[SOLVED] Microsoft Edge Not Working: Quick-Fix Browser Errors

While working on web browsers, you can experience frequent crashes, delay in connecting to the server and abrupt termination of the active browser. Microsoft Edge is also no exception to this and users have noticed the browser is not working anymore.

If you have set this as the default web browser and seeing the notification about Microsoft Edge not working, it will be really annoying. Although, this error is capable of bringing more issues for your device, applying the correct solution can fix it appropriately. 

So, if you are facing some kind of problem with Microsoft Edge and looking for some troubleshooting tips, follow this article to know more. Here, we will discuss the causes, which can make this browser unresponsive and a few methods to launch Microsoft Edge without any error.

What Fixes can you Apply When Microsoft Edge Not Working or Responding?

Even though Microsoft Edge has the reputation of being one of the most secured web browsers, it can also exhibit technical errors. 

So, whenever you observe that your Microsoft Edge not working, try to understand its underlying causes.

Issues that Can Prevent Microsoft Edge to Work Properly

Before checking out the solutions to restore working on Microsoft Edge, go through the following problems. This will explain the types of issues, which can prevent this web browser from launching, loading or opening in a correct manner.  

If you have installed more than the browser on your PC or laptop, it can affect the operation of Microsoft Edge. This is why experts always suggest making use of one web browser to avoid this problem.

In case, there is any security program or Firewall in your system, it can lead to the error of Microsoft Edge not working Windows 10. Also, migrating to Windows 10 or applying the Creators Update can prevent Edge from launching properly. 

Sometimes, Microsoft Edge can crash when Windows fails to obtain the location of its registry entries. This issue can also occur when the installation files for Edge has some missing components.

Accumulation of too many junk files in the cache can often lead to non-responsiveness of this Microsoft Edge browser. 

Apply these Fixes to Restore the Working of Microsoft Edge

If the browser of Microsoft Edge doesn’t work on your Windows-based system, you can try the following fixes. 

Fix 1- Relaunch Edge Browser on Windows using Windows PowerShell

When Microsoft Edge stops responding due to corrupted files in its installer or folder location, you can reset the browser. So, follow the instructions given below for resetting your web browser on Windows 10.

On your Windows-based PC, launch the Run dialog box by pressing the tabs of ‘Windows logo’ and ‘R’ simultaneously. Then, type ‘%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Packages’ in the box and execute it by clicking on the ‘OK’ button. 

By executing the above command, Windows will display the ‘Packages’ folder of Microsoft Edge. There, you will find a list of items along with the folder named ‘Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe’. 

If you can’t find this folder by navigating to the path link, consult a professional to provide the steps. So, select this specific folder of Microsoft Edge and hit the ‘Delete’ button. 

Then, exit the active window and go to the Home Screen on your system. Now, launch the application of ‘Windows PowerShell (Admin)’ by right-clicking on the Start menu. 

As the new window appears on your screen, type the following command and press the ‘Enter’ key.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.*” -Verbose}

After executing this command in Windows PowerShell (Admin), reboot your computer and relaunch the browser. Hopefully, you won’t see the error notification stating Microsoft Edge not working Windows 10. 

Fix 2- Undo Changes on Windows Regarding Microsoft Edge

In many cases, the web browser of Edge is incompatible with specific Windows versions or updates. This is why when you install the recent Windows Update or upgrade your system, the browser can stop working. 

So, the best method to resolve this error is by uninstalling any such updates on Windows or roll back to the previous version of the OS. Moreover, this will restore the configuration, which can support Microsoft Edge without any issue.

To apply this fix on Windows 10, click on the Start button and open the Cortana search box. Then type ‘Settings’ in the space provided and hit the ‘Enter’ key. 

As the Settings window appears on your display, navigate to the section of ‘Update & Security’. Next, find the tab of ‘Recovery’ and navigate to the link of ‘Go back to the previous version of Windows 10’. 

After this, select the ‘Get started’ button and wait for Windows 10 to remove/uninstall the updates (for example, Creators Update). If there were any other changes made recently crashing the Microsoft Edge, the above steps can resolve it. 

So, once the uninstallation is complete and you have rolled back Windows to a previous configuration, restart your PC. Then, try to access any website or page on Microsoft Edge and see if it’s crashing. In case, the problem persists in Edge, move to the remaining solutions or get in touch with an expert.

Fix 3- Delete Browsing History and Data from your Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge developers have developed this browser in such a way, it can save the temporary internet files automatically. This is an important feature that helps the web browser to load the pages quickly whenever users access it. 

But, an accumulation of a large amount of corrupted data in the cache can make your Edge stop. This is the reason why experts recommend to clear the cache after a regular interval of time. 

Hence, to remove the caches from your Microsoft Edge, launch the browser. Then, navigate to the top-right corner of the window and click on Hub (…). After this, view the section of ‘History’ and select the option of ‘Clear browsing history’. 

So, under this tab, you will find multiple checkboxes, which enables the user to select different operations on the browser. This includes ‘Browsing history’, ‘Cookies and saved website data’, ‘Cached data and files’, ‘Tabs I’ve set aside or recently closed’, ‘Password’, ‘Website permissions’, ‘Autofill data’, ‘Media licenses’, etc.

Now, decide which checkboxes to select and hit the tab of ‘Clear’ to erase the content. If you are not able to categorize the items and delete them to resolve this Edge issue, take help from a professional. 

So, after making the selection of the cached items, relaunch Microsoft Edge on your PC. If you still observe that the browser is not working, try to disable the extensions and/or reset Edge. 

Fix 4- Turn Off Browser’s Extensions and/or Reset Microsoft Edge

In case, you are unable to deal with this browser problem and want Edge to work again, try this method. First, open the Microsoft Edge and hit the icon with three dots on the browser window. 

Next, you will have to click on the tab for ‘Extensions’ and view the list of extensions installed for Edge. If you suspect that one or more extensions are responsible for stopping the browser, disable them. 

You can also consult a Microsoft technician to suggest the extensions, which are needed to be disabled in your browser.

After turning off the reported extensions, you can exit the active browser window. So, if the problem persists and Edge doesn’t open without any errors, follow the instructions to reset it. 

Steps for Resetting your Microsoft Edge

To fix this browser error on Windows 10, hit the tabs of Windows logo and X at the same time. Then go to the ‘Setting’ tab and find the section of Programs and Features. Now, look for the option of ‘Microsoft Edge’ and select the link for Advanced options.

If you are sure that the browser is not working due to some internal error, click on the option of ‘Repair’. Otherwise, simply choose the tab for ‘Reset’ to return back to the default configuration of Microsoft Edge. 

However, make sure to back up the data, if there are valuable data on this browser. Hopefully, once you reset the browser, Edge will restore its operations and work normally. 

If you have tried all the fixes discussed here and find Microsoft Edge not working, it’s time you ask for professional help. Hence, you can get in touch with a browser expert and obtain solutions to fix Edge issues. They can help in launching all kinds of browser by troubleshooting any problems. So, if you don’t want to get stuck with an unresponsive Edge or other browsers, consult them for quick fixes. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa