Essential Tips And Tricks To Solve Windows 10 Pictures Wait Operation Timed Out

The Wait Operation Timed Out Error happens in Windows 10 when Photographs application is not able to open a picture. The issue happens particularly after the Photographs is set as a default application for viewing pictures. Many users fix this error after restarting the PC or the file manager. But, this is not a permanent solution. With this solution, the problem may reappear.

If you face this problem, no need to worry. This article is for you. Stay glued to this article and get your hands on the effective solutions.

The Root Cause For This Problem

To fix The Wait Operation Timed Out Error, you should know what is the root cause of this problem. Then it will easier for you to fix.

  • Sometimes, it doesn’t identify with your PC. For instance, in case of downloading information from the Web. The web server may confront a few concerns or issues with your internet connection.
  • Due to the security issue, built-in firewall or antivirus block some file transfers.
  • The internet browser can also be the cause for the interruption of file transfer.
  • A faulty hard disk also responsible for this error.

Effective Solution For This Error Message

Solution 1: Restart The File Manager

If you are struggling with this error, you should first restart your file explorer. To do that, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open task manager. Go to the processes column. Locate the Windows Explorer on that column. Then, right click on it and select Restart option. After clicking on that, your screen turns into black to fix the problem. It will light up when everything becomes normal. Then, open an image and check still the problem exists or not.

Solution 2: Run Troubleshooters

With the previous solution, you can fix the problem for the time being, and sometimes the solutions don’t work at all. If the above solutions do not help you, then proceed with the next solution.

You can fix the error with the Windows Store App Troubleshooter. To open it, type troubleshooting in the search box and press Enter. Select View All from the left panel. Search for Windows Store Apps and select it and. It will automatically detect the problem for which it has been occured and follow the on-screen prompts for troubleshooting until the process is over.

Solution 3: Restart BITS Service

The main function of Background Intelligent Transfer Services(BITS) is to exchange downloads or uploads files and documents between a customer and server and give important data related to the transfer during the execution.

To do so, press Windows key + R to open the Run window. Type “services.msc” in the Command Prompt and hit Enter button. Right click on BITS and then, press the Restart option to apply the changes.

Solution 4: Reset Photo Apps

When you reset any application, it will remove all the app data and fix various problems. To do this follow the instructions.

Press Windows key +I to open the Settings option. From there select Apps. From the right side select Photos option and click on Advanced options. A new page will open. Search for Storage Usage And App Reset. From there select Reset and check if the problem is resolved.

Solution 5: Reinstall The Photo App

This is the permanent solution to this issue. Before proceeding with this step, you should backup all your image stored in the app. Otherwise, you will lose all your images. First, uninstall the app then reinstall on your PC to get rid of this issue.

Go to the Start icon from the taskbar and type PowerShell, right click on it and choose Run as administrator. A dialog box will open, click Yes to agree. From there, copy Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers and paste it on PowerShell and hit on the Enter button. You will get a list of all built-in app install on your system. Locate Microsoft.Windows.Photos_2017.39091.15340.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe in the list. After that, type ‘remove-AppxPackage PackageFullName’. Then the photo app removes from your system.

To reinstall it, go to Store and type Photos in the search box. Click Get to reinstall the app on your system again.

Hopefully, you will not find any error message after applying this steps.

Solution 6: Using Clean Boot

This is another way to fix the error message Pictures Wait Operation Timed Out. Before starting the process you should unplug any USB device from the computer apart from the mouse and keyboard.

Go to the Start menu and type msconfig and then hit the Enter button to launch system configuration. Then, go to the Service tab. Check the Hide All Microsoft Services and click on Disable All option. After that go to the Startup tab and open Open Task Manager. There you will find each app. For each app, right-click and Disable one by one. After disabling all the app, click on File option and the Exit. Go to the Startup tab once more and click on Ok. your PC will go for a clean start and you can identify if the error still exists.

Solution 7: Reboot The System

This is the ultimate solution for all issues. Just reboot your system and check that the problem no longer occurs.

With these solutions, you can easily resolve your problem. Stay glued to us more information. If you are a non-savvy person, then this article will benefit you in all possible ways to eliminate any issue related to Windows 10. In case, you have any doubt in any of the steps mentioned above, feel free to post your queries.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa