disable Smart WiFi Optimum at the right time, you will face many issues regarding Cardiac changes. It might cause damage to the erythrocytes, disruption in the blood pressure and other changes associated with the cardiovascular system.

Reason 3: Cellular DNA Damage

It is usual to connect Smart WiFi optimum with DNA damage. Oxidative stress causes DNA damage in cells. So, it is important to turn off Smart WiFi Optimum periodically if you’re using it for your home connection.

Reason 4: Oxidative Stress

Long Exposure to Smart WiFi optimum may affect oxidative stress. The reason behind this is Smart WiFi optimum decreases the antioxidants in your body. Moreover, it affects a lot of other issues. Thus, it might be a better idea to intake antioxidant products while using Smart WiFi optimum.

These are more reasons why you need to disable Smart WiFi whenever possible. It is mandatory to recognise that WiFi is a vital health threat. This is because it will be better to ignore something rather than deal with the consequences.

So, let’s check out how to turn off Smart WiFi Optimum.

How to Disable Smart WiFi Optimum?

There are a few methods to disable Smart WiFi Optimum. However, you need to be an experienced professional to perform this task.

1. Disable Smart WiFi Optimum using IP Address

Here is the stepwise process of turning off Smart WiFi Optimum to proceed.

Step 1: Getting the IP address of the Optimum Router

First, you need to open a browser on your PC. Then, you have to enter the IP address of your Optimum router into the browser’s address bar. You can get your router’s IP address on the device’s backside to turn off smart WiFi Optimum.

Step 2: Entering Username and Password

Once you press Enter, the web page of the router shows. Next, you can log in using the Password and Username. Generally, there is a Wireless Settings section or section on the Optimum router.

Step 3: Disable or Enable WiFi bands

Once you open the tab or section associated with Wireless Settings, you will get many options. From there, you need to find out the option to turn on or off the smart WiFi Optimum router. If this method does not work, there are other solutions.

2. Disable Smart WiFi Optimum through DD-WRT Installation

You can install DD-WRT to determine how to turn off smart WiFi optimum. Just like other OS or firmware of Optimum router, DD-WRT comes with open-source firmware.

You can use it to replace the features while unpacking. Sometimes a different type of application works better when compared to the one that comes with the package.

Hence, DD-WRT easily handles the router settings, and it is useful to disable smart WiFi. You can set up DD-WRT easily for your home or workplace connection.

Although Optimum routers might not be compatible with it, it will be better to check its compatibility. Once you have checked, go to the Settings Page of the router.

You will get an “Upgrade Firmware” button under the Management Tab. You can also select the “Choose a File” option for upgrading.

If you want to change the passwords and username, navigate to the Wireless tab and select the “Basic Settings” option. From the option, you can disable the “Wireless SSID Broadcast” to turn off smart WiFi Optimum.

There is a restriction on wireless radio time settings in some DD-WRT versions. You can schedule the time to disable Smart Wifi Optimum by going to Wireless Tab.

Then, you must select the “Advanced Wireless” option and tap “Radio Tap Restrictions”. Now, you can set up the times and dates to turn off Smart WiFi from there.

How to Disable WiFi on Optimum Router?

A direct method to turn off Smart WiFi on Optimum Router is to just unplug the cable for the device. If you want to use the WiFi again, you need to plug the device back in simply.

An alternate method to turn off Smart WiFi Optimum is to open the router’s setup web page. Otherwise, you can log into the Optimum Settings page using the “Optimum Credentials”.

Here are the steps to turn off the WiFi Optimum router:

Select “turn off smart WiFi” on the below page.

(Alternatively, you can do it by using Altice One. Simply click the “Altice One” button on the remote to disable Smart WiFi.)

Choose “Settings” from appeared the main menu.

Lastly, Choose “Internet” and select “turn off Smart Wi-Fi”.


There are many reasons why you need to turn off Smart WiFi Optimum when you’re not using it. It is all about getting good health. Surprisingly, to set the off time of Wi-Fi, you need to install a third-party app to the router. In addition, you can configure the router settings if such an option is available.