System Idle Process High CPU Windows 7 | Learn Effective Techniques

System Idle Process is a set of codes that were incorporated in the Windows Operating System to monitor the CPU. When users notice the idle system process is activated in Windows 7, then another application is not running in the system. When such phenomena occur the system idle process invokes some function, and it executes the task. Sometimes, users see that the system idle process is running in high percentage then, it doesn’t utilize system power to perform its task.

The application normally measures the amount of time the machine is not using the CPU. Nowadays, the System idle process is used to save power, and it reduces CPU clock speed. Despite all the useful feature most of the users witnessing some problems in their PC. If you are going through the same situation, then we recommend eradicating this tool from your PC. Hence, for an effective solution stick to this article until the end.

Practical Ways To Remove System Idle Process From Windows 7

It can be frustrating when you occasionally come across the System Idle Process. And this application seems to drain all the CPU power. But, it is not true the process is consist of a few simple threads that use processor cycles. And the CPU doesn’t consume the processor cycle to run the system.

Hence, System Idle Process does not harm your system. However, many users are reporting that they are noticing a decrease in the performance in their PC. According to the reports, the System idle processor eats up to 90 percent processor charge when your machine is in an idle state. Thus, if you are looking for practical solutions then, go through the troubleshooting tips as given below. Apply these hacks one by one and see whether you can resolve the issue or not.

Close All The Background Application

Most of the users are unaware of the Background process. It is an abstract process that continuously runs on your PC without opening of the tab or window. A standard PC will have several Background application and it collects the infinite amount of data which can hamper your Computer. Users can verify these programs by heading to the Task Manager or run taskmgr.exe command. Then, users will notice a default window that shows CPU usage and other apps. Users need to open the tab after closing all the application. Otherwise, it can lead to confusion. After tracking the startup items and uncheck them to disable it and restart the machine. This hack will prevent these apps from launching at the boot time.

Fix The Driver Problem

Sometimes users can encounter system idle process issue if any particle driver is triggering the problem. Hence, you need to locate the faulty driver to resolve the issue. Thus in this process users need to identify the problematic driver. And then, you can upgrade or discard the driver.

So, to initiate the task launch the Device Manager by taking the assistance of the run box. Otherwise, navigate the Start menu and open the control manager to get access to the Device Manager. Once you are inside this tab find the list of all the installed devices. After that, you need to explore the list to track the faulty driver.

Then right-click the problematic driver icon and select update from the menu. Next, you will get a prompt that will ask the way you want to the upgrade the driver. After getting the pop up select the first choice and start the process. If you cannot upgrade the driver, then go to the official website and download the driver. And choose the next option to update the driver manually. Once update of the driver is complete, restart your system to apply the recent the changes. And verify whether you are still encountering the issue or not.

Disable The Antivirus

If you are noticing that your machine becomes sluggish at any given time. And it results in excessive disk activity then there can be an issue with your Antivirus. When Antivirus searches for any potential threat, then it consumes immense amount processor power. Although in modern PC and laptop the technology so advanced it doesn’t make any difference.

But if your system bit older, then it can diminish the performance speed of the machine. Disabling Antivirus is quite easy. Generally, all Antivirus software has a feature that mechanically adjusts during the automatic scan. Thus, reconfigure the scheduled time when your system is idle and resolve the problem. Therefore, in this way, the users can resolve the excessive consumption of the processor load by System Idle process.

Eradicate The Virus

Problems like this can also appear if a virus or Malware infect your system. In most cases, users report that after eradicating the virus from their system the glitch goes away. So, if you are going through the same situation scan your system to find virus or malware. Users cannot locate the virus on their system manually. That’s why the Windows Operating System has a built-in antivirus application for you. Hence, use this software to track the malware and virus and expel it out from the PC. Once you can locate the culprit remove it with the help of antivirus software.

Deactivate Svchost.exe

Many of the users don’t know about the Svchost.exe it is a program that triggers high CPU usage. Although this process is not harmful, sometimes the app can be classified as malware. However, the tool is legitimate and critical to the Windows Operating System.

But it has some glitches that can lead to such issues and slows down the processor speed. Thus it is better to delete this process. If you want to terminate this program, then go to Control Panel. After that, head to the Network and Sharing Center and select Change the Advanced Sharing settings. Now, choose to Turn off Network Discovery. Svchost.exe generally uses up to 20-25 percent of the CPU power, so it is ok to remove this process.


Hence, these are some useful ways to resolve the issue. Although the excessive CPU drainage is a different issue, the System idle power also linked with this problem. If you are witnessing the system idle process windows 7 high CPU usage, then use this technique to resolve the problem.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa