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WordPress is the most popular way to create a website. This CMS is an open-source framework. WordPress allows you to make any product – single or multi-page sites, a blog, a personal portfolio, and more. But the best application of WordPress is probably to create an e-commerce website, bringing benefits to business owners and all Internet users. WooCommerce is a plugin for generating quality eCommerce based on WordPress. It is a great option for those who want to create a feature-rich and thriving website on their own. TemplateMonster presents the user with a wide range of ready-made WooCommerce themes. They are easy to use and impress with in-depth functionality. Are you already interested? 

Key Features of WooCommerce Plugin

To access the WooCommerce toolkit for building a website, you need to install WordPress. It opens up a full arsenal of additional options and parameters. 

  • Security. WooCommerce provides more than 30 percent of all online stores. And all this data is reliably protected.
  • Versatility. WooCommerce has rich features to create a website for any niche. In addition, this plugin allows for the sale of both physical and digital goods. 
  • Full Control. WooCommerce provides full control of the online store: installation, customization, editing, etc. You are the main creator of the website, and you are in charge of the design and development of the store. 
  • Creation of design. Thanks to the deep integration with WordPress, WooCommerce offers a high-quality and eye-catching interface for the website. A rich set of website templates plays an important role. 

What Are WooCommerce Templates? 

A WooCommerce template is a design layout endowed with functionality to be applied to any online store. TemplateMonster presents a huge selection of templates for all tastes. The main advantage of themes is the in-depth functionality and ease of use. They are a great option for creating an online store of any complexity. WooCommerce templates allow the administrator to carry out many actions – to structure content, add information and illustrative material, collect reports on orders, do mailings online, and promote their business. 

Reasons Why You Should Use WooCommerce Templates 

  • Using themes greatly speeds up the creation of a website. A template offers a ready-made design layout. You don’t have to create it yourself or trust a professional to do it.  
  • Using templates saves money. You don’t need the help of a professional when customizing. You can do everything yourself. You don’t have to pay for expensive layouts or code development work. 
  • Freedom of choice. The TemplateMonster platform offers a huge number of ready-made WooCommerce templates. There are both premium and free versions. It means you can choose the right option according to your budget. 

Key Features of TemplateMonster WooCommerce Templates

  • Responsive design. With a wide range of gadgets out there, you can’t guess which one your website will run on. Responsiveness is a design feature to adapt to screen resolution. Thus, all interface elements are displayed correctly, and the website functions without interruption.
  • SEO-friendly design. Search engine optimization is set up to rank high in search engine results. It guarantees a constant flow of customers and makes the resource flexible and profitable. In addition, it saves money and time.
  • MegaMenu. WooCommerce themes have a large menu module with a huge amount of customization. It allows us to structure content and create product groups. It contributes to both visual design and usability.
  • Google fonts. Google universal font collection creates a unique design. They will aesthetically decorate the text, focus the reader’s attention, or hide unimportant facts on the page.
  • Drag & Drop Builder. Modern templates create the most comfortable conditions for creating a site. This feature provides you with moving interface elements with the mouse.
  • Product quick view. It is a universal feature of WooCommerce templates to save time and simplify surfing. To view a product, hover over it. There is no need to go to another page.
  • Elementor Page Builder. It is a modern page builder for both beginners and professionals. It has a wide range of options. They create deep functionality for your page and do not require coding knowledge.
  • WPML Ready. It brings platforms to the international level. If you want to attract foreign clients to your business, create a comfortable surfing experience for them. This option translates website content into different languages.
  • Documentation. It contains information about the template and may be useful to you. Please see the documentation file if you have questions or issues with the template.
  • Technical support. The TemplateMonster team of professionals is always happy to help you solve problems. If your issue concerns the WooCommerce template, feel free to ask for help.
  • Saving money. TemplateMonster allows customers to save on template purchases. MonsterONE subscription is an opportunity to pay once and get access to a wide range of products. Try different things and keep with TemplateMonster!
Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa