The 10 Most Exciting Software For Your Video Presentation Needs

Videos are a precious and essential mode of communication in any sector, and that is not a secret. Various studies prove that messages communicated through a video are way more effective and easy to recall as compared to any other medium. Naturally, video presentations took the front seat when it came to business and any other marketing presentations. Especially during these testing times when the whole world is fighting with a deadly pandemic like coronavirus, there is hardly any other better way to conduct business meetings and presentations other than opting for video presentations. So today, we are going to discuss some of the excellent video presentations that are creating tools.

Here are the top 10 best video presentation making software out there in 2020

1. Biteable Video presentation software

It is a popular name in the world of video presentation creating software. They promote themselves as marketing video content creators. They have recently launched the third generation of their software with a lot of features and cool tools. It offers a user-friendly interface and is very straightforward and easy to operate. It also offers a variety of aids to create your presentations effortlessly. You can separately edit the footage, text, and audio files of your presentation through this software. It even offers numerous video editing templates free of cost for you to choose from. It offers its software at a price range of between 15-49 USD, though it also offers a free version of their software that offers all the tools to create and edit your videos; Biteable does not allow downloading.

2.Animaker Video Presentation Software

As the name suggests, this particular tool offers a plethora of excellent features and uniquely animated aids to create your perfect video presentation. It offers more elaborative editing tools and has extensive offerings of character animation. It also provides a light version without all the bells and whistles that only require a few of the essential features. Like Biteable, it also offers millions of templates to choose from before going ahead with your video presentation creation. As far as pricing is concerned, they offer their paid versions in 2 varieties, Starter at $19 and Pro version at $39; they offer a free lighter version too.


It is one of the most fully free popular video presentation software available out there. It offers almost very basic tools and features like any other one on this list. You can always log in here and start your presentation work from anywhere in the world without installing anything in your device. It also offers a plethora of AI-powered presentation templates for you to choose from and create some of the best video presentations. Its simple layout and user interface are so user-friendly that even a young kid with zero knowledge of video presentation making can ace it in minutes and will be able to create excellent content.

4.Powerpoint video presentation software

It is a classic when it comes to presentations. After all, the name “PowerPoint” is synonymous with visual business presentations. The usage pattern is pretty simple, you create your presentation the way it is and can add any animations, filters, and other effects, then save it in mp4 format, and you are good to go. Powerpoint is still unmatchable when it comes to reliability and popularity for creating simple yet effective visual presentations. It also has a very similar layout, and interfaces like any other Microsoft software its toolbar is on the top and very comfortable to navigate and use. It offers a variety of data visualization tools (graphs, charts, etc.), and you can even import your data from MS Excel. Powerpoint Video presentation comes with a regular Microsoft subscription, and a regular one costs around $100 per year.


It is very similar software to Powerpoint and comes from Apple’s house and a competent one for IOS OS users. Though it does not have a wide variety of tools like its competitors, it is quite handy and useful for creating basic yet effective video presentations. It comes pre-loaded in every Apple computer and laptop without any subscription charges. It has a very simple yet elegant layout and interface that is very easy to navigate. 


This is yet another free and effective video presentation making software available right now. You can easily create professional-looking presentations using their variety of templates and an uber easy interface. If you want a fuss-free and easy way to create your video presentation, this will be one of your best bets.


This is an excellent video making software available online. It offers a variety of cool filters and other essential editing tools to create professional-looking videos for your various business and marketing requirements. This can work as a great YouTube video maker to create content for your social media campaigns.


This particular software has a very different approach when it comes to video presentation making as compared to any other software mentioned in this list. The initial idea for this software is to select the URL of a blogpost, and its AI converts it into an aesthetic visual presentation in return. It continuously updates its features and tools and offers a clutter-free interface. There are a variety of templates for you to choose from for your content. The pricing ranges from $19 – $149 depending on the version and features.


It is yet simple and useful software to create a killer video-presentation for various purposes in just five easy steps right from your computer. It also offers a plethora of cool effects and templates to enhance your overall video quality and output.


This software is recommended by a lot of experts and has a satisfying user base. It is easy to operate and fuss-free software to create video presentations in both Mac and Window Pcs. It also offers dozens of unique features like screen record, 3D animation effects, etc.


This is a list of 10 video presentation software is enough to end your search for the perfect one. Choose the one that suits you and get started.