Effective Solutions For Taskbar Won’t Hide Error

A taskbar is very useful which is present below the Windows desktop screen. However, you may not like to visit the taskbar all the time while doing some important task. If this is the case, then you may like to hide the taskbar from your Desktop screen. From this article, you will learn the steps to solve the problem when taskbar won’t hide.
Another reason for this Windows 10 taskbar always remain displayed may be due to that you are not aware of the taskbar hidden procedure. By hiding the taskbar of Windows 10, you can add some extra space to visualize your opening program.


Steps To Hide Windows 10 Taskbar

Follow the steps below to hide taskbar from Windows 10. You can also use these steps to verify whether hide the taskbar mode is on, in your Windows OS.


Go To Taskbar Settings Window

You can be able to navigate to the taskbar Settings window by using any of these below explaining procedures.

Take the mouse cursor to the Windows icon, which is present at the extreme left corner of your screen. After that right click on this Windows icon. By doing this, a menu list will get appear among which click on Settings. Now under this Settings window select the Personalization section. After that from the left panel of this Personalization, Settings window hit on Taskbar. This will open the Taskbar Settings window.
Or, even you can right-click on an empty place of the Taskbar. By doing this select on Taskbar settings among the list of options to open the Taskbar Settings window.


Turn On Automatically Hide The Taskbar

Under the Taskbar Settings window, you will get many settings option of Taskbar. The options will include Lock the taskbar, Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode, Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode and Use small taskbar buttons. All the option has its usual meaning. If you use your device in desktop mode, then turn on the ‘Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode’ option. By doing this procedure, even if you see that the “taskbar won’t hide” then you can check these below fixes which may help you to solve this issue.


Solutions For Fixing Windows 10 Taskbar Won’t Hide Issue

If your taskbar won’t hide in Windows 10 then apply these below solutions one after the other. One of these will be able to fix this issue.


Solution 1: Restart Windows Explorer


The process of restarting the Windows Explorer can resolve this taskbar won’t hide issue. To do this follow the below instructions.

To initiate this process, right click on an empty space of the taskbar. From the list of options, select the Task Manager option. Under this Task Manager window go to the Processes tab from the top panel. Then scroll down the right panel and highlight on Windows Explorer and then hit on Restart. As the Windows Explorer restarting process gets over then check the status of your taskbar.

You can also do this above-said process by following this below instructions as well. Make your choice among these processes to restart Windows Explorer.

First of all, open the Run Command box by pressing the four flag symbol Windows key and the letter R at the same time. After that on the Run command bar type cmd and hit on the Enter button to open the Command Prompt window. Now on this Windows Command Prompt window type this below command and then hit on the Enter button.

taskkill /im explorer.exe /f

Once the above-mentioned commands get executed, again on this Command Prompt window type, this below said command one after the other. However, ensure that after entering each command press the Enter button respectively to execute the explorer.

And if this taskbar won’t hide by following this above procedure, then this may be due to the lacking speed problem of Windows OS. If this is the case, then you can apply this below procedure to fix this problem.


Solution 2: Restart And Refresh Your System

If your system slows down due to some background programs, then this can be a major cause behind which taskbar won’t hide problem. In such cases, it is better to restart your system from the Windows start menu. Once it restarts, right click on an empty space on your laptop screen and click on Refresh. After that keep pressing the F5 button from the top row of your keyboard for at least five times to continue the Refreshing process. Once it is finished, verify your taskbar whether the problem gets solved.

To get the taskbar on your desktop screen during this condition you need to take the mouse cursor on the place where the taskbar was present before hiding.

These are the ways which you can apply to your system to fix this taskbar won’t hide problem on your own.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa