Easy Fixes for “There was a Problem Communicating with Google Servers” Error

Adding the Google account to an Android phone helps you to get email links from different apps. However, the “there was a problem communicating with google servers” message may pop up while syncing the Google account. Users claimed that this message appears on the screen when they click on “Add Account”. 

Usually, this Google server issue occurs due to an unstable Wi-Fi connection. Switch to cellular data from Wi-Fi and try to add the Google accounts on the phone. Additionally, you must check whether the two-step verification is on. This feature can prevent apps like Outlook from accessing the Google account. Thus, disable this feature when adding the accounts to avoid this communication problem.

Now, let’s check the other causes of this Google server issue and how you can fix it.

What Causes the “There was a Problem Communicating with Google Servers” Issue?

There are two possible causes behind this Google server issue – Either a corrupted cache or host files can prevent you from adding Google accounts. Here’s how these two files generate this issue on the Android phone:

Corrupted Cache

Temporary/cache files are used by the device to store data while running apps. However, these files can be corrupted after a malware or virus attack. This corrupted cache prevents the Google accounts from connecting to the server. 

Hosts File

Host files store the important cell phone configuration information. This problem can be generated by the content of these system files. Changing the host file content will most likely fix the Google server issue.

Troubleshooting Tips for “There was a Problem Communicating with Google Servers”

There are many ways to fix this Google server issue from an Android phone. However, you must always try to reboot the device first to solve this problem. Follow these solutions if that doesn’t help you to eliminate the connectivity error:

  1. Fix Internet connection problem on Android phone

Android users must check whether the router is providing a stable internet connection. It’s best to change the Wi-Fi network to fix this problem. Double-tap on the Wi-Fi icon and select a network with more than 3 signal bars. Then, try to add the Google account and check if it is showing the error message. 

Still experiencing the Google server issue on the device? Use these solutions to fix the connectivity error without any hassle:

Turn on and Off the Airplane Mode

Turning on and off the Airplane mode can fix the internet connection error. Thus, open the Android phone settings and tap on “Connections”. Turn off the “Wi-Fi” and Select “Airplane mode” afterwards. Turn off the Airplane mode after 2-3 minutes and add the Google account without hurdles.

Reboot the Wireless Router

Unplug the router’s power cables from the wall outlet. Remove the ethernet cable from the modem and router’s port. Wait for 2-3 seconds and then reconnect the power cables first and then plug in the ethernet cable. The router’s status lights will turn green within a few minutes. Then, turn on the phone’s Wi-Fi connection and sync the Google accounts without server issues.

  1. Remove and Re-add the Google Account

There is a possibility that you have added an invalid Google account. Removing and adding the correct one can solve this server problem. Open the Android phone’s “Settings” app and tap on “Account”. Select the Google account that you want to remove. Choose “Remove account” when the confirmation message pops up.

Go back to the phone settings window after removing the account. Navigate to “Accounts” and select “Sign in” to add the Google account. Enter the phone’s PIN or password when prompted. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the account setup. 

  1. Disable Two-Step Verification

2-step verification may increase the device’s security, but it can prevent you from signing in to the Google account. Disable this feature to add the Google account without receiving any error message. Here’s how to turn off Two-Step Verification on Android devices:

  • Access the phone’s “Settings” app and select “Google”.
  • Sign in to the Google account and tap on the profile picture.
  • Choose “Google account” and locate “Security”.
  • Scroll down to the security options to find “2-step verification”.
  • Navigate to “Turn off” to disable this security feature.

Restart the Android phone, and open “Settings”. Try to add the Google account on the phone and check if you can do that. Verify the email address if the server error persists. Did you enter an incorrect Gmail address? Change it to “there was a problem communicating with Google servers”. 

  1. Clear the Cache from Google Services

Google services cache can prevent you from signing into the account. Thus, removing the cache can help you to resolve the issue. Open the Settings app, tap “Application”, and locate “All apps”. Scroll down to “Google Play Services” and select “Storage” afterwards.

Wait until the “Storage” window appears on the phone’s screen. Then, tap on “Clear Cache” and choose “Clear Data”. Reboot the Android phone after removing the Google services data and cache. Access the Settings app and try to re-add the Google accounts. You should be able to do that and use the account without any issues.

  1. Verify the Date & Time are Correct

An incorrect date and time cause hindrances while syncing the Google accounts. You should check whether the Android phone has the correct date and time. Open the Settings app and tap on “System to find “Date & Time”. Select “Change date & time” and set a time zone. 

Enter the correct location and close the Settings window. Restart the phone and check if it’s showing the correct date and time. If yes, open the Settings app, select “Passwords & accounts” and click “Add Accounts”. Now, sync the account without any Google servers” error. 

Lastly, Update the Google Service…

An outdated Google service can prevent you from adding an account. Thus, updating the Google services can help you to fix the problem. Open the “Settings” app and head towards “Apps & Notifications” to sell all the apps. Select “App Details” to check if any updates are available for Google services. Select “Update” and then add the Google account on the Android phone.