Resolve AOL Blocking Emails Error In A Quick Note

AOL is one of the most sought after email service providers. However, despite being a popular one, it is not error free. AOL blocking emails is one of those common errors which you can encounter while using this email client. If you have already faced the same error and want to resolve it, then, you are in the perfect page, with the help of this article, you will be able to troubleshoot this error on your own. But, before going to the solutions part, at first, let’s focus on the causes due to which you are facing the error. 

Causes for AOL blocking Emails Error 

Due to more than one reason, you can encounter this error with your device. They are listed below.

  • Spam Filters – In case, if you are using an email ID, which is corrupted or which is in the block list of the sender, then, you can encounter this particular error with your device. 
  • Filters- If you have turned On some Filters, which filters your emails, then you can notice that AOL blocking emails.
  • Mail Server-  In case, if there any glitch present in the mail server, then the mail server fails to send emails as a result of which you can encounter this error.  
  • Default Settings- In some cases, if you face some inconvenience in the default settings, then you can encounter this error.

Once you know the causes, now let’s focus on the solutions to solve this particular error with your AOL mail. 

Solutions to Resolve AOL blocking Emails Error 

Here, we have provided comprehensive guidance, using which you will be able to fix his bug, they are listed below.

Fixing Errors if AOL not receiving Emails 

If your AOL mail fails to receive the messages, then you have to follow these methods given below.

Check the Filters 

In some cases, some filters are used to sort out malicious emails from your inbox. It either sends to the trash folder or to a different folder. In that case, you have to check any filters which you have created in order to create a bypass. Be sure that your messages are correctly organized. 

Check Delivery Delays 

You can also encounter this error due to some delivery delay present in the server. Though in AOL, messages hardly take time to transit. But, in some cases, it can also suffer some delivery delay due to network or the server error or the routing error.

In that case, if you don’t want to wait, then you can ask the sender to resend the message to see if you can get the message the second time or not. 

Check Emails Present in the Spam Folder

In case, if you find that the messages which you are not getting is present in the spam folder, then you have to mark your important emails, as “not spam”. To perform this action, you have to follow these steps: 

  1. At first, login to AOL Mail.
  2. Now, tap on the Spam folder.
  3. Next, choose the message which is not spam. 
  4. In that case, at the top of the page, you have to tap on ‘Not Spam’.

Once done, refresh the mailbox and check whether you are able to resolve this error or not. 

Fixing Errors in Reading or Retrieving Mail 

In case, if you are facing any glitches while trying to read or retrieving emails, then you have to try out these methods.

Method 1: Apply Basic AOL Mail 

AOL Basic Mail, is the plain HTML format of the AOL mail, with the help of which you will be able to see your emails in simpler layouts. Besides that, it can also help you when you are having some problems while retrieving mail due to slow connecting speed. 

After turning On this basic layout, you have to check the status of this error. If it persists, then you should try out these alternative method mentioned below.

Method 2: Restart Web Settings 

In some cases, you can also encounter this particular error due to some glitch or some inconvenience present in your web settings. If you have installed multiple browsers, then it can be responsible for changing the web settings. Here, you can also reset the general web settings without changing the settings of the browsers. 

Method 3: Disable Popup Blocking 

If you are using popups in your browser, then it can cause this Reading Or Retrieving error, while you are trying to access your AOL mail. This kind of errors generally occurs, if you have set your email in a popup window when you are trying to write a new message, in that case, you have to disable the pop-ups. You can use a blocker or you have to disable the popup window in the AOL Mail Compose settings.

Method 4: Clear Browsing Cache 

Cookies are a little bit of information which is stored to the browser, in order to get faster access to the websites. But, in some cases, it can cause some error. In order to overcome this particular issue, you should try out these steps. 

  1. Initially, navigate to the Home Page of the browser and locate the Settings option.
  2. Once done, go to the Settings option and check the history of the browser.
  3. In the History option, you can see the option which is ‘Clear browsing history”.
  4. Tap on this option. 
  5. Now, you will be able to clear all caches as well as cookies stored in the browser.

Once done, you have to check the status of the error. If it persists, then try to follow the alternative method mentioned below. 

Method 5: Disable Firewall 

In case, if you encounter this error due to inconvenience present in the Firewall, then you can encounter this error. In that case, it also can happen that the firewall which you are using to protect your device is preventing you to connect with the AOL. So, now you have to disable the firewall and then, you can check the status of the error. If it persists, then try to follow the next method given below. 

Method 6: Disable protected mode in the Internet Explorer 

On the Internet Explorer, you can notice that the Protected mode is enabled by default, which interferes in the AOL mail. In case, if you are getting trouble to access the mail using the Internet Explorer, then you can turn Off Protected mode. 

  1. At first tap on the option Tools.
  2. After that, tap on the option Internet Options.
  3. Once done, you have to tap on the Security tab.
  4. After that, you have to uncheck the box against “Enable Protected Mode”.
  5. Now, you have to restart Internet Explorer and sign in to AOL Mail again.
  6. Once done, you have to check the status of the error. Hopefully, it will help you to resolve the error. 

To Conclude

Using the methods mentioned above you will be able to troubleshoot this particular error on your own. Try to follow each and every step carefully and do not skip the points. In case, if you are unable to troubleshoot this error, then you can leave a comment in the comment section. Share your valuable thought with us.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa