The Forest 2 Release: Every Hidden Fact

With the first game being very successful and popular, players are waiting for the next instalment of The Forest series. Also, the developers have announced that there would be a sequel to The Forest and even announced an initial release date. The next game in the series would have the title Sons of the Forest from what we know so far. 

You might have more questions regarding the sequel than only The Forest 2 release date. Here, we have all the important things you must know about the upcoming instalment. 

When will Endnight Release Sons of the Forest?

Endnight revealed the sequel to The Forest some time back in 2019. They also had announced a release date which was postponed several times. As per their latest announcement, they are going to launch Sons of the Forest in February 2023. So, you might not have to wait for a very long time if everything goes according to plan. 

How do Remain Updated on The Forest 2 Release Date?

Since the developers have not announced an exact release date yet, you would want to stay updated. You can visit Endnight Games’ official website to find the latest news regarding Sons of the Forest. Apart from that, you can also stay updated by following the developers on social media

Steam has listed Sons of the Forest and is showing February 2023 as the release date. If the date is postponed, they should update you about that immediately. So, you can simply use Steam to check whether everything is going according to plan. Moreover, you have to get the game from Steam for your PC since it is released on this platform.  

How Long Would Sons of the Forest Stay in Early Access?

The first game in the series remained in early access for 4 years. So, many players might wonder whether the upcoming instalment would take longer. 

However, there are good reasons to believe that the sequel would not stay in early access for that much time. You can expect to get a full version of the game within a short time.  

On which Platforms Sons of the Forest would Release

From the current information, Sons of Forest will be released for PC initially. As you probably know, the first game in the series also had a PS4 release after the PC one. So, you might get a PS4 version of Sons of the Forest as well. The developers have not yet announced the release for platforms other than Windows. 

Considering how popular the first game was on all platforms, the sequel would probably have a multi-platform release. Since there is no official announcement regarding that, you need to wait sometime to find that out. 

What is the Story of Sons of the Forest?

The story of the game is not very clear from the trailers released for it. However, it would probably be related to the story of The Forest. A lot of people are also speculating about who the main character of the game will be. Many believe that Timmy (a character from The Forest) will be the protagonist in the sequel. 

From the information available right now, the game will take you on a mission to find a missing billionaire on an island. Apart from that, it would have the same gameplay elements as the first game and might include something new. 

Many people would also expect answers to questions that The Forest left them with. Now, that includes the fate of Timmy, the story of the Ancient Ones, and the origin of the cannibal, among others. You might also wonder whether there are more peninsulas, as hinted by the ending of The Forest. 

What Would Gameplay Be Like?

You would probably expect an enhancement to the experience that the first game offered. According to the developing team, Sons of Forest would have a better AI than The Forest. 

Now, that would bring in significant changes, like more complex NPC behaviours and the effects of their conditions leading to your decisions. 

Same as in The Forest, you would get the following gameplay elements in Sons of the forest:

Open-World Survival Horror Simulator

The first game in the series offers you a great horror experience, and you would expect the same from the sequel. You can go anywhere across the open-world map and decide what to do. 

Unlike many other open-world games, there would be no NPCs ordering you on Sons of Forest. The decision to take up a mission or what to do next would depend completely on you. 

Building and Crafting

Like The Forest, Sons of the Forest would also feature quite a lot of building and crafting. Moreover, you would be very dependent on them to survive inside the game world. 

From a simple cabin to a fortified compound, you would be able to build anything on Sons of the Forest. Apart from that, you would also have to craft and upgrade weapons to ensure your survival. 

Fight Mutants and Cannibals

Sons of the Forest would also feature the mutants and cannibals that you faced in the previous instalment. Moreover, you might find them to be more dangerous in this game. With enhancements in AI, the enemies in this game would pose a bigger challenge than ever. However, you would also have a wide range of weapons for defending yourself and your friends. 

Season Changes and Day-Night Cycles

Apart from day-night cycles, Sons of the Forest would also feature season changes. This would add significantly to your challenges, especially as the winter months approach. You would find it significantly harder to find food and survive in the game world during the winter season. 

Take Your Friends Along

The developers would continue the co-op gameplay feature in the series as it has been quite successful. So, you can team up with your friends to take on the challenges that Sons of the forest offers you. 

Now, that might make it a bit easier for you to complete missions as well as make the game more fun. You should try out the co-op feature on this series if you have not already.

Can You Pre-Order Sons of the Forest?

Pre-ordering the game would be a great idea to get it whenever it is released. However, the option to do that is unfortunately not available as of now. You should be able to pre-order the game when the developers announce the Forest 2 release date officially.