Stellar Converter for OLM- Product Review

MS Outlook is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. However, Outlook on both platforms uses different Outlook data files to store the mailbox items, such as emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, calendar items, etc.

On Mac, Outlook stores the offline copy of mailbox items in the OLM file, while on Windows, it uses the OST file. However, on both platforms, it supports a common Outlook data file format, i.e. PST (Personal Storage Table), which you can use to backup or migrate the mailbox items from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows and vice-versa.

However, Outlook on Mac does not provide any tool or option to convert or export the Outlook for Mac mailbox data, i.e. OLM to PST.

Thus, to convert OLM to PST, you need a third-party OLM to PST converter software, such as Stellar Converter for OLM. And in this post, we have reviewed the software in detail and how you can use it to back up or migrate your Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook or Office 365 accounts.


Stellar Converter for OLM is a professional email converter and migration tool that enables you to extract mailbox items from an Outlook for Mac file (OLM) and save them in an Outlook importable PST format. The software allows you to convert OLM files to PST within a few minutes and in just a few clicks. The software extracts all mailbox items such as emails, attachments, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc. with 100% precision and can save them to multiple file formats such as PST, MSG, EML, PDF, and HTML.


Stellar Converter for OLM is a comprehensive and fast-paced mailbox converter software that efficiently converts OLM files into PST files. You can scan the OLM file and preview all the mailbox items stored in the file using the software. The software also lets you find the lost OLM files on your PC when you can’t locate it. Following are some key features of this OLM to PST converter software,

  • Quick 3-step OLM to PST conversion- Scan, Preview, and Save
  • Finds all OLM files stored on the system
  • Previews OLM mailbox items, emails, contacts, calendar, notes, and more before saving
  • Supports MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2011 for Mac
  • Supports MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 for Windows (32 and 64 Bit)
  • Save converted OLM mailbox items in PST, MSG, and EML file formats
  • Exports OLM mailbox data to Office 365, PDF, HTML, and RTF (Technician Version)


The performance of software mostly depends on the system hardware. However, Stellar Converter for OLM doesn’t require a high-end system configuration to run. The software is optimized to run on any system powered by following minimum software and hardware requirements,

  • OS supported: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, & 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Processor: Pentium class
  • RAM: 2GB RAM (4GB Recommended)
  • Storage: 250MB

By ensuring the minimum system requirements, you can quickly convert OLM files to PST in a few clicks. However, if the OLM file is large, you can boost the OLM to PST conversion process by installing the software on a system equipped with better hardware. The time required to convert OLM mailbox items to PST varies from a few minutes to a few hours (depends on OLM file size).

After the conversion, you can preview and check the mailbox items, which saves time and helps you efficiently select and export only the required mail items.

It also comes with advanced filters that you can use to filter older email items that are no more needed and further boost the performance of the software while saving the data in the PST file. Besides, you can choose to directly export the mail items from OLM to Office 365, which will save a lot of time, compared with the process of performing intermediate steps of exporting PST and then importing PST in Office 365.

How to Use the Software for OLM to PST Conversion

To use the software, you can download and install it on Windows PC. Export OLM files from Outlook for Mac export wizard and copy the OLM files to Windows PC. Then follow these steps,

  1. Launch the software and select the OLM file. Use Find option if you can’t locate the OLM file
  2. Click ‘Convert’. After conversion, you can preview the converted mailbox items such as emails, contacts, etc.olm
  3. Select the mailbox items that you want to save to PST file or want to migrate to Windows Outlook or Office 365 and click ‘Save Converted Mailbox’.olm2
  4. Choose the PST or desired file format from the option and click ‘Next’olm3
  5. Browse the desired location where you want to save the converted OLM file and click ‘Save’.


TIP: You can also choose to save all OLM data in a single PST file or each mailbox in an individual PST file. You can also append the OLM data to an existing Outlook profile on Windows or PST files.


Pros and Cons

While software performs as promised and helps you move mailbox data between two different platforms with ease, here are some important pros and cons that you must know.


  1. Easy to use with an intuitive and user-friendly interface
  2. 3-Step OLM to PST conversion
  3. Multiple file saving option
  4. Exports OLM data directly to Office 365
  5. Previews mailbox items during and after conversion
  6. Advanced filter options
  7. Append OLM data to existing Outlook profile or PST
  8. Keep folder structure and hierarchy intact after conversion
  9. Supports Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2011, 2007 (32-bit/64-bit)


  1. You need to buy the license key to save the OLM data to PST


Stellar Converter for OLM is a must-have product for anyone looking to migrate from Mac Outlook to Windows or move their backup Mac emails stored in OLM files to Windows Outlook or Office 365. The software converts OLM data to Outlook importable PST format with 100% accuracy and precision. It keeps all data such as attachments, contacts, calendar items, and formatting intact. Thus, after import, you won’t find any discrepancies or missing mail items.

The folder hierarchy, structure, and content remain the same as it was in the Mac for Outlook.  To know about the software, download the free demo version and try it yourself.