Tech trends that will raise your digital marketing game in 2022

The digital marketing space has opened the door to a more fruitful and personalised advertising campaign. No matter what you are selling, technology can significantly enhance the quality of your advertising output and, thus, produce more leads. Still, with technological tools varying over time, finding the right marketing technique might be challenging. If, until now, newspaper advertising has had its role, now it is time for more advanced tactics, such as content automation, voice search, and augmented reality. We know these might sound too futuristic, but if you take the proper steps in implementing them, there is no way to lose. What is essential here is to embrace the new, adapt, and think outside the box.

You need ingenious ideas, so we have come up with them. Read on to discover some popular tech trends that have a word to say in 2022 and beyond.

Chatbots and conversational AI

More and more consumers prefer chatbots and conversational AI for online purchases, and numbers can relate. A Drift’s State of Conversational Marketing report suggests that approximately 42% of customers use this technology. Customer support has now reached its peak as businesses adopted AI-powered chatbots to answer basic customer questions 24/7. This means you will always have someone (or, better said, something) out there in the case of uncertainty, which will benefit both you and the business owner.

Consumers respond positively to this technology since it significantly facilitates their buying journey and answers questions that otherwise will be clarified much later. Chatbots have become so lifelike that they are often the first thing customers turn to when in doubt. Thanks to AI technology, chatbots collect, examine, and provide actionable information that can be used to enhance the client experience.

Millennials, in particular, tend to use AI-powered chatbots when connecting with brands, but these will become so popular in the near future that almost everyone will use them. They are already powerful tools for entrepreneurs looking to keep prospects engaged.

Technology has indeed evolved in such a way that it slowly but surely will result in employee retention, but let us be honest; employers still need competent workers to handle tasks that no technology can perform. So, it is indispensable to find ideal candidates in this sense. We know it can be daunting, as it implies closely examining CVs and negotiating wages and benefits, but you can find professionals to help you. Recruitment agencies like make the hiring process much easier for employers and candidates, handling all the above-mentioned tasks.

A cookieless marketing

Cookies had their moments back in 2020, but now more and more users complain about companies collecting their data. Therefore, solutions are needed in this regard, and fortunately, they exist. Google has announced a cookieless future, estimated to happen in 2023. Near the end of this year, the company will implement new technologies for the cookie phase-out. Cookie alternatives are meant to be more user-oriented, and although there is a need for some customer-related information like personal emails, this will align with GDPR and consumer privacy concerns.

Voice search

Voice search is one of the most popular technologies businesses use to boost advertising and promotional tactics. According to a comScore report, almost 50% of all queries will be completed by voice, which means voice-search-enabled assistants such as Microsoft Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa will increase in popularity. These assistants have evolved to understand consumer behaviours and intent through attainable data to help users find what they are looking for. People leverage voice search in their online searches, but how about businesses?

Companies can use voice search to stand out among competitors, as there is a high chance consumers will find content marketing materials or corporate websites via this technology. With the ever-increasing smartphone use, marketers need to adapt to voice-based queries, which represent a significant part of mobile searches. So, ensure you equip your website with valuable information about products and services that customers will likely have to ensure a smooth buying journey.

And always remember to be as conversational and explicit as possible with your answers – individuals are not interested in meaningless information. 

AR and VR technology

According to Statista, the worldwide VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and MR (mixed reality) market is going to reach 250 billion US dollars by 2028; it has already reached 28 billion in 2021. Numbers speak louder than words, as you can see, so there is no doubt that we are going virtual.

Businesses also take advantage of these technologies, allowing consumers to visualise a particular product before buying it. In marketing, this is especially significant, as you need to gain customers’ trust to keep them in the future.

AI (artificial intelligence) also plays a significant role when it comes to digital advertising, as it makes it possible for entrepreneurs to forecast probable buying patterns of their clients, which will later allow them to develop strategies and enhance the purchase rate.

The Metaverse

A futuristic fusion of augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence is represented by what is meant to be Metaverse. This virtual environment will take users to another world where physical takes second place. Customers will be thrilled to create avatars that will allow them to try products and services without actually purchasing them.

There has been a lot of talk about “gamevertising” lately, making it possible for business owners to use gaming for marketing their products. Although this trend is more prevalent in the music and movie industries, it has slowly started to be adopted by companies worldwide. Living in specific geographical areas and trying clothes online sounds so far from reality, we know, but it will be possible sooner than you think, so if you want to keep up with the actual tech trends, you need to start thinking about strategies that include Metaverse.

Technology is here, but the question is – are you ready to use it to your benefit? We hope these insights have convinced you to do so!

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa