Tips for improving your game in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a full-fledged military simulator with elements of a battle royale, where players essentially have one life and participate in realistic battles, taking into account all the laws of physics and ballistics, where potentially valuable equipment and weapons have yet to be found and properly used.

If you are new to Tarkov, then the following knowledge will be useful to you.

Escape from Tarkov

Basic moments

Tarkov is a zone of conflict between the US and Russia, which is being resolved through the use of private military campaigns and special forces, and you need to decide which side you will notice in this conflict.

There is no special and fundamental difference to choose from – the parties differ in language features, uniforms and equipment, and in fact everything.

Choose exclusively according to moral and ethnic preferences and go to the world of Escape from Tarkov.

Equipment and money

You start the game with the minimum available equipment and empty pockets and you have to get comfortable in the world of Tarkov and find a way to get or buy equipment from local merchants.

To earn money, you need to go on combat sorties, get valuable items and sell them to local NPCs, or you can buy tarkov roubles to collect the first good equipment and start developing the hero with it.

The currency is provided by the Skycoach service – this is a resource that helps beginners and experienced players significantly improve their gameplay and play any online games comfortably, close the gap with top gamers, or simply enjoy progress in games.

Skycoach provides all the necessary security measures to prevent the imposition of gaming sanctions from the gaming administration, which may suspect the subject of the transaction and block it with confiscation.

As for equipment, you need to strive to get the following things to improve your hero and gain an advantage in battle, sorties and raids:

  • Weapons – You need two types of weapons, for firing at a distance and for close combat. Look for assault rifles, but with two different accessories, you will be able to fight in any conditions and distances.
  • Bulletproof vest – the first thing you need to worry about is getting armor. The stronger and better the class of your body armor, the more likely it is to survive and not die when receiving heavy damage. This is not a guarantee of immortality, but a greater chance of success in battle.
  • Helmet – similar to body armor. A helmet is always needed, because often an enemy comes across who aims not at the body, but at the head. The higher the armor class of the helmet, the greater the chance of a bullet rebound and surviving a headshot and saving the life of your fighter.
  • Weapon accessories – in Escape from Tarkov there are many special items to enhance weapons, which have analogues in the real world. These are grips for shooting stabilization, stocks, improved magazines and, most importantly, sights. You need several types of sights for different types of combat. The first is with the maximum zoom that you can get – this is necessary for long-range combat and firing single rounds, which will allow you to turn the machine into a full-fledged assault rifle. For indoor shooting, look for a sight with a collimator – this will allow you to get very accurate aiming at close range and practically avoid misses from bursts of fire and automatic fire.
  • Grenades – Never neglect grenades and always keep a couple on hand to train yourself to use them. Grenades are needed to knock out opponents from their positions, to change the place of battle, retreat or attack. Grab them in any quantity you can find. Don’t forget about smoke bombs, but keep in mind that bullets go through smoke, so calculate your escape route based on the chance of being hit.
  • Medicines – in addition to combat equipment for combat, you always need protective items to help in combat and after leaving it. Each wound significantly distorts the life of a fighter – it interferes with shooting, moving and aiming, and without proper medical care, or a simple dressing, you can simply die from blood loss.
Escape from Tarkov

Combat missions and raids

In order to receive the above items and strengthen your character for equal combat, you need to go on combat sorties.

This is an exit from the safe zone to a special area, where all the useful equipment that you can find will be collected.

What to consider:

  1. Enemies are all around, but the area is large enough and if you fall behind in equipment, you can die from one random bullet, so if you can avoid a fight, or there is doubt about its expediency, then just avoid it.
  1. Don’t attack bandits unnecessarily – they don’t have valuable items, have weak weapons and ammo, and can easily become dangerous when grouped in large groups and hit with some random shot.
  1. You will not have an auxiliary interface, and all that remains for you is to focus on the physical map. But do not worry – there are enough landmarks on it for you to perfectly remember the entry and exit points, key places for obtaining trophies and points that are most dangerous for a collision and places for organizing ambushes for representatives of an enemy PMC.
  1. For a sortie, you can rent a wild one – this is a special character that has neutrality with bandits and is used to get equipment without the risk of losing the main operative. You will get a character with poor equipment and ammo, and if you find valuable items, you can pull them out of the territory and give them to the main character. If the character dies, then you will only lose what you got during the farming process, and not all the equipment. As loyalty progresses with the guild of merchants, the quality of the Wild character that you are provided will also grow.

As for raids, this is a special sortie into a zone where there is a huge amount of useful equipment and weapons, ammunition, accessories, but you just can’t get there.

Periodically, from killed enemies and during the search, you will come across access cards – this is the tool for obtaining access to the raid.

For a successful entry, you will need a balance between equipping your character – after all, you need to reach the zone and safely take out all the equipment you have obtained and empty pockets in order to accommodate as many useful items as possible.

You can always pay for evacuation in order to leave the combat zone intact with an accelerated time to leave the hunting and search area.

Anything can be sold in Tarkov, but focus on the most valuable items that don’t take up much space, such as rangefinders.

Escape from Tarkov