Expert Guide to Solve 6 Common Microsoft Teams Problems

Microsoft Teams is the official and united collaboration platform for uninterrupted communication. It generally helps business organizations to get their work done smoothly and effectively. None other than that, it also helps people to link up between Teams, Office 365, and Skype only for business purposes. 

However, everything doesn’t go according to the perfect planning. Microsoft Teams encountered some common issues which need to be fixed. If you don’t, then your communication will be interrupted and business processes will run much slower than usual. 

The Common Problems of Microsoft Teams  

Every software comes along with few glitches and bugs. So, Microsoft Teams is not an exception. Without further ado, let’s take a glance at the problems:

  • Teams show earlier messages and message threads
  • Glitches on webcam and microphone features
  • Users cannot create new Teams 
  • Users who are eliminated are showing as unknown users
  • Cannot establish the connection
  • Teams stuck in an infinite loop

Fixing these problems is a primary task in order to get your work going. Interruption in your work might lead to the loss of business reputation and money

The Effective Solutions 

Performing effective solutions will eliminate all the problems for the Microsoft Teams. Let’s dive into the solutions right away. 

Stop Teams showing older messages

When the software stops showing the latest messages from your friends, then be sure that the message feed is frozen due to some obvious reasons. The best way to resolve this is to reboot the application. 

Fix the Microphone and Webcam

When you are facing problems in your webcam and microphone, make sure that you have plugged in both the hardware correctly. Before starting a meeting, check whether you have installed the correct drivers and enabled the hardware. In addition to that, check all the toggle switches too. 

Create new teams easily 

When you cannot create a new team for a certain meeting or discussion, then check your system administrator. It might happen that the host of the meeting is not allowing you to create new Teams. Contact your respective department and sort out the matter easily. 

Completely Eliminate the unknown users 

When you delete some user from the Teams, somehow it keeps on showing you as “Unknown user”. Unfortunately, there are no solutions for it now. But, don’t worry, Microsoft is working on the issue and will fix it as soon as possible. You might try to clear the system data and see whether the problem gets resolved or not. 

Establish a Secure Connection 

When you will face problems in accessing the Microsoft applications related to Teams, make sure that the system is connected to the internet. If you still cannot access Teams, then the main system server of Teams is down for some maintenance. All you need to do is to wait for the server to get ready. 

Get Teams out from the Infinite Loop

Whenever you open the website with the help of the default Windows browser, sometimes the Teams login page is stuck in an infinite loop. This actually happens when the server administrator is not enabled by the Teams. If this happens, then delete your browser data, cookies and caches.