A Complete Guide To Resolve The Ricoh Error Code Sc899 With Top-Notch Solutions

“Rioch” is a Japanese multinational company which manufactures a wide range of scanners and printers. The company is well known for its highly advanced innovations and latest technologies. Despite all the amazing features and exclusive technologies, sometimes, the Ricoh printing machines meet us with some error codes. Among all the errors, Ricoh error code Sc899 is one of them. 

This error basically happens due to printing jobs on a specific version of Internet Explorer. In most of the cases, this error happens due to the specific version of the Adobe Reader browser plug-in. It seems frustrating when you have a lot of pages to print and suddenly a notification appears on the screen which says “Ricoh error code Sc899”. So, if you are dealing with this error and don’t know what to do and how to, then this is the right platform you have landed on. In this content, we will discuss all the possible causes and effective solutions to fix this issue. We recommend you to go through this article to get your problem solved as soon as possible. 

Presumable Causes of the Ricoh error code Sc899

There are few presumable causes of the Ricoh error code Sc899. In the first place, this problem exactly happens due to a TrueType font. While on other times, this error happens due to a very large printing job. Sometimes, this error occurs due to printing from a specific version of Adobe Reader browser. There might also be technical glitches which result in this error. But don’t panic, whatever the reason is! This is because you can easily fix this bad print job or the error code Sc899 of the Ricoh printer with these easy hacks which we will explore in the next section. 

Top-Notch Hacks to Fix the code Sc899 on your Ricoh printer

Here are some amazing hacks we have prepared to shoot this issue in every possible way. We recommend you to try one of these solutions or all the solutions until you are free from this error code.

Method 1: Unplug the Ricoh printer’s network cable

This might not sound good to unplug the network cable of the printer, but it is the most essential and the very primary method to escape from this issue. There might be a system problem with the printer and thus unplugging the network cable and plugging it again heal the problem sometimes. To unplug the network cable, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the printer and unplug the power cable from the wall socket and disconnect the network cable and plug it again.
  2. Now, access the service mode and then press the button accordingly as given (Reset), then (1), then (0) and at last, press (7).
  3. Next, followed by the (Clear) button, press and hold it until the menu “SP” appears.
  4. Click on the “SP” button and navigate to the new menu to expand the portion known as “SP-5XXX”.
  5. After that, expand a few pages until a notice appears which says “5801-Memory Clear”.
  6. Once the notice appears, expand the section and click on “Printer Application” from the submenu.
  7. Now, strike a click on “Execute” option from the menu and continue to proceed further.
  8. Restart your Ricoh printer once the Printer asks you to “Power Off And finish The Process”

Once you are done with all the above steps gently. Try printing a page again and check if the error persists or not. If it still continues, try another method below.

Method 2: Install a new version of the Adobe Acrobat Add-on/Plug-in

Sometimes, due to printing pages or PDF files from Google Apps in Microsoft Windows result in this error. This might happen due to an old or bad version of Adobe Acrobat. Therefore, you need to install a fresh version of that application. To install a new version of Adobe Acrobat, try these steps given below.

  1. Open a web browser from your desktop and open the official website of “Adobe Acrobat”.
  2. Once the site opens, navigate to the “Reader” option and select “Help” and then strike a click on “About Adobe Reader”.
  3. Navigate to the “Adobe Reader Downloads” option from the Sub-menu.
  4. Now, once the webpage detects your OS and Reader Version automatically, click on “Download Automatically” to continue the process.
  5. Strike a click on “Install Now” if the webpage responds that a newer version is available.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and install the Adobe Acrobat application file on your desktop. 

Once you are done with the installation process, restart your computer and check whether the issue persists or not. If the error code still appears, try another method given below:

Method 3: Verify the printer’s drivers

An outdated or corrupted driver will definitely result in “Ricoh error code Sc899”. Therefore, you must detect the printer’s driver and install the latest one to troubleshoot Ricoh error code Sc899. Follow these steps below to verify the Ricoh printer’s driver:

  1. Tap on the “Windows” button on your keyboard and navigate to the “Control Panel”.
  2. Open the “Control Panel” and strike a click on “Hardware and Sound”.
  3. Now, once a new page opens, tap on “Devices and Printers” and hit a right-click on “Ricoh Machine” and choose the “Printing Preferences”.
  4. If there any “Support” button in the printing preferences window, then the Ricoh printer driver has been fully installed. In this case, click on “OK” to close all the “Printing Preferences” dialog box.
  5. If there is no “support” button or “Advanced” tab, then close all the tabs and follow another method below to install the latest driver version for your Ricoh printer.

Method 4: Download the Latest Ricoh Printer’s Driver

To download the latest Ricoh Printer’s driver, follow the steps below.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the manufacturer’s website of your Ricoh Printer.
  2. Enter the model number of your device and check the latest version of the Printer’s Driver Application.
  3. Click on “Download” and then install the application when it is done.
  4. Now, extract the files and follow the instructions to install the driver gently.

Once you are done with the installation, restart your PC to complete this process. 

We have given you all the possible hacks to troubleshoot Ricoh Error Code Sc899. You can try one of these solutions or all the solutions to get rid of this error. Hope this article was beneficial enough to deal with the Ricoh error code Sc899. In case, the error continues, then there might be some hardware problems or some other technical glitch. In this case, if you are unable to fix this error, better you leave your Ricoh Printer to a professional hand or take your printer to the nearest Ricoh Service Center. Lastly, we recommend you to leave us a comment to let us know about your opinion.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa