The Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online Without a Website

Virtual platforms have had a profound impact on how we learn, interact, and live, including how we make our money. A decade ago, having a website was believed to be the only way to make a decent amount of money online.

Fortunately, things have changed dramatically, and in 2022 there are endless methods for making money online. While it is true that any company, entrepreneur, or business needs an identifiable online presence, today, it doesn’t have to be a website. In that spirit, here are 7 ways you can make money online without a site.

Make Money Online Without a Website

1. Email marketing

Who knew that something as basic as emails could be used to make money? Email marketing is the act of engaging with a list of potential customers through email chains. There are many ways a business owner can strategize this approach:

build a list of appropriate targets for the product or service you are selling

design a timeframe for your email campaign

personalize the emails to a degree.

Clients are more likely to buy if a campaign is catered to the brand and USP. You can also make money without a website if you use an SMS gateway which helps you send text messages online to all countries globally.  This way, you can communicate with customers and let them know when your business has a special sale or discount. An SMS gateway API is used to send text messages by adding native bulk text capability to existing software and applications, providing the most efficient way to send notifications to hundreds or even thousands of clients at a time.

2. Buy and sell sites

The most accessible way to profit is by using sites, such as Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, or Preloved. It’s all about buying products for a discount and then selling them again to profit. This kind of money maker caters to many people because we all have items we don’t use that might be worth selling. You probably have some stuff at home that you have considered selling. Such items might have little value to you, but could be worth a lot to someone else. Things like mobile phone screens and shoes are common on buy and sell sites.

3. Buying and selling domain names

Conversely to having a website, this channel allows you to sell sites to industries. Domain names bought cheaply a decade ago might be worth a small fortune today. The number one thing to do when buying and selling domain names is to understand the industry you plan to sell them to. For instance, if you purchase a domain name germane to a high-profit sector, you will have more chances of selling it for a decent profit. Websites like Flippa cater to this strategy.

Remember that there are different ways to sell domain names, such as placing a ‘for sale’ notification on the web page itself, or putting it through an auction process. But the first step is always to find out the value of a particular domain before selling it.

4. Selling Photos and Videos

Are you a photographer or a video maker? Consider making money by selling your art through royalty free stock footage channels. Stock photo/video agencies pay an average of $0.32 per sale of a royalty free license. This might not seem like much, but some photos get sold thousands—even hundreds of thousands of times. The amount of sales depends on the quality and accessibility of the photo/video, and of course, its visibility.

Remember that bloggers and content industries are incessantly looking for imagery to use in their websites and articles, and for this, they turn to royalty free stock exchange (the image used in this article is an example). If you can habitually get your artwork onto sites such as depositphotos, then your sales have the best chance of being optimized. Remember that some photographers and video-makers make a living this way.

5. Investing in Cryptocurrency

Since circa 2017, everybody has been talking about Bitcoin, making it an attractive investment. Consequently, cryptocurrency is another way to make cash online. This method has a complicated process, but the fruits it can bear are impressive. Firstly, create a cryptocurrency commission account and fund it. Then, find a particular cryptocurrency to invest in. This part is mandatory as you can make one investment in one particular crypto to get going.

Then, it is a case of strategizing your investments and banking the cryptocurrency. The 6 ways to use cryptocurrency are trading, investing, stalking through social media, mining, and getting airdrops, each of which has rules to follow. While not everyone is guaranteed to make a bank with cryptocurrency, consider that the industry is in its early stages. But this should only make it more appealing.

6. Social Media

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be monetized in numerous ways. Facebook, for instance, allows users to create groups, which are a great promotional tool that can be used to embed links to products and services. Instagram is a similar site to YouTube because it allows monetization through a variety of means, including streaming, embedding product placements, and advertising products. Twitter—because it allows users to monetize their Tweets. Many websites allow for this, and it is becoming increasingly predominant. Within five years, monetization avenues will expand and innovate further.

Social Media

7. Influencer Marketing

Sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter—in fact, every social media site in existence at this point—use influencer marketing to make money. What is influencer marketing? It is when independent sources (such as Vloggers or streamers) get sponsored to advertise products to their watchers.

This is yet another strategy that requires a substantial following on a particular website. Often, influencers won’t sponsor a YouTube channel or Instagram user unless they have a particular number of followers. However, if you are engaging in social media as one of your strategies, this may become a viable revenue source in the future. Influencers are always looking for ways to buy exposure, and it is a useful endeavor to be aware of this.


There are multiple ways to make money without a website, and there are many more still. If you combine two or three of them, you can potentially make a living. It takes an entrepreneurial drive and commitment, but they can yield positive results with some application. Many of the methods involve particular sets of skills such as illustration and video-making, and if you have them, there are high chances of generating revenue by using them. Other skills are more administrative and involve bartering. All things considered, there is a way for everyone!

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa