Step By Step Guide On Installing MT4 For Windows

    If you know a little bit about Forex trading, then you have heard of MetaTrader4. If you do not, remember that even though time goes by and the services with Forex become more diverse and improved, MT4 remains the most prestigious and leading platform for Forex traders. Released in 2005, it is still attractive for both beginners and advanced traders.

    When it comes to the most popular trading platform, it is not surprising if we say that the trustworthiness level, as well as reputation, is strong and positive. More than 89% have tried MT4 for Forex trading. This platform is the most common recommendation from brokers too.

    The main reason is its structure. MetaTrader4 is very simple to use and makes a very comfortable space for trading. While using this platform, you will experience the highest-quality interface, amazing tools for market analysis, and great quality technical accessibility which makes trading more comfortable and attractive. Additionally, to download the MT4 exe file is also a very simple process.

    If you are afraid to start trying the MT4 live account, you can get used to its specifics with a demo account which is the perfect solution for those who want to learn more without taking any risks. The MT4 demo account, is the same as the live one but with a single difference. You are not trading with real money. This will make the trading specifics more clear and easy to use in daily trading.

    What Are The Central Features Of MT4?

    As brokers, as well as traders, claim, MT4 is super easy to use. From the first impression, it may seem complex when you see different charts, diagrams, and tones of numeric data but real, customized features and easy-to-use tools make trading simpler. It will not be a barrier for you to place orders and control the losses as well as risks. If you still face difficulties, MT4 is offered by EA which is the same as Expert Advisor. This is a great guide where you can read all about the trading specifics in detail. EA is public and available to every registered user.

    The central programming language of the platform is MQL4. This is a great option that is fully customized to your personal needs. More specifically, it includes different individual indicators connected to the technical system, different educational libraries and scripts, and the great opportunity for creating a high-quality financial portfolio and EAs.

    Because MT4 is popular, the number of available markets is high. More specifically, you can trade over 250 assets. The platform also gives you the possibility to make deep analyses with simple actions. Even though the visual alternatives are less than in MT5, it still gives you enough resources for effective FX market analysis. In addition, with EA you can find out more strategies and find more profitable solutions for your trading goals. And finally, MT4 is completely safe to try. During the 10 years of experience, it is getting more and more trusted and popular. People from 150 different countries are using and trusting it. So, you can feel free to join the massive club of MT4 traders.

    How To Download MT4 And Start FX Trading From Windows?

    MT4 needs to be downloaded to your computer to have access to your account. Downloading does not require any specific steps. Does not matter, if you are using Windows or other types of devices, with the highest technical features, MetaTrader4 is available for every device user. But now we will explain every single step which is needed to use MT4 for Windows users.

    During this straightforward process, you need to download the platform from the official website by clicking one single button. After that starts the installation process where the first requirement is to read and agree with the conditions and terms. Make sure that you read them carefully. There you will see detailed information on data privacy, license agreement, and other details. After accepting the agreement, you can press the finish button and exit.

    After this step, you can already create a demo or live account. The needed data for both types of accounts is the same. You need to put out the information about your full name, residence country, and city. You also need the concrete address with state and zip code information. For contact details, you need to insert a phone number. In the account type section, the only alternative is Forex. Next to it, you can choose the currency you want to trade with. You can also choose the leverage and the deposit amount.

    After writing down this simple information, you can press the finish button and wait for the installation automatic process. After that, you can log into your account and see the trading markets. To log in you need to have a personal ID and password. You will get this information which must be saved personally.

    These are very simple and general steps you need to follow for starting MT4 FX trading. After these instructions, you can look at different market analyses with different currency pairs, place orders, set the bottom line, and enjoy trading according to your goals.